General information

The drug Ridomil Gold: instructions for use, customer reviews

Ridomil Gold - fungicide, which is used by modern gardeners and gardeners to combat the main fungal diseases of plants. Most often used to protect potatoes, grapes, vegetables.

The composition and purpose of the drug Ridomil Gold

Used to combat Alternaria, blight, perinospora in vegetables and to destroy mildey on the vine of grapes. Iodium pathogens do not affect the action of the drug

Ridomil Gold - quality fungicide for the prevention and treatment of plants

Ridomil Gold is available in the form of powder or granules. They include 2 active ingredients: mefenoxam and mancozeb. They contribute to the complete protection of the plant: from the roots to the fruits.

The mechanism of the impact of the solution

The active effect on infected plants has the above 2 components.

  • Mancozeb: during the spraying process it settles on the crop, providing external protection against fungal diseases.
  • Mefenoxam. Acts systematically. After spraying, full penetration into the plant occurs. The component, moving through the tissues (captures both the roots and the fruits), protects them from diseases and infections.

Benefits of using

  • With any development of the disease shows high efficiencys
  • Able to control infection development throughout the growing season.
  • After processing all parts of the plant protected from infection for a long time. Even if some parts of the plant did not have a direct hit.
  • Resistant to moisture. Treated plants can be watered after half an hour. Sudden rain fungicide is also safe.
  • Safe for cropsthat are processed and their "neighbors".
  • Packed with Ridomil Gold convenient to store.
Ridomil Gold is available in powder and granule form.

Lack of fungicide

  • Presents danger to fish and mammals but not at all dangerous for bees. Therefore, the solution should not be allowed to enter the reservoir. Belongs to the 2nd class of danger. Spraying the plants, be sure to use protective equipment: gloves, mask, goggles.
  • Low level environmental safety.
  • Packaging is not conducive economical use.
  • Apply together with other chemicals can not.

Instructions for use for tomatoes and other plants

Ridomil Gold - a drug for modern gardeners, which is used in the fight against Alternaria, blight and other fungal infections of plants. Particularly effective when processing tomatoes.

To avoid tomato infection with late blight in rainy summer conditions, you should definitely use Ridomil Gold

The tool is available in water-soluble granules. Non-toxic, if you follow the dosages specified in the instructions.

The active ingredient (mefenoxam) quickly penetrates into all parts of the culture and for a long time completely protects the whole plant from infection. External protection provides mancozeb. Thus, it completely protects the plant from infection both outside and inside.

Counterfeit and analogues

There are means similar to Radomil Gold, differing only in price, methods of application and some composition. Basic analogues:

  1. Profit Gold. The preparation contains cymoxanil, which actively protects from the inside, and famoxadone prevents infection from the outside. The drug begins to act after 3 hours after drying on the plant, it is not washed off by rain. By the duration of the impact on the plant, the drug is somewhat inferior to Ridomil. Potatoes and tomatoes for the season will have to be sprayed four times.
  2. Kvadris. The drug is actively used for the prevention and treatment of fungal infections. A distinctive feature of the drug is a detrimental effect on spores, which is important for grapes and tomatoes.
  3. Previkur Energy. The drug is used to treat plants. It completely destroys fungal diseases. It is a liquid in which concentrated neutral hydrogen is present. According to some characteristics, it is superior to Ridomil.