General information

Medicinal properties of potato flowers


Depending on the variety, potatoes bloom with small white, pink, blue and even purple flowers of different shades. Since ancient times flowers of potato have found application in traditional medicine, as they contain healing substances, have good healing properties. Drugs of them are simple to prepare, affordable, effective and effective for many ailments.

Potato flowers - medicinal properties

Like potato sprouts and other parts of this vegetable plant, potato flowers have medicinal properties mainly due to the content of the steroid alkaloid solanine. He is poisonous. When preparing raw materials, preparing, accepting funds, be careful and careful not to harm yourself. The presence of this substance in medicinal products prepared from flowers of potatoes, contributes to:

  • Normalization of pressure.
  • Pain relief.
  • Slowing the development of inflammatory processes.
  • Relief of burn shock.
  • Inhibition of pathogenic microorganisms (candida fungus, Staphylococcus aureus).
  • Strengthening of the heart (increases the amplitude, reduces the number of heartbeats).
  • Removal of allergic reactions.

When treating flowers with potatoes, observe the following rules:

  • Solanine can accumulate in the body, so do not take medications for more than 3 weeks in a row. After this time, take a break for 1 week, then continue treatment.
  • Watch your well-being, if nausea appears, vomiting - stop taking immediately. After normalization, continue treatment, but take a lower dose of medication.
  • Such treatment is contraindicated in children during pregnancy, breastfeeding.

How to collect and dry flowers potatoes

The difficulty of harvesting potato flowers for medicinal purposes lies in the fact that they must be collected from plants that were not sprayed with toxic chemicals against the Colorado potato beetle. For external use it is better to collect flowers that have just blossomed - they have the strongest healing properties. For ingestion, it is safer to collect those that dissolved about a week ago. Gather manually with small stalks, better in the morning, as the dew dries. Dried under a canopy, scattering a thin layer. Dry flowers retain their color, easily rubbed by hand. Store them in cloth bags in a dry place.

Potato tincture and water infusion

Traditional medicine uses water infusion and alcohol tincture of fresh or dried potato flowers. It is believed that alcohol tincture is more effective, since alcohol dissolves solanine better. To prepare the tool:

  1. Fresh flowers are passed through a meat grinder (dry frayed with fingers), fill the glass container at ¾ volume, pour vodka up to the top, tightly closed.
  2. Leave for 2 weeks in a dark place, filter.

Infusion of water is prepared as follows:

  1. 1 sec. l flowers (fresh or dried) pour 0.5 liters of boiling water (in a thermos), let it brew for 3 hours, filter.
  2. Without loss of useful properties, you can store no more than 3 days in the refrigerator.

Potato flowers in folk medicine

In folk treatment, preparations of potato flowers are successfully used inside and outwardly for various diseases. They are treated:

  • Pain in the joints. At night, the sore joint is rubbed with tincture or a compress and is well warmed. This is one of the best ways of traditional medicine for joint pain, especially in the knees.
  • Osteochondrosis. They make compresses with tincture for sore spots for the night, wash off with warm water in the morning. So while the pain does not disappear completely.
  • Headaches, migraine. Towel moistened with a solution of alcohol tincture, applied around the head to the head, temples, forehead.
  • Varicose veins Make compresses with tincture in place with a vascular grid. In addition to the tincture, a remedy well prepared as follows: fill a one-liter jar (tightly) with flowers, add 200 g of bee honey, close, put in a dark place, filter after 1 month, store in the refrigerator. This tool is daily smeared on problem areas, wrapped with cling film, insulated, kept for 2 hours.
  • Angina, diseases of the upper respiratory tract, oral cavity. Warm water extract with healing properties gargle your mouth and throat (without swallowing) 2 - 3 times daily for 5 consecutive days.
  • Tuberculosis. Effectively, as an addition to the means of modern medicine, 1 month to rub the alcohol tincture into the chest and drink it three times a day for 3 drops, mixed with 1 teaspoon of honey.
  • High blood pressure. It is recommended to drink water infusion in half a glass before bedtime, washing it down with warm milk and honey for 2 weeks. Vessels are strengthened, made more elastic, the pressure stabilizes.
  • Pancreatitis. Infusion of fresh flowers quickly restores the pancreas.
  • Gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. Daily 2 weeks for 30 minutes before meals take 1 s. l warm infusion. Reception means significantly improves the health of patients.
  • Vision. Lotions with infusion relax the eye muscles, restore visual acuity after a long work at the computer. Cotton discs soaked in the infusion are placed on closed eyes and lie quietly for 15-20 minutes.

Potato flowers for skin problems

Lotions with tincture help with virtually all skin diseases, relieve acne, pruritus. Even problem skin will become smooth, clean.

  • For warts, papillomas apply concentrated infusion. Impregnated cotton swab secured at the problem site. It is more effective than celandine juice, with this method, no stains remain on the skin.
  • When thermal burns of small areas of the skin well help lotion with infusion. They relieve pain, contribute to the rapid healing of tissues, prevents the formation of spots and scars after a burn.
  • A mask of fresh flower (crushed blender), milk and raw eggs for a few minutes applied to the face to soften the skin, getting rid of acne.

As you can see, the flowers of potatoes have amazing medicinal properties, medicines of traditional medicine from them effectively help. But do not forget that they contain solanine - a toxic substance, do not exceed the dosage and duration of administration (especially when taken orally).

Collection of medicinal raw materials

The medicinal properties of the flowers of potato, we consider a little below, but now let's talk about how to prepare them for future use. They are usually harvested by hand, and preferably in the morning when the dew has just dried. Dried in the shade under a canopy, gently scattered on a clean sheet or white paper. The finished raw material must be poured into cotton bags and folded for storage in a dry and cool place. It should be noted that the healing properties of potato flowers are preserved in properly dried raw materials, which retain their original color and are easily ground in the hands.

Attention: if you decide for the first time to collect flowers of potatoes, then you need to know that this is by no means a safe means. There are subtleties even at the stage of collecting raw materials. If you are going to prepare infusions for external use, you can collect them at any time, from the very beginning of flowering. But if the drug is taken orally, then it is necessary to withstand at least six days from the moment the buds are opened. Only then will these flowers become relatively safe. Tincture of potato flowers can be a real salvation with a large number of diseases. However, if you do not follow the recommendations of the doctor, you can get the opposite effect, so be extremely attentive to your health.

Use of colors

The range of their use is quite wide. Medicinal properties of potato flowers allow it to be used for the preparation of aqueous and alcoholic infusions, which are used when necessary to reduce blood pressure, treatment of tumors and tuberculosis. It can be prepared from fresh and dried flowers. Do not forget that this drug is poisonous, so it is extremely important to get a doctor's prescription with a specific dosage, just so you can be sure that the medicine will not harm you.

How to prepare medicinal infusion

Treatment with potato flowers is quite popular among traditional medicine advocates. Tincture made from these flowers, helps with swelling of the nose, which is extremely useful in the period of autumn and spring exacerbations of viral diseases. In addition, this tincture reduces the pulse rate, has anti-allergic effect. Regardless of what disease you have, this tincture is able to quickly help. The product is universal, although not completely safe.

Solanine, despite the fact that it is poison, perfectly strengthens the blood vessels and capillaries, has antiallergic action. In addition, such tinctures have a wound-healing effect, they can suppress the vital activity of fungi and viruses, as well as tuberculosis bacteria. Do not think that such a tincture can be used daily as an immunomodulator, it is a fairly strong means, the reception of which must be coordinated with the therapist so that the effect is positive.

Technological details

To prepare the drug, it is enough to skip the flowers through a meat grinder (or simply rub dry), fill the jar by three quarters with them, and then pour the jar with vodka up to the neck and close the lid. After about 10 days the medicinal infusion is ready, you can start using it. It is not recommended to use alcohol infusion for treating children, in these cases it is better to choose water infusions and decoctions from flowers.

Treatment with potato flowers is quite specific, but with its help you can get rid of many problems without the use of expensive drugs. These are any skin diseases and acne, itching and diaper rash. In addition, such tinctures are extremely widely used for inhalation and solving problems such as sinusitis and the common cold. Often, doctors recommend the use of such tinctures for the treatment of arthritis, albeit in conjunction with drugs. Infusion of flowers of potato can help in the fight against tooth decay, so it is recommended as a means for rinsing.

Drug dosage

The doctor should deal with this issue, since we are all different, and diseases can also differ. Medicine from the flowers of the potato is taken strictly drop by drop, while it is necessary not only to carefully monitor their health, but also to record any change. At the doctor's appointment, be sure to get all the notes and tell the doctor how the condition has changed throughout the treatment. If you feel bad, then cancel the drug intake until you consult a therapist.

Tincture of potato flowers taken 3 drops twice a day. After two days of admission it is necessary to take a break for three days. If the state of health was normal, the doctor may order an appointment for up to a month.

Overdose, symptoms and treatment

If the dosage is even slightly increased, then extremely undesirable symptoms may develop. The use of potato flowers is undeniable, but if used improperly, the harm may significantly exceed it. The first signs can be bitterness in the mouth. A little later, nausea will join this, in severe cases, vomiting, dizziness and depression of motor activity may also occur. If you do not take the necessary measures, develop symptoms of heart failure and abdominal pain. If you have noted at least one of them, even if it is not too pronounced, you need to immediately cancel further admission. The fact is that solanine gradually accumulates in the body, and is excreted very slowly. Therefore, it is not recommended to use this drug without a doctor's prescription, and you also need to carefully monitor your condition.

External use tincture

This is a much safer remedy than infusions for oral administration, it has practically no contraindications. Especially well known are the beneficial properties of potato flowers in the field of cosmetology. Virtually all skin diseases are treatable with these lotions. In order to prepare the tincture for external use, you will need to put the flowers in a jar and tightly tamped. After that, fill the jar with vodka up to the lid and refrigerate for 20 days. Now it remains only to strain the infusion, and you have an excellent remedy for the treatment of heel spurs. This remedy helps very well in treating spine, joint pain and neuralgia. Immediately and completely, this tincture relieves pruritus and acne. Even the most problematic skin becomes clean and smooth.

Pain in the joints and knees

This is one of the most common problems in the solution of which resort to the means of traditional medicine. Probably anyone over the age of 40 knows how much trouble a knee pain can cause. In medicine, potato flowers are considered the best, inexpensive and extremely effective way that really helps in solving such problems. Let's look at the details of the preparation of tinctures for the treatment of joint diseases. Collect flowers need immediately after they bloomed. During this period, their healing properties are at their peak. The collection is made in warm and dry weather. Dry them in the shade, but always in a warm place.

After the raw material is completely dry, it is poured into plastic dishes (0.75 liters) and poured with vodka or cologne. A closed container is placed for two weeks in a warm place. Should not shake. For treatment, the affected joint is rubbed with this tincture and wrapped in a warm scarf. Need to use the whole bottle. If the pain is not gone, then the disease is badly neglected. In this case, you need to take a break and again undergo treatment.

Treatment of varicose veins

We continue to tell you what potato flowers are useful for. Varicose veins are another extremely common ailment that afflicts most of the adult generation. Especially prone to disease women. You need to spend the morning in the garden and pick up a liter jar of potato flowers. Fill the jar tighter. Now add 200 ml of natural flower honey to the jar, close tightly and store in a dark place for 30 days. After a month has passed, it is necessary to strain the resulting infusion. This is your medicine. Keep it in a dark and cool place, for example, in the refrigerator.

This tool is spread on the legs, where the vascular grid is most visible for 2 hours every day. For the best effect, you need to wrap them with cling film and put on tight pants. It is best not to sit in these two hours, since physical activity stimulates a positive effect. The flowers remaining after straining can be poured with vodka and used for compresses with the same purpose.

Oncology treatment

Let's immediately determine that potato flowers can help cancer, but a lot depends on the state of the body, the type of tumor and the affected organs. In one case, treatment can be very successful; in other cases, the effect can only be a slight pain relief. We must not forget that such a terrible disease requires mandatory support from specialists.

For the treatment of malignant tumors is recommended to prepare the tincture of 0.5 liters of boiling water and 1 tablespoon of flowers. It is necessary to brew the raw materials in a thermos, close the lid and leave for three hours. After this, the raw material must be drained and taken in half a glass three times a day. The course of treatment is 2 weeks, during which time it will take about 4 liters of tincture.

The flowers of potatoes for cancer do not always help, but if your doctor recommends such a course of treatment, then you need to listen to him. Often use this natural raw materials and for the treatment of benign tumors, for example, uterine fibroids. To do this, it is recommended to brew a teaspoon of flowers with a glass of boiling water, then strain. This tool is recommended to be used on a tablespoon three times a day. Depending on the recommendation of your treating physician, the dosage may be reduced or increased. Do not forget to inform the doctor about the change in your condition, because you already know about the toxicity of the flowers of potatoes. The healing properties of cancer are based precisely on the effects of solanine on the body. It inhibits the development of cancer cells, thereby helping to make therapy more effective.

Treatment of gastric and duodenal cancer

For the preparation of medicinal infusion, you need a tablespoon of dried flowers. It is necessary to pour 0.5 liters of boiling water and let it brew. After about three hours, the medicine is ready, although in order to calculate the required dosage more accurately, you need to know what disease you have. Without a preliminary diagnosis, you should not start taking any drug, no matter how harmless it may seem. Especially if it is a poisonous tincture of potato flowers. Using it without a doctor's prescription is dangerous enough.

Итак, если вам поставили диагноз "рак органов пищеварения", то рекомендуется использовать классический настой. Это столовая ложка сухих цветов картофеля и 0,5 литра кипятка. Настаивают лекарство в термосе в течение трех часов. Принимать лекарство следует за 30 минут до еды, но не более 1 столовой ложки. If you feel bad after this infusion, then you need to further consult with your doctor. If the state of health is normal, then the full course of treatment involves the use of 4 liters of such tincture. In this case, do not forget that such a course of treatment can not be considered basic. Be sure to undergo a specific course of chemotherapy, drug therapy, and only against this background, use potato flowers. The use of traditional medicine alone will only slightly delay the pace of development of the disease, but not cure it.

Treatment of chronic tonsillitis

Inflammation of the tonsils is a very common disease, especially in children. If it comes to surgery to remove them and classical methods of treatment do not help, then it is recommended to consult a doctor and, with his consent, undergo a course of treatment using tincture of potato flowers. It is necessary to carefully weigh the pros and cons, and only if the intended benefits are significantly higher than the risk, then we can agree to such a procedure. To prepare the solution, you need to take a tablespoon of dried flowers and 200 g of boiling water. The resulting solution must be filtered and used for gargling. It is undesirable to use this drug for more than five days, as well as for the treatment of young children, as the drug is likely to swallow. This can lead to undesirable consequences, so you need to very carefully monitor the implementation of this rule.

Universal recipe

In fact, there are so many diseases in which potato flowers can help. Healing properties and contraindications must be pre-reviewed and agreed with your doctor, without this it is very easy to harm your health. The universal recipe, which can be recommended for any case described above, looks quite simple. To do this, you need to take freshly picked potato flowers - 1 liter jar and half a liter of vodka. Flowers need to be thoroughly washed and minced. The resulting mixture must be poured into a jar and to the top to top up with vodka. Now you need to tightly close the lid and leave to infuse for 10 days. Such an infusion is taken at least 2 times a day, 3-4 drops.

Medicinal properties of potatoes

Surely you have already noticed that flies do not fly around potatoes. It is very easy to explain, because the flowers contain a large amount of toxic substances, alkaloids. This is the poison known to you called solanine. Thus, the plant perfectly protects itself from pests. By the way, solanine is contained not only in flowers, but also in greened tubers. Therefore, if you need medicine in the winter when the spring is still far away, you need to pull out the potato tubers and place them on the windowsill, where the sunlight falls. After that, it is necessary to remove the green layer of the peel to use it in the same way as the flowers.

Opinion of official medicine

Doctors have long noticed that alkaloids can be beneficial to humans. The basis of this guess was the fact that with the help of this substance the potato is protected from pests. That is, what does not allow pests to hit a green bush, should protect and heal a person. In fact, opinions of different scholars differ on this, some support this idea, others consider it erroneous. But traditional medicine has long been struggling with the help of tinctures of flowers from potatoes with a variety of diseases. You can bring a huge list of illnesses successfully conquered, which include tuberculosis and cancer.

The main postulate is that the poison contained in the drink can kill any ailment. But it must be remembered that it should be used very carefully so as not to harm yourself. It is solanine in small doses that can have a beneficial effect on the body. With such a tincture, tuberculosis and any diseases of the upper respiratory tract are not terrible. Tinctures will easily defeat any fungus, work great in the form of external lotions, cure joint diseases. Brushing your teeth with a regular paste, to which a couple of drops of tincture is added, allows you to rid the mouth of caries. Perfectly treatable gastric ulcer and liver disease, diabetes, as well as high or low blood pressure. Based on all of the above, we can summarize: the tincture of potato flowers is a universal medicine, but in order for the body to receive only benefit from its use, the dosage must be carefully coordinated with the attending physician.

Botanical description

Potato flowers are small, clustered in racemes. They are self-pollinating, with all-feeding. Color - white, pink, red or blue-violet (depending on the variety).

The activity of flowering in different varieties of different. Some species simply buds and do not bloom at all, others may bloom, but the berries do not form.

The temperature and humidity of the air influence the flowering activity. In arid, hot regions, potatoes bloom much less than in the north.

Chemical composition

Flowers in their composition represent a unique set of useful elements with their ideal ratio.

They contain vitamin C and some trace elements (magnesium, iron). But the main component, thanks to which the inflorescences are used in traditional medicine, is solanine, a poisonous glycoalkaloid.

Use in traditional medicine

For a long time, alternative medicine has used flowers of potatoes for the preparation of a variety of potions that help a person cope with the most dangerous and serious diseases. Such tools are popular today. Despite the fact that these recipes are quite effective, the technology of their manufacture is simple.

Most often, infusions of potato inflorescences are used in the presence of tumor formations, which can be both benign and malignant. If the formation is external, then apply lotions. Good infusions of flowers help to cope with colds. And if you apply the tool to a toothbrush before brushing your teeth, you can get rid of caries and whiten your teeth.

Indications for use

Despite the fact that solanine in large dosages is poison, in small quantities it can help get rid of many diseases (or alleviate their symptoms):

  • tumors of different origin and development,
  • purulent diseases on the skin,
  • arthritis,
  • increased diaper rash,
  • fungus,
  • sinusitis,
  • itchy skin
  • viral and infectious diseases of the respiratory system.

Harm and side effect

Using for the treatment of tincture of flowers of potatoes, it is important to observe the dosage. As a result of exceeding the norm, such side effects occur:

  • bitterness in the mouth
  • burning in the tongue
  • nausea,
  • vomiting
  • dizziness,
  • decrease in motor and mental activity,
  • signs of heart failure
  • stomach ache.


In no case can you use a poisonous tincture of the following categories of people:

  • pregnant and lactating women
  • children under 12 years old
  • diabetics
  • people with metabolic disorders
  • having sexually transmitted diseases.
In addition, it is not recommended to use solanine for treatment of people with increased sexual excitability, suffering from intestinal diseases (colitis, enteritis, etc.) and in violation of the acid-base balance.

Harvesting and storage of raw materials

Potatoes - a culture that has the shortest flowering period. That is why it is important not to miss the moment and collect the raw materials on time.

The inflorescences are harvested after they are completely blooming (on the sixth or seventh day), since the beneficial substances accumulate at the maximum time. Choose better warm dry weather, and the ideal time is from 6:00 to 14:00. After collecting the flowers are sorted and thoroughly dried. The drying process should take place exclusively in a shaded (under a canopy, avoiding exposure to sunlight) and not very cool place.

Water infusion

It is easy to prepare such a drug: a tablespoon of dried inflorescences is poured with a liter of boiling water and put in a water bath. After 3 hours, the resulting infusion can be removed.

For diseases of the stomach and duodenum, they drink it three times a day in a tablespoon 20-30 minutes before meals. After a total of 4 liters of medication is drunk, the treatment is suspended for a month.

Apply the infusion also at elevated pressure, to relieve spasms in the bronchi and for gargling with sore throat. Store in a cool place for no more than 3 days.

Water-vodka infusion

To prepare such a tincture you will need 20 g (3 tablespoons) of potato inflorescences, 800 ml of boiling water, 100 ml of vodka or alcohol. The flowers are poured boiling water and infuse for 3-4 hours. Then the solution is filtered and supplemented with vodka. Store this tool can be no more than two weeks.

Apply, as well as water infusion, with an increased pressure, pains in joints (outwardly), for treatment of infectious and catarrhal diseases.

Vodka or spirit tincture

Most often, herbalists use fresh flowers, because only such a drug contains all the necessary properties. To obtain the correct tincture, immediately after picking, the flowers are crushed (in a meat grinder or in a blender) and transferred to a tight-fitting container. After that, the mass is poured with water (per 100 ml of vodka - a tablespoon of flowers), closed and placed in a dark place for a week. This infusion is used as an additive in tea (the dosage is measured in drops) under elevated pressure, to get rid of fungi. As an external application of this tool will help get rid of age spots.

It is also advised to make dressings with impregnation of alcohol tinctures on problem areas, as well as to rinse the oral cavity.

Today we told you about the beneficial properties and methods of application of potato inflorescences. Now you can, without wasting time and money, have on hand a healing tool that will help with many ailments.

What are the benefits for the body?

Infusions on flowers of potato have long been used in folk medicine for various medicinal purposes:

  • relieve swelling of the nose,
  • relieve allergic reactions
  • activate the work of the heart muscle
  • normalize blood pressure and pulse,
  • have a strengthening effect on the walls of blood vessels and capillaries,
  • promote healing of wounds and scratches
  • reduce pain,
  • destroy many viruses and fungal diseases,
  • fighting the tuberculosis virus.

Infusions of potato inflorescences are most often used in the presence of tumor formations, both benign and malignant. When outdoor formations are used gadgets.

Infusions of flowers are very effective for colds. And if you mix a bit of money with toothpaste, it will help whiten your teeth and prevent tooth decay.

Cosmetics that have potatoes in the inflorescence composition, treat sunburn and get rid of warts and papillomas.

What could be the harm?

In the treatment of tinctures of potato flowers, it is very important to observe the correct dosage. Any excess of the norm threatens with the following side effects:

  • bitterness and dry mouth,
  • burning tongue
  • severe dizziness
  • nausea
  • vomit
  • heart failure
  • loss of motor activity and a decrease in mental reaction,
  • stomach pain and cramps.

How to use?

As soon as the potatoes bloom with white and pale pink flowers, they are collected together with the stalks and dried in the shade. After that, the tool can be used for the preparation of medicinal tinctures and decoctions at home.

To get a truly healing tool, you need to carefully approach the technology of its preparation, with the correct observance of proportions and exposure time.

The use of tincture on vodka

Herbalists often use fresh flowers to make a drug. because they give the tincture all the necessary healing properties. The collected flowers are ground in a meat grinder or blender, folded into a container with a tight-fitting lid and filled with vodka at the rate of 100 ml per 1 tbsp. a spoonful of flowers. The drug should be infused in a dark place for 7 days.

  • With high blood pressure and fungal diseases, the infusion is added to tea (dosage in drops).
  • For age spots, tincture is applied externally using a cotton swab.
  • From wounds and warts help dressings soaked in alcohol tincture.
  • In chronic tonsillitis, a gargling solution is prepared: 5 drops per cup of boiled water.

Alcohol tincture should be stored in a dark cool place for no more than 1 year.


To prepare such a tincture, you must take 3 tbsp. spoons of potato inflorescences of potatoes and pour 800 ml of boiling water over them. Insist 3-4 hours. Then add 100 ml of vodka to the cooled broth. Broth before use can be filtered through cheesecloth.

  • At elevated pressure 1 tbsp. spoon broth 2-3 times a day before meals.
  • It is very effective to rinse your mouth and throat for colds and infectious diseases.
  • For pain in the joints as a lotion applied externally.

Store the broth should be in the refrigerator for no more than 2 weeks.

Broth cooked in boiling water

Preparing this drug is very simple: 1st ct. a spoonful of dried inflorescences pour 1 liter of boiling water and put for 3 hours in a water bath.

  • If you have a stomach and duodenum disease, drink decoction 1 tbsp. spoon for half an hour before eating.
  • With elevated blood pressure take 1-2 tbsp. spoons.
  • Use for gargling with sore throat.
  • Take in small sips (1-3 sips, not more) to relieve spasms in the bronchi.

Store decoction in the refrigerator for no more than a week.

Useful properties of solanine

Solanine (melongen) is the main active ingredient in potato flowers. Experiments conducted on experimental animals with kaolin arthritis have shown that microscopic doses of solanine inhibit the development of inflammatory processes.

The chemical structure of alkaloid solanine is similar to cardiac glycosides and corticosteroids. The most significant effect of solanine has on the work of the myocardium, adrenal cortex and kidneys. Preparations and tinctures from the flowers of potatoes reduce blood pressure, increase heart activity - increase the amplitude of heart contractions and reduce their rhythm. Lotions of potato flowers act as an anesthetic, can take burn shock, inhibit the reproduction of many pathogens, such as Staphylococcus aureus, fungi of the genus Candida, etc.

Next, we will focus on the various medicinal properties of potato flowers and contraindications to their use.


Before we start talking about the treatment with potato flowers, we consider it necessary to explain why this method of therapy should be approached very carefully and carefully. In the medical environment, to the therapeutic properties of potato flowers, the relationship is contradictory. Too great a danger from an overdose of solanine, because even a single dose of a large amount of decoction can lead to the death of the patient. In our recipes indicated dosage, calculated on an adult of average height and normal weight. In case of any deviations from it, it is better to reduce the amount of medicine per intake.

Even a small dose of solanine has a powerful destructive effect on pathogenic microflora. In order for the healing properties of the healing infusions of potato flowers to bring only benefit, you need to know that 20 mg of solanine, that is, one tablespoon, is practically a lethal dose for a person with poor health. However, it is very difficult to eat this amount of poison at the same time - so much solanine is contained in several glasses of freshly picked and densely stamped flowers or in 1 kg of very green tubers. Solanine does not disappear from the flowers even after drying - they lose only water. Thus, in one tablespoon of crushed dried flowers of solanine more than in the same volume of fresh, but still not so much to kill an adult.

Preparation of raw materials

The collection of potato flowers should be done in August, in dry weather, in the morning, after the dew has descended. For medicinal purposes, fully blooming flowers are suitable, both white and purple.

Collected raw materials need to decompose in a warm, dry, ventilated area and cover with gauze. Two or three weeks, depending on the temperature, when they are dry, put them in linen or cotton bags. Store in a place protected from moisture and bright sunlight.

Another way of harvesting is to cut the stalks of potatoes together with flowers and tie them into bunches. Hang these bundles from the ceiling of a dry shed or veranda. As required, pick flowers and cook broths. So they did in the old days. Then brooms with potato flowers were placed in attics. It is very convenient, because it ensures that poisonous flowers, which are high enough, will not fall into the hands of children who like to taste all of my mother’s or grandmother’s blanks, knowing that this is either very tasty or very useful.

In the future, dried one of the methods described, the flowers can be used for treatment. From dry raw materials make both water and alcohol infusions.

The following is information on the various uses of potato colors. Лечебные свойства и советы относительно дозировки, как мы уже говорили, касаются среднестатистического взрослого человека.For any deviation from the norm, the dose should be adjusted, but only downwards. This recommendation concerns the internal use of infusions. Outside is practically no contraindications.

Alcohol infusion

In some cases, instead of water decoction, it is better to use alcohol infusion, and make it quite simple. Next, we will explain how to prepare an infusion of potato flowers. Medicinal properties of alcohol, by the way, are expressed much brighter than water, because in alcohol solanine dissolves better than in water.

Glass jar needs to be filled with fresh flowers to the top and lightly tamp. Pour them with medical alcohol or vodka. Close tightly to prevent evaporation, and put in a warm and dark place. After two or three weeks, the infusion will be ready.

The maximum daily dose for oral administration is 10 drops.

Alcohol tincture is used not only for drinking, but also for rubbing.

The healing properties of potato color for joints are well known. Rubbing and compresses quickly relieve pain and reduce swelling.

The shelf life of alcohol infusion is limited to three years. It does not deteriorate and does not lose its properties if it is placed in a dark glass dish with a tightly screwed non-metallic lid, but rather a wine cork.

Radiculitis, myositis, backache

When myositis, lumbago, radiculitis, especially for pain in the lumbar spine, rub the sore spot with an alcoholic solution of flowers, and then apply a warming bandage, such as a wide belt made of natural wool.

The procedure is desirable to do at night. The pain passes very quickly.

In general, the healing properties of potato flowers are the safest to use when applied externally. In this case, the risk of solanine poisoning is completely excluded.

Medicinal properties and the use of flowers of potatoes, infused with alcohol - this is one of the most effective ways to quickly get rid of acute pain caused by hypothermia, or from a long stay in a draft.

In each home first aid kit must be a bottle of alcohol infusion of potato flowers. After a long stay in the cold, you can protect yourself from a cold if, after coming home, you rub it with this tincture of the foot, and then put on woolen socks.

Medicinal properties of potato colors for joints (reviews confirm this), in this case they are applied no less widely than in the case of a cold or hypothermia. Arthritis is almost always accompanied by severe pain and swelling in the knee area. Compresses of potato flowers with alcohol effectively alleviate the condition of the patient.

Wrap the knee with a towel dipped in alcohol tincture, cover with plastic wrap and warm with a wool scarf. The most convenient way to do this is at night. By the morning of pain and inflammation will not remain a trace. The healing properties of potato color for joints are well known. They can be recommended without fear of complications or unwanted side effects.

The unique healing and analgesic properties of potato flowers can be used for a variety of ailments. External use of infusions has no contraindications, however, patients with a diagnosis of "arthritis" in any case should not apply infusions of potato flowers inside. This can cause exacerbation of the disease and will only damage health. In this case, the medicinal properties of potato flowers are permissible to use only for external use.

Tonsillitis, cold

When tonsillitis, the infusion of potato flowers is used to gargle. It is necessary to prepare a warm broth and gargle every 3-4 hours.

Facilitates the state of inhalation of flowers. It can be done only at normal body temperature - 36.6. The same procedure is effective for all sorts of seasonal rotavirus infections, accompanied by cough and sore throat.

Medicinal properties of potato flowers will help to quickly get rid of cough, if at night, instead of mustard plaster, rub your breasts with alcohol tincture.


Solanine strengthens the walls of blood vessels and makes them more elastic. The efficacy of the medicinal properties of potato flowers under pressure is known. Regular consumption of a weak infusion as a drink at night normalizes blood pressure in the vessels and completely eliminates the attacks of hypertension.

In this disease, it is recommended to drink half a glass of water infusion, washed down with warm milk and honey. It is noted that after several days of treatment, the pressure stabilizes, and the headaches completely stop.

However, with prolonged use of such an infusion, the opposite effect is possible, so the course of treatment should not exceed two weeks. Then follows a break of at least one month.


It is quite possible to cure this serious disease if you add alcoholic flowering of potato flowers to the general therapy prescribed by your doctor. It needs to be rubbed into the chest, and also to drink within one month. The daily dose for ingestion should be three doses of 3 drops of a concentrated solution mixed with a teaspoon of natural flower honey.

Solanine kills Koch's wand, but in large doses can greatly weaken the immune system and provoke the occurrence of various diseases of the blood-forming organs, as it provokes a decrease in the number of red blood cells.

Stomach ulcer

Treatment of gastric ulcers infusion of flowers of potato lasts two weeks, then a break for one month. After that, if necessary, the course of treatment can be repeated.

Infusion is prepared in a thermos or in a water bath. One tablespoon of dried flowers is taken half a liter of boiling water. The languor at high temperature lasts about 40 minutes. The infusion is done for 2-3 days and stored in the refrigerator. Before use, each portion is heated to room temperature.

Half an hour before meals you need to drink one tablespoon of warm infusion.

Solanine is part of many drugs against gastric and duodenal ulcers.

There are cases of cure by the flowers of potatoes of various forms of cancer diagnosed at the initial stage. The healing properties of potato flowers in cancer are explained by the ability of solanine to destroy diseased cells.

Treatment is carried out using alcohol or water infusion of flowers. Water infusion is prepared for one day at the rate of - a tablespoon of dried flowers and a half cup of water. Brewed in a thermos for 40 minutes.

The infusion is drunk in half a glass half an hour before meals three times a day. Alcohol - 3-4 drops also half an hour before meals.

Headaches and migraines are usually relieved with pain pills. This is detrimental to the health of the digestive system and blood.

Alcoholic solution of potato flowers is wetted with a towel and applied to the head around the circumference - the forehead, temples, and the back of the head.

If the pain is local, then the tincture is simply rubbed into this place with light circular movements.

To improve vision

Long work at the computer is detrimental to the eyes. Lotions of potato flowers quickly restore visual acuity and relax the muscles of the eyes. It is necessary to pour boiling water (70 ml) about five fresh or dried flowers, insist and cool to body temperature. Further treatment consists of instillation, eye rinsing with a pipette and overlay applicators. It is most convenient to use cotton pads as applicators. They need to be saturated with a solution and put on the eyes. 15-20 minutes to lie quietly with his eyes closed.

Some burning sensation is normal and should not scare or disturb.


Alcoholic tincture of potato flowers should be in every home first aid kit. Put a small bottle of infusion on the shelf in the bathroom, and once a month make an application on the gums. This is a very good prevention of periodontitis, periodontal disease and gingivitis.

The application is as follows. Two strips of a hygienic cotton disk are moistened in the infusion and applied to the upper and lower gums. To do this, slightly delay the lip and apply the application on the base of the teeth. Hold for 20 minutes.

Thermal burn

The medicinal properties of potato flowers with burns of small skin areas are known. Burn from contact with a hot object or liquid requires mandatory treatment. A cool lotion of potato flowers quickly relieves pain. In addition, solanine prevents blood contamination and contributes to the rapid epithelialization of the wound. A timely bandage not only relieves pain and heals tissues, but also prevents the formation of unaesthetic scars and blemishes, which always remain after burns and stick to the skin for several years.

Skin burns heal better in the open air. When the dressing is applied, healing takes longer and there is a risk of blood poisoning. We recommend making a concentrated water decoction of potato flowers, cool it and pour it into a spray bottle. During the day you need several times, the more often the better (especially in the first hours), irrigate the wound with a solution. The next day, make a fresh decoction. As practice shows, healing takes place very quickly and almost without a trace.

Women's diseases

The infusion of potato flowers has been used successfully in the treatment of diseases of the female genital organs.

The medicinal properties of potato flowers with myoma are known. Infusions of this plant stop the development of the tumor and promote complete healing.

Therapy is as follows. The tampon is soaked with water infusion and embedded into the vagina for two hours. During this time you can not urinate. The course of treatment is 10 days. To consolidate the result, after a month break, the treatment is repeated.

Potato flowers will help to permanently get rid of thrush, if at the first signs of the disease begin daily douching water infusion.

Cervical erosion is also included in the list of diseases subject to treatment with potato flowers. It is important to capture the onset of inflammation. Water tincture quickly relieve the unpleasant sensations - itching and heavy discharge. The positive quality of the action of the tincture is also in the fact that it heals erosion, leaving no scars.

Warts and papillomas

Solanine has long been considered the main enemy of warts and papillomas. If the growth appeared on the sole of the foot or on the palm, then you need to take a cotton swab, soak it with concentrated water, but not alcohol, extract of potato flowers, attach it to the sore spot and fix with a bandage or plaster. This method is much more effective than tying raw potatoes or smearing celandine juice.

Facial warts can be irrigated by filling a small bottle with a spray bottle with solution. Unlike celandine, potato flowers do not leave any spots on the skin.

Emergency help with solanine poisoning

We talked in detail about the flowers of the potato, the healing properties and contraindications to their use, however, even with careful and careful attention to the use of infusions, no one is immune from accidental errors. For this reason, you need to know not only about the signs of poisoning with solanine, but also about how to quickly neutralize the action of a dangerous poison.

If, after drinking this infusion, there were unpleasant sensations in the stomach, pain, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, pain, drowsiness, lethargy, tickling and bitterness in the mouth, convulsions, the pulse rate increased sharply, you should immediately take emergency measures. First, immediately call the ambulance, secondly, drink at least a liter of milk. If there is no milk, then eat 15-20 tablets of activated carbon (it must be in every home medicine chest) or drink 2-3 egg whites.

With due care, solanine of potato flowers will be a good helper and doctor for all family members.