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How to pickle white mushrooms to be crisp and fragrant: recipes


Good afternoon, friends and avid mushroom pickers!

I invite you to taste the crunchy, juicy, fleshy, very tasty salted milk mushrooms. This is one of the best mushroom blanks for the winter in the form of pickles in hot cooked jars. Usually a small amount of forest “catch” is salted in this way. Of course, you can buy them on the market, at a price of 1000-1500 rubles for a 3-liter jar, and it is best to cook homemade, environmentally friendly.

Great luck to stumble upon a large family of burly men in the forest in the autumn, piled on top of each other. Having collected a whole body of milk mushrooms, we hurry home and immediately process them, since the permissible storage period is 4-6 hours. If you can’t do it right away, spread them out in a cool, dry room and cover with a damp cloth on top. So you can extend the shelf life up to 12-16 hours.

Unlike morels, crawlers cannot be dried or fried, since they contain bitter caustic juice, similar to milk. Therefore, when cooking them in a hot way, boil them in salted water or soak them in order to get rid of bitterness.

And now I propose to go into the article and find out the best fast food recipes of excellent snacks to any table.

Salted milk mushrooms cooked in a hot way for the winter in cans

To prepare salting for this recipe, we need:

  • peeled, prepared mushrooms
  • 30 g of salt per kg of mlechnikov
  • 2 tbsp. l salt for boiling
  • Bay leaf
  • black peppercorns
  • garlic
  • carnations umbrellas
  • dill umbrellas
  • black currant leaves


To prepare very tasty, crunchy pickled mushrooms, you need to know some cooking rules.

1. Before salting, clean them from sticking needles and leaves, cut off the wormy places, wash them in several waters. Cut off the legs, cut the large caps into such pieces that can be put in the mouth.

If volnushki, and even better mushrooms, come across, pickle them together. This assortment will be very useful for the festive table.

2. Salt milk mushrooms in a hot way can be done in 2 ways:

  • soaking and pouring salt
  • without soaking in brine

in either case, there is no way to do without cooking.

Important! Properly soak the mushrooms. How much and how? Read on.

3. We put them in a container, fill it with water so that it slightly covers the mushrooms and keep them under a small yoke so that they do not float up and are constantly in the water. Leave for a day.

Important! Soak it at room temperature, since the duration of this procedure depends on it.

4. After a day of soaking, the milk mushrooms are still hard, and the water is dark. Change the water and leave for another day.

5. After the time expires, we check the stiffness of the caps again, pay attention to the color of the water.

6. If the caps are soft and elastic, and the water is clean, then the process is over, and if not, then re-fill with water for another day.

7. As soaking, the mushrooms diminish in volume by almost a third, and their pronounced smell begins to appear. Black mushrooms change the black-purple color to burgundy, and the white ones acquire a bluish tint.

8. Before salting, boil them in boiling salted water (2 tablespoons. Salt per liter of water). Cook over low heat, stir occasionally and remove the foam, as soon as the mushrooms settle on the bottom and the brine becomes transparent, remove them and turn them over into a sieve. Give the drain water.

9. Put the boiled milk mushrooms in prepared clean dry jars, putting them hats down, pour each layer in salt, shift them with herbs and spices. On a 3-liter jar we take 90-100 g of salt. Greens pre-scalded with boiling water.

Since the mushrooms do not have a pronounced taste and aroma, add spices and herbs, according to their preferences.

10. Milk, salted in a hot way will be ready for use in 25-35 days. Store in the refrigerator, not more than six months. With us they barely live to see the New Year.


White mushrooms - mushrooms are capricious, so they will have to tinker a bit with their preparation. Before cooking (for hot pickling), the mushrooms are soaked for 1-3 hours in cold, slightly salted water. Mushrooms that will salt in a cold way, it is necessary to soak for three days, changing the water at least every 12 hours.

After soaking, rinse the mushrooms well under running water using a clean brush. Now you can start salting.

Milk mushrooms are traditionally salted in two ways: hot and cold. But the third one is also common - “dry”. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages: so, if the white mushrooms are salted in a hot way, this will not take much time, but the mushrooms will remain hard even after the heat treatment, and the cold method will provide you with tasty and elastic mushrooms, but their soaking will take several days. Which way is better - choose yourself. This will help you photo and video recipes.

Hot way

Hot pickling white milk cans in the cans is the simplest recipe that does not require much time, special efforts and expensive ingredients. With such a salting mushrooms quickly get rid of unpleasant bitterness and retain their elastic texture.

Servings / volume: 7-8 l


  • white mushrooms - 5 kg,
  • rock salt (1.5-2 tbsp. per 1 l of water),
  • Black pepper in peas - 1-2 tbsp. l.,
  • allspice in peas - 10 pcs.,
  • bay leaf - 2 pcs.,
  • dried clove - 4 pcs.,
  • dill - to taste,
  • garlic - 4 cloves,
  • black currant leaf - 4 pcs.
The cooking time of mushrooms depends not only on the variety, but also on the size and even the conditions in which the mushrooms grew. For mundins, this is an average of 20 minutes, but the readiness is better determined not by time, but by the moment when the mushrooms begin to settle on the bottom of the pan (if they are “drowned”, they are ready).


  1. Dip the pre-soaked milk mushrooms in a large pot of water, where they should float freely (there should be at least twice as much water in the pan as mushrooms). It is advisable to boil a large number of mushrooms in portions, in several visits (after each portion, the water must be poured out). Pour into the pan 1.5-2 tbsp. l salt per 1 liter of water and leave to simmer on medium heat for 15-30 minutes, so that the salt is dissolved and well salted mushrooms. Stir gently from time to time.
  2. Make a pickle. Take another pan. At 1 liter of water pour 2 tbsp. l salt, add black and allspice, bay leaves, cloves and dill. Put the brine on a small fire.
  3. It took 15-30 minutes, all the milk "drowned." Drain the boiled water from the boiled mushrooms through a colander, then transfer them to the saucepan with the brine and boil for 30 minutes.
  4. Peel the garlic. Large teeth can be cut in half.
  5. After half an hour, remove the pan with the brine and milk grains from the stove, add the garlic, mix.
  6. Put the currant leaves on top of the mushrooms, cover the pan with a small lid and press it down with a not too heavy yoke so that the mushrooms are completely immersed in the brine. Put the improvised tub in a cool dark place. Ready-made milk mushrooms can be eaten in a week.

Cool way

Cold pickling does not require heat treatment of mushrooms, but it will take a long time to wait for the finished delicacy. But the result in the form of a cool and elastic drink, pleasantly crunching on the teeth, compensates for all expectations!

Servings / volume: 7-8 l


  • white mushrooms - 5 kg,
  • rock salt - 250 g,
  • garlic - 1 head,
  • bay leaf - 5 pcs.,
  • black currant leaf - 5 pcs.,
  • black pepper in peas - 1 tbsp. l.,
  • horseradish, root - 1-2 pcs.,
  • sugar - 1 tsp.


  1. Clean and rinse milk mushrooms, then soak for 3 days, be sure to change the water twice a day.
  2. At the end of the term, again rinse and salt the mushrooms thoroughly, sprinkling salt on the bottom of a clean enameled container. Top of the salt lay out a layer of soaked mushrooms, cover them with a layer of salt and repeat the steps until the mushrooms run out. In the middle of the process, add some sugar between the mushroom layers to stimulate the formation of lactic acid bacteria.
  3. Cover the mushrooms with an inverted plate and lightly press it down with a load (for example, a three-liter jar of water), leave the container in this form for a day. After that, milk mushrooms will produce a large amount of juice and will be ready for the next stage of pickling.
  4. Cut the garlic and horseradish into thin slices. Spread the prepared mushrooms in banks with moderately dense layers, sandwiching them with pepper, horseradish, garlic, and also bay leaves and currant leaves.
  5. Close the jars with lids - not tight, so that the mushrooms can be well salted and fermented. Put them in the refrigerator or cellar for a month. The temperature of the room in which the salted mushrooms are stored should not exceed +5 - otherwise the milk mushrooms will sour. If the temperature is below zero, the mushrooms will freeze and lose a significant portion of their excellent taste. The top milk mushrooms should not touch the air - watch for this and constantly add brine to them, otherwise the mold will quickly cover them. If all the rules of salting are observed, in a month you will have very tasty white milk mushrooms, which you can use as an additive to dishes, and as an independent snack.

Do not be lazy and carry out additional “insurance” against botulism infection - pasteurization of filled cans (carried out immediately before they are sealed).

Dry way

The third method of salting gruzdey - "dry." Mushrooms not only do not soak, but do not even wash. Simply cleaned of forest debris and earth and wiped with a clean cloth.

Then, they act as if they were salted in a cold way: they are placed in a container in layers, sprinkled with coarse salt (not iodized), set pressure and kept in a cool place for 25-30 days. Milk at the same time secrete juice and settle. If it happens in the place where you can still pick up mushrooms, they can be added to the container (enameled pan) in portions, again sprinkling with salt. And then put the mushrooms in jars and put in the fridge.

Cooked in a “dry” way, milk mushrooms turn out to be very tasty, albeit spicy, “for the amateur”. Before you eat, these mushrooms are washed, cut into slices, mixed with chopped onion and garlic and seasoned with vegetable oil.

Store salted or pickled mushrooms for no longer than a year.

We offer to view the video, which tells about another recipe, how to salt white milk mushrooms:

Mushrooms turned out very beautiful, little white. And I'm sure very tasty.

Salted mushrooms can be used not only in everyday food, it is always excellent to serve them to the festive table. This appetizer is always welcome on the table for any occasion.

Also with salted mushrooms, you can cook solyanka, pickle, or other soups. And you can also use them for cooking second courses, or add as an ingredient in salads. So salad "Mushroom glade", or "Sunflower" is simply not imaginable without the addition of mushrooms. And if in the original we use champignons, or other marinated mushrooms, then with the addition of salted ones, we can get new interesting flavors.

When salted milk mushrooms are in the refrigerator, you can not be afraid that the family will remain hungry. Quickly having boiled the macaroni, or potatoes, taking out the coveted jar, and filling the contents with butter, half an hour after the start of preparation, there will be a tasty welcome dinner on the table.

Therefore, if there is an opportunity to salt the mushrooms, do not miss it. Moreover, the salting itself with the proposed recipe does not cause you any trouble.

Adding an article to a new collection

Milk mushrooms, although they belong to conditionally edible mushrooms, are in fact a delicious delicacy, which is not ashamed to put even on the festive table. It is only necessary to be able to properly distinguish them, assemble and prepare.

The most beloved mushroom pickers and remarkable in taste are the white boarder (it's raw, it's real) and black (gypsy, nib). These are lamellar, rather large mushrooms with dense ("fleshy") brittle flesh, fundamentally differing only in the color of the cap with inwardly pubescent edges - its color varies from yellowish-white to dark brown. Both species are found in deciduous and mixed forests, they hide in moss or grass, they like light places, they usually “live” in groups.

The season of their collection begins in mid-summer and ends only by the end of September. And the most interesting thing begins further - salting and pickling of salmon. They will not go to the soup or to the frying pan fresh because of the caustic bitter milky juice, but canned ones in a pot or a jar to please the gourmets with cold winter days for a sweet soul. White and black milk mushrooms salt in exactly the same way.

In addition to the white and black flowers, their “relatives” also go for pickling - oak and aspen wood mushrooms, pogruzdi, and windfalls. They can be salted along with milk mushrooms or separately.

Today we will present you the most popular, simple, quick and tasty ways to pickle the milk mushrooms so that they remain tasty, crispy and fragrant. Record how to salt the milk mushrooms for the winter!

Soaking and boiling gruzdey before salting

Immediately make a reservation - before cooking, all milk mushrooms need thorough cleaning, washing, cutting the legs (they are not salted, only hats with hemp are about 1 cm long), and then in a long soak (2-5 days) or boiling ( 5-30 minutes). The last two procedures are designed to clear the mushrooms from the poisonous milky juice, which gives them bitterness.

Soaking masks is used before cold salting, boiling is part of salting hot.

Soak milk mushrooms in cold salted water (1 tbsp salt per 1 liter of water) under a slight yoke, otherwise light fungi float to the surface. During the soaking period, it is recommended to change the water several times - the foam that forms on the surface of the water will "tell you" about the need for this process.

After a few days, when the soaking process is over, the milk mushrooms will greatly decrease in size. Before further salting, you can try cutting the fungus into the tongue - there should not be bitterness in it.

Wooden, glass and enamel ware is suitable for soaking and the subsequent salting of milk mushrooms. Galvanized and pottery is not recommended.

Salmon boiling is part of the hot-pickling method, depending on the recipe it takes from a few minutes to half an hour (see below). After the water is drained, the mushrooms are washed in cold water and reclined in a colander.

In addition, there is a mixed method of salting - both with soaking, and with blanching.

After salting, milk mushrooms are stored in brine in the cold (0-5 ° C), but they do not freeze in any way. With insufficient brine topped up with cold boiled water.

Proven recipe salting gruzdey

There are two fundamentally different ways of tasty salting salmon - cold and hot. In the first case, the mushrooms are more elastic and crunchy, do not change their color. The second method is considered safer (remember - these conditionally edible mushrooms), plus salting is much faster.

Both methods, in turn, have different variations of the recipes, consisting in the duration of the processing of mushrooms and a set of spices. We offer you step-by-step recipes salting salmon in the home.

The easiest cold way to salt milk

Ingredients:5 kg of fresh seeds, 0.3 kg of coarse salt (not iodized!).

Salting process

Cleaned and soaked caps of mushrooms (large ones are cut into pieces, small ones are left intact) are placed in a deep container in layers, and each layer is poured with abundant salt. At the end of the layering of layers on the mushroom salted mass stack under pressure circle and put a heavy load, which should as much as possible "compress" milk mushrooms. The container is placed in a cold place (up to 16 ° C).

Mushrooms can be left in this container for the entire period of salting (at least 1.5 months), and after a few days you can mix very tightly, without voids, put in sterilized glass jars, which should be closed with lids and left in the same cool room until the end of the process.

Before serving, salted salads in this way must be washed, eliminating the possible excess salt.

How to pickle mushrooms with spices (cold classic method)

Ingredients:5 kg of fresh milk seeds, 0.2 kg of coarse salt (not iodized!), Cherry and black currant leaves (20 pcs.), Dill umbrellas (5 pcs.), Horseradish leaves (5 pcs.), Black pepper and sweet peas ( on 10 pieces), bay leaf (5 pieces).

Salting process

Cherry, horseradish and currant leaves, part of the fennel umbrellas are placed on the bottom of a deep container. Spices are mixed. Then, pieces and small caps of cleaned and soaked mushrooms are placed in this container in layers of 5-10 cm, each layer is poured abundantly with a mixture of spices. On top of everything is covered with another layer of leaves. Then, the under-pressure circle is laid on the mushroom mass and a heavy load is placed, which should “compress” the milk mushrooms as much as possible. The container is placed in a cold place (up to 15 ° C).

Mushrooms can be left in this container for the entire period of salting (at least 1.5 months), and after a few days you can mix very tightly, without voids, put in sterilized glass jars, which should be closed with lids and left in the same cool room until the end of the process.

Если во время хранения или засолки на деревянном подгнетном круге, марле или стенках посуды появляется плесень, их промывают горячей подсоленной водой.

Как солить грузди в бочке (по-алтайски, холодный способ)

Ingredients:5 kg of fresh seeds, 0.2 kg of coarse salt (not iodized!), 5 bay leaves, 20 g of garlic, 20 g of dill, 10 g of horseradish, 20 g of allspice, 5 pcs. carnations.

Salting process

A wooden barrel is prepared (preferably oak) - it is thoroughly cleaned inside and out, scalded with boiling water and dried. All spices are mixed. Pieces and small caps of peeled and soaked mushrooms are placed in a barrel in layers, and each layer is poured abundantly with a mixture of spices. The top layer is covered with gauze (cotton cloth), it is placed under it a pressure circle and put a heavy load, which should be the most "pressed" milk mushrooms. The container is placed in a cold place (up to 16 ° C).

If the process is proceeding normally, in a couple of days the pressure circle should be covered with juice. If this does not happen - the load should be replaced by a heavier one. If the barrel is filled to the top, it is possible to add new mushrooms collected and processed as described above within 3 days.

Milk in this way salted about 1.5 months.

How to pickle mushrooms with soaking and boiling (mixed method)

Ingredients:5 kg of fresh seeds, 100 ml of vegetable oil, 0.2 kg of coarse salt (not iodized!), Black currant leaves (20 pcs.), Black pepper and sweet peas (10 pcs. Each), bay leaf (5 pcs.) .

Salting process

Peeled mushrooms are cut and soaked in cold, salted water for one and a half days. Then the mushrooms are washed under a stream of cold water, blanched in boiling water with vegetable oil for 5-7 minutes, thrown into a colander to drain excess liquid. Spices are mixed. Then, pieces and small caps of prepared mushrooms are tightly placed in sterilized glass jars in 5-10 cm layers, interspersed with leaves and sprinkled with a mixture of spices (you can add a little brine, in which milk mushrooms are cooked). After put the oppression and for 12-20 hours send the banks in a cool place. Then the banks are covered with lids and put in the fridge. Salty mushrooms in this way will be ready in 1-1.5 months.

How to pickle milk mushrooms with onions (cold method)

Ingredients:5 kg of fresh seeds, 0.2 kg of salt (not iodized!), 1 kg of onions.

Salting process

Peeled mushrooms are cut and soaked in cold water for 2-3 days. Then prepare a brine (for 4 liters of water 50 g of salt), in which the mushrooms are sent for another 12 hours. After that, milk mushrooms are taken out, washed in running water and lightly dried. Now comes the turn of the bow. It is finely chopped, sprinkled with the remaining salt and added to the mushrooms. All together again sent under the press for 2 days, mixing the contents every 7-10 hours.

Then the mushrooms are tightly placed in sterilized jars, poured with brine, covered with plastic lids and stored in the refrigerator. Salted in this way mushrooms with onions will be ready in 1-1.5 months.

Salted milk mushrooms are a wonderful snack that many people appreciate. Why buy preservation in the store when salting Georgian milk at home can be to your liking? Do you have any favorite mushroom recipes?

Peculiarities of salting salads

Fresh mushrooms have a small bitterness, since the porous structure absorbs not only useful, but also harmful compounds from the environment.

With the wrong preparation of the main ingredient, instead of delicious and fragrant pickles, it turns out poison.

  • You can not collect mushrooms growing near highways, industrial enterprises, landfills with garbage.
  • Before pickling, milk mushrooms need to be sorted, removed damaged and wormy places. In case of damage to the whole mushroom - be sure to throw it out.
  • Remove forest trash: leaves, twigs. Brush off if necessary. If the dirt does not move away, then put it in an enamel container and pour cold water on it. Cover and leave for 30-120 minutes.
  • Depending on the recipe, cut the mushrooms. You can separate the legs from the caps. The last part of some housewives are used for cooking mushroom caviar.
  • After the mushrooms have been peeled and chopped, they need to be soaked. This item cannot be ignored. Otherwise the product will remain bitter, spoiling, thus, the taste of the finished dish. Put the sliced ​​mushrooms in a suitable container, pour cold water on them. Put a lid on top and a heavy object on it. Soak 70-72 hours. Do not forget to replace the fluid 2-3 times a day.
  • For salting is used dishes made of natural wood, glass, or enameled. Galvanized can cause a reaction, due to which the "forest gifts" will be unsuitable for food. Clay packaging is also not recommended.

Selection and preparation of mushrooms before starting the process.

Before you start canning, you need to know how to choose the right mushrooms:

  1. For salting use young, strong milk mushrooms. Otherwise, during preparation, the hat will become flabby, tasteless, and the characteristic crunch will disappear.
  2. Mushrooms should be clean, not wormy.
  3. Do not forget to pre-soak and remove bitterness.
  4. As soon as the soaking process is completed, the mushrooms are washed under running water several times.
  5. Spread in a colander or strainer to make the glass excess moisture.