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Grade of grapes Vodogray


Amateur gardeners are often limited in terms of the area for planting, so they are attentive to the choice of fruit crops. Priority is given to plants with increased yield and undemanding care. In the review, we describe how Vodogray grapes are grown, as well as the pros and cons of the variety.

Grapes Vodograi - productive mid-early variety

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The main task of breeders - is the removal of crops that would meet all the requirements of growers. One of these hybrids can be called Vodogray - the result of the work of Ukrainian scientist V. Zagorulko. The plant was obtained by crossing two varieties - Arkady and Kishmish radiant. The best characteristics of parents entrenched in the new fruit vine.

According to the description, the culture refers to the medium early varieties. The ripening period is 4 months. A distinctive feature of the grapes is powerful bushes with branching shoots. The five-lobed green leaves are medium in size. The vine quickly takes root and develops: by 2-3 years of life the plant bears fruit.

According to the description, the variety has huge conical clusters that are loose in shape. Ripe berries acquire a bright pink color and reach 10 g. The fruits have juicy fleshy flesh with a delicate nutmeg aroma. The flowers are bisexual plants. Massive hands evenly ripen and develop up to 1 kg. It is undemanding to transportation and long to be stored.

The disadvantages of varieties include poor resistance to frost. The minimum allowable temperature should not fall below -21 degrees. Therefore, Vodograi is not recommended to grow without winter protection.

Despite the resistance to fungal diseases, experienced gardeners are advised to regularly make treatments with fungicides from grape aphid and downy mildew. Therefore, all seasonal work on the protection of the bushes are on schedule.

In the process of ripening Vodogray takes nutmeg taste

According to the description of the variety, the plant has a high yield. But in order to get an excellent performance, you need to ensure the culture of the correct fit.

  1. Site selection. For normal growth and development, grapes need a lot of light and a light breeze. Therefore, when choosing a place for plantation, preference is given to light elevation.
  2. The hole For planting plants of this variety need a pit, the depth of which will be at least 80 cm for the middle band and over 1 m for a cool climate.
  3. Drainage. Abundant watering is the basis of growth for Vodogray grapes. But in order to prevent the roots from rotting from excess moisture, a layer of broken bricks and expanded clay is placed on the bottom of the hole.
  4. Top dressing. Fruit vine is always planted on a pillow of organic and mineral fertilizers.
  5. Mulching. A convenient procedure that simplifies the care of the plant and promotes the rapid rooting of seedlings.

Before planting, it is recommended to pour the hole several times and give time so that it settles. Experienced farmers grow pits in the fall, and in the spring they plant young plants in a permanent place of growth.

To protect the crop from the attack of aphids, nutrient soil is mixed with river sand.

Seedlings gently sow in the hole and straighten the roots. Gradually they pull loose soil and lightly tamp with their fingers. After all the procedures, water abundantly. Planting in open ground is carried out:

  • in spring, when the average daily temperature rises to +16,
  • in the fall, with the obligatory dense mulching.

After planting grapes need to mulch

Even the most unpretentious grape needs timely care. In order not to promise the producers, but without observing the basic rules of care, any plant will turn into a nondescript wild with small, rare fruits. A person grows a fruit vine for more than 6 thousand years, therefore the main requirements are known.

Vodogray - a variety that needs abundant watering. During the entire vegetative period, the plant irrigates and prevents the roots from drying out. Planned activities:

  • in the spring, when the bushes come out of hibernation and need strength for development,
  • before flowering
  • after pollination
  • in the period of formation and ripening of fruits.

Remember: it is impossible to irrigate Vodogray plants during flowering, as this will cause the buds to fall. Perform the procedure in advance to avoid problems. Avoid stagnant fluid at the roots. Water for irrigation is taken separated and not from the well.

Grapes love systematic feeding, and high-yielding varieties without them will not form fruit. Therefore, it is recommended to regularly make organic and mineral substances. Mandatory procedures:

  • before flowering
  • after the first fruits
  • when the berries soften,
  • in the period of ripening.

Remember: the introduction of chemicals is prohibited 30 days before harvest. Experienced winegrowers feed the plants with organic products such as manure or chicken manure.

All fruit varieties need to be grown on strong supports. Vodogray has a massive trunk, but he will not save culture from sagging under the weight of huge clusters. Gardeners cultivate fruit vines on arches that are convenient for the care and control of fruits. It is not recommended to plant bushes near the houses because of the developed roots that destroy the foundation.

Vodograya has huge bunches, therefore for his vines need strong support

Mulching is a must-have procedure for this grape variety. As the plant grows during the season, it is repeated several times. To do this, use:

Low resistance to frost causes winegrowers to cover the crop for the winter. Prior to the onset of the first frost, experienced gardeners will do all the work to protect the fruit vine. The more reliable the shelter, the greater the chances of survival for the bushes.

“Before sheltering bushes it is necessary to make water-charging irrigation. Its volume is larger than that of ordinary watering, and 4–5 buckets of water per bush are made up. ”

Variety Vodograi - is a high-yielding grape crop, which will grow without problems at home. According to the description, the plant is resistant to many fungal diseases. With proper planting and regular care, the fruit vine quickly takes root and bears excellent fruit.

Grapes "Vodograi" certainly deserves to become a favorite variety of the husbandman. With good care and a reliable shelter for the winter, he is able to generously please you with an excellent harvest every year.