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Useful properties of wax moth, use and contraindications


On the basis of the wax moth, an infusion is prepared that helps to cope with a number of pathological processes, for example, with premature wilt, with infertility, as well as with other ailments, as will be described below. Beekeepers have been using this mole for a long time (the moth butterfly) as a means of treatment, producing an alcoholic extract from its larvae.

So that you know more talk about this tool. Consider what is useful wax moth extract, medicinal properties, reviews of doctors, contraindications means. By the way, this insect is also called the bee bug, which has long been used by traditional healers for certain ailments.

Who is shown wax moth extract, its application effectively in what cases?

An extract based on a wax moth can be applied in the following situations:

• With diagnosed tuberculosis,
• With chronic bronchitis, asthma, with pneumonia, as well as with bronchiectasis,
• For some blood disorders, including anemia,
• Ischemic disease, myocarditis, arrhythmias, hypertension, tachycardia, heart defects,
• An extract is prescribed in pediatric practice for the consequences of a generic pathology, for growth disorders, for weakened immunity, as well as for dysbacteriosis,
• Restoration of the body after surgery,
• In the pathology of the digestive tract: gastritis, colitis, hepatitis, pancreatitis,
• With menopausal syndrome,
• Used extract in gerontology with some pathology in old age,

And the extract of the larva of the wax moth “I found the use for myself” during the rehabilitation of athletes after overloading.

Despite such a significant list of use of the extract prepared on the basis of moth, there are some contraindications.

Does the wax moth extract have contraindications?

Contraindications include lesions of the ulcerative nature of the digestive tract, do not use the extract for pregnant women, as well as in the presence of allergic reactions to the components of this tool.

Application of wax moth extract

The method of application of the extract based on the wax moth will be as follows. Usually, 50 drops are prescribed twice a day, thirty minutes before the meal. Begin treatment with 15 or 20 drops to reveal the body's response to the drug, if allergies develop, then it is not recommended to use this remedy.

The full course of application of the extract lasts for three months. If necessary, it can be repeated after about thirty days. Before using this tool directly, it is important to consult a doctor.

Medicinal properties of wax moth extract

The wax moth extract has anti-sclerotic effect, antioxidant and firming, besides, it normalizes blood microcirculation in tissues, improves trophic processes, reduces thrombus formation, and also has an immune stimulating effect, increases the body's defenses.

In addition, among other therapeutic properties of the extract can be noted antibacterial effect and antiviral effect, and also it normalizes metabolic processes in the body, causes hypoglycemia (lowers blood sugar levels), and also reduces the amount of cholesterol.

The tool has a psychotropic effect, in particular, the patient's mood improves, in addition, the ability to learn improves, which is useful for people with intense mental stress.

In this extract, there is a serine protease, which is an enzyme that prevents the formation of adhesions, as well as resolves scars, which is important if the patient has similar formations after surgery.

Amino acids, for example, histidine and methionine, which help to protect the body from the so-called ionizing radiation, remove toxic compounds and heavy metals from the body are found in the extract.

Due to the acidic peptides present in the extract, nucleosides together with amino acids: histidine, valine, isoleucine, an increase in endurance of the body occurs, the muscles more fully recover after heavy loads.

This extract is also useful for athletes, as it contributes to an increase in the energy supply of the body, enhances the biosynthesis of hemoglobin, and also affects the better absorption of calcium. It can be attributed to a natural anabolic.

Does the wax moth extract help the doctors about it?

Based on the feedback from some doctors, it can be concluded that if the extract is not abused, the dosage is not exceeded, then it can be used and it will be effective, as it has a significant spectrum of therapeutic properties listed above.

Other doctors, on the contrary, tend to believe that the extract is completely useless, except for the placebo effect (dummy). The chemical composition of the wax moth has not been thoroughly studied, and there is no scientific evidence for the therapeutic effect of this drug, respectively, it should be approached with caution.

For many years of practice, some doctors have concluded that such an extract helps someone, and does not have a therapeutic effect on others.

Whether the wax moth larva extract has contraindications to the use described above. They need to be considered. One of the qualities of the extract prepared from the wax moth is considered to be the absence of toxicity, as well as sufficient efficacy. In this connection, its use can be justified only after prior consultation with a specialist and after assessing the patient's condition.

Medicinal properties and chemical composition

Products derived from the larvae of the wax moth are rich in biologically active compounds, which is associated with the diet of insects, including various beekeeping products. The extract includes enzymes through which the larvae assimilate wax and its derivatives - cerrase and lipase, as well as a list of vital trace elements (cobalt, zinc, potassium, chromium, iron, selenium, phosphorus, molybdenum, magnesium, copper, manganese), essential and replaceable amino acids (including asparginic, glutamine, proline).

The extract is characterized by the presence of the following medicinal properties:

  • anabolic
  • protective,
  • antibacterial,
  • antiviral,
  • healing
  • stimulating
  • anti-inflammatory,
  • bronchodilator
  • cardioprotective
  • absorbable
  • tonic,
  • antioxidant,
  • hypocholesterolemic,
  • antiandrogenic,
  • immunoprotective
  • tuberculosis.

Indications for use of the product

Tincture of the wax moth larvae can cure various ailments:

  • various types and forms of tuberculosis (lymphatic, digestive, respiratory, musculoskeletal, urogenital systems, meninges, CNS),
  • diseases of the respiratory system (including pneumonia, pulmonary emphysema, bronchitis (chronic), pleurisy, catarrhal diseases, asthma),
  • pathologies of the circulatory system (arrhythmia, chronic coronary insufficiency, hemorrhoids, myocardial infarction, heart disease, thrombophlebitis, angina pectoris, ischemic disease, myocarditis, vegetative dystonia, iron deficiency anemia, atherosclerosis, tachycardia, hypertension)
  • manifestations of allergic reactions,
  • weak immune system, immunodeficiency states,
  • diseases of the digestive system, including liver (cholecystitis, peptic ulcer, colitis, hepatitis, pancreatitis, various forms of gastritis),
  • reproductive system pathologies (prostate adenoma, incompetent fetus, low potency and libido, toxicosis during pregnancy, low sperm motility, infertility, menopause)
  • the presence of depression, headaches,
  • oncological diseases.

Preparation of tincture (extract) based on wax moth larvae

To create a product you need insect larvae and 100 ml. 70% alcohol solution. To obtain a tincture of 10% concentration for a given volume of alcohol, 10 g of larvae are necessary, to prepare a 20% concentration — 20 g of animal raw materials, for a 25% concentration — 25 g of insects.

Wax moth cooked at home

It is possible to prepare the extract of the larvae in another way: 200 g (1 cup) of wax moth larvae are added to a container with vodka (1 l). The resulting composition is aged for 2 weeks under the condition of daily shaking, then filtered (animal feed should also be squeezed out). In the finished product, add 0.5 liters of water.

Important! For the treatment of tuberculosis caused by Koch's wand, only non-pupated caterpillars, the size of which does not exceed 1.0–1.5 cm, can be used as raw materials.

Methods of use and dosage

The wax moth tincture is recommended not only for treating a multitude of ailments, but also for the purpose of prophylaxis: the remedy is given on an empty stomach according to the calculation of 3 drops for every 10 kg of body weight once a day. Wash down the drug is allowed any liquid (up to 70 ml). A similar regimen is used for treatment, but the frequency of administration per day reaches 3 times.

The duration of therapy is 3 months, followed by a one-month break. For children (under the age of 14), the individual dosage is calculated on the basis of age: the number of drops is equal to the full year of the child. Duration of use - 3 weeks followed by a 3-week break. The minimum rate is 3 months without breaks.

  • Instructions for the use of wax moth in case of any type of tuberculosis:It is recommended to take 20% tincture of larvae three times a day on an empty stomach at a dose of 3–4 k. For every 10 kg of body weight, for a 10% solution, 5–8 k., for tincture — 6 to 10 k. Such treatment is as a preventive measure, all family members living with the patient should be implemented. For children under the age of 14, 10% extract is allowed to be consumed (2 k. For each year of life) or 20% (1 k. For each year). The use of tincture is not allowed. For the treatment of tuberculosis an extract of 20% concentration is recommended.because it is characterized by high compatibility with other drugs due to the lower content of alcohol in its composition.
  • In the presence of bronchitis appointed to 20 k., diluted in any liquid (30 ml) on an empty stomach twice a day. Children under the age of 14 are given 1 k. For every 12 kg of body weight of the child, diluted with a drink (30 ml) with the same dose rate. The duration of therapeutic therapy is up to 1.5 months.
  • Treatment of diseasessexual sphere provides for the use of the drug in a dose of 2 K. (for an extract of 20% concentration), 3–4 K. (for a 10% solution), up to 5 K. (for tincture of larvae). Note: data is calculated for 10 kg of body weight.
  • Instructions for use wax moth in the presence of pathologies of the circulatory system involves taking the drug in a dose of 5 - 8 k. for every 10 kg of body weight (for tincture), 4 - 6 k. (for 10% extract), 2 - 3 k. (for 10% solution concentration). Treatment of children is as follows: 2 K. For each year of life for a 10% extract, 1 K. For 20%, the use of tincture is not allowed.
  • During rehabilitation, the next after stroke or heart attack, the drug from the larvae of the wax moth is prescribed according to the scheme: 5–9 k. for every 10 kg of body weight for tincture, 4–8 k. - for 10% extract, 2–4 k. - for extract prepared in concentration 20%. With the forced use of other medicines, the use of a 20% solution is recommended.
  • In the presence of diseases of the respiratory system for adults, the drug is taken

Wax moth for the heart

in the form of tincture (4–7 k. for every 10 kg of body weight), 10% solution (3–5 k.) or 20% extract (1–3 k.). Children are shown taking a solution of 10% concentration (for each year of life 2 k.) Or 20% (1 k. For each year of life), the use of tincture is not recommended.

  • In case of andrological or gynecological diseases individual dosages are as follows: 4–7 k. for every 10 kg of body weight (for tincture), 3–6 k. (for a 10% solution) or 2–3 k. (for a 20% extract).
  • To restore the functions of the immune system during the postoperative period, the agent based on the larvae of the wax moth should be taken in 4–5 k. for every 10 kg of body weight of the tincture, 3–4 k. of the extract of 10% concentration or 1–2 k. of the 20% solution. For children under the age of 14, a 10% extract is prescribed for 2 k. For each year of life, 20% for 1 year. For each year, the use of tincture is not allowed.
  • Oncology treatment provides for the use of tincture of 6 - 11 K. For every 10 kg of body weight, 10% extract - 5 - 10 K. Or 20% - on 2 - 5 K. Children under the age of 14 years, it is recommended to use 20 % extract (1 K. for each year of life) or 10% (2 K. for each year), the use of tincture is not recommended. In the case of the implementation of complex therapy, which includes a list of other drugs, 20% solution is recommended for use.
  • Contraindications

    Tincture (extract) of the larvae of the wax moth is forbidden to take in the following cases:

    • pregnancy,
    • lactation period
    • young children (reception is possible if there are certain indications and after a preliminary full-time medical consultation),
    • individual intolerance of the product, its components.

    Important! Compliance with these dosages does not exclude the possibility of the development of allergic manifestations.

    Wax moth tincture as a treatment

    Initially, the wax moth tincture was intended for the treatment of tuberculosis. There have even been attempts to scientifically explain its effectiveness - ostensibly, that same enzyme called cerrase, which breaks down fats and allows larvae to feed on wax, also safely cleaves the lipid membranes of Koch sticks and leads to the death of the causative agent of tuberculosis.

    Even despite the fact that the enzyme “cerrase” is absent in nature (there is no scientific evidence of its existence), there are questions about its penetration into the lungs themselves and the selective effect on Koch’s wand. Why, for example, the enzyme does not destroy the phospholipid walls of other cells as effectively: for example, cells of Escherichia coli, brain cells or heart, finally.

    However, soon after the success of the funds in patients, the wax mole began to be used not only for the treatment of tuberculosis, but also to combat diseases not associated with bacterial infections. For example, with the tool carried out:

    • cancer treatment
    • varicose vein treatment
    • treatment of prostatitis
    • treatment of atherosclerosis
    • fighting nervous breakdowns
    • treatment of impotence and infertility in men

    …and many many others.

    Obviously, one remedy cannot effectively treat such diverse diseases - traditional healers simply exploit the well-known name of the drug and faith in it. At the same time, the patients themselves willingly check the healing properties of the wax moth on themselves and their relatives, which creates room for the charlatans' actions.

    No certified doctor or licensed clinic prescribes a wax moth tincture even as a supportive or prophylactic agent.

    It is useful to make a conclusion for yourself: treatment with wax moth larvae is possible only as an additional measure to the main treatment. To refuse treatment by recognized methods in favor of the wax moth tincture, especially in the fight against such serious diseases as oncology and tuberculosis, is impossible.

    But even when deciding on the use of an agent, it is necessary to consult a doctor who is ready to take responsibility for the result of using the agent.

    “I never knew what it is and what wax moth cures. Her son was treated for tuberculosis, as it turned out, but I was prescribed for varicose veins on my legs. In parallel - leeches three times a month and warming up with mustard plasters. It is very tiring. I do the second month, there is no living place on my legs. But something should work out. ”

    Indications and method of use tincture

    There are some theoretical prerequisites to say that treatment with a wax moth tincture may be indicated in the following cases:

    • with atherosclerosis
    • in diseases of the cardiovascular system
    • with low blood pressure.

    It is the substances useful in these diseases that were reliably found in the composition of the larvae themselves. All other testimonies are solely an initiative of folk healers:

    • tuberculosis
    • bronchitis
    • migraine
    • impotence
    • premature ejaculation
    • phlebeurysm
    • thrombophlebitis
    • nervous system disorders
    • allergy
    • premenstrual syndrome
    • coronary heart disease.

    Particularly doubtful is the treatment of the wax moth of varicose veins - neither the larvae nor the alcohol in the tincture has any relation to the varicose veins.

    You must also be sure that the tincture will not cause an allergic reaction when applied, which is typical of many bee products.

    Judging by the reviews in the network, the folk healers prescribe medicine from the larvae of the wax moth even with viral infections - the flu or polio.Following these recommendations can be dangerous, since the tincture will not affect the virus itself, and without proper treatment, the clinical condition may worsen.

    The dosage in the treatment of wax moth extract is usually prescribed depending on the strength of the tincture itself. 25% of the tincture drink 6-8 drops three times a day, diluting them with any amount of water. 10% of the remedy consumed 10-15 drops three times a day. From the specifics of the disease itself, the dosage usually does not change.

    “In the treatment of tuberculosis, the wax moth has no equal. I cured myself and advise everyone. I had tuberculosis in both lungs in the upper lobes. I could not breathe or move normally. Medicines prescribed so much that simply did not have the money to buy them. Two months drank a wax mole without a single pill, on a roentgen showed that there was a small lesion in the upper lobe of the right lung. This tool really works, a few more months, and I will be a healthy person. "

    Tincture of wax moth do-it-yourself: recipes and cooking rules

    The wax moth tincture is usually made by beekeepers themselves or by private beekeeping companies. They also usually can directly buy a wax moth for treatment.

    For the preparation of the wax moth tincture, sufficiently large larvae of the penultimate age are used. The age of the larvae has almost no effect on the healing properties of the tincture (you cannot use only the most adult larvae that have stopped feeding and are ready for pupation), but the larger each individual larva, the less they will be needed to prepare the medicine.

    Wax moth larvae are simply filled with alcohol (sometimes vodka) in a mass ratio of 1:10 for 10% tincture or 1: 4 for 25% tincture. The tincture vessel is tightly and hermetically sealed and placed for 2-3 months in a dark cool room for infusion.

    Possible side effects and contraindications

    To date, it is not known about side effects in the treatment of large wax moths. Healers usually warn patients that during the reception sometimes allergic reactions can occur and health can worsen. In these cases, the intake of tincture should be discontinued.

    “Even when I was tormented by my heart, I learned that tincture of a wax moth was healing. It turned out that it is good for preventing heart attack and stroke. I tried to drink it, drank three bottles according to the instructions, but did not feel the special result. Although pains began to occur less frequently, health did not improve. ”

    Unambiguous contraindications to the use of wax moth tinctures are pregnancy, breastfeeding and children up to 14 years. Also, you can not use tincture of people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

    Manufacturers of tinctures and prices for it

    No pharmaceutical company produces tincture or wax moth extract. All products on sale are exclusively private production, only a few are produced by private companies without registration and obtaining a license.

    You can buy tincture of wax moth either from the hands of the manufacturer or through the Internet in specialized online stores. Moreover, with online purchase, the tool can be delivered to almost any country in the world (which affects the cost of delivery). If it is necessary to pay in advance, it is worth buying the product only from sellers with good reviews. This will help avoid cheating.

    The price of a 100-ml bottle of 25% tincture is about 700-800 rubles, and 10% tincture is about 350-400 rubles.

    In general, we can say that the tincture of the wax moth is one of those means that you can try for the sake of interest, but you can’t pin all your hopes on it in any way. After all, there is a risk to miss the moment for the really necessary treatment, when even effective means will be applied too late ...

    The composition of tinctures

    This drink is prepared on vodka or alcohol. Mole wax extract is 10, 20 or 30%. The medicine can be prepared by yourself or purchased at a pharmacy.

    Allocation from the main component of the tool is allowed:

    • proteins,
    • peptides
    • acetylcholine,
    • serotonin
    • free amino acids
    • mono and diasaccharides,
    • low molecular stimulating factors and aromatic compounds,
    • carbohydrate
    • fatty acids.

    These substances contribute to the acceleration of metabolism, energy exchange, protection of the heart, regulation of lipid metabolism.

    Treatment with wax moth extract

    To ensure the most effective action to drink tincture is required 30 minutes before a meal or an hour after a meal. To exclude insomnia, you should not carry out treatment shortly before bedtime.

    Dosage means calculated based on the weight of the person. The ratio is 3 drops of a 10% solution per 10 kilogram. To cure the disease, the daily rate is divided into 2 steps.

    For prophylactic purposes, it is recommended to take the infusion once.

    The tool is allowed to breed tea, juice and water. The total volume should not exceed 30 ml. If a person has not previously been treated with an extract, it will be correct to introduce a new substance into the body according to a certain scheme.

    The first day is required to take a quarter of the dose. On the following day it is allowed to double the rate. The third time is taken ¾ of the required amount of infusion. And provided there is no negative effects on the body, starting from the next day, you can start a full treatment.

    The course of therapy is usually set for a period of three months. After that, a break is required, then the medication can be repeated with the permission of the doctor.

    When purchasing funds in a pharmacy, you need to pay attention to the availability of instructions. Dosage and treatment depends on the ratio of the active substance with alcohol in the infusion. Therefore, ignorance of the characteristics of the product can reduce its healing properties.

    Contraindications when using the drug

    The tool has a minimum set of restrictions to use. One of the main obstacles is considered an allergy to bee products. The use of wax moth extract is undesirable for hepatitis, gastric and esophageal ulcers.

    Contraindications to the use of medicinal infusions apply to women during pregnancy and lactation.

    It is forbidden to give a remedy to children under 12 years old.

    Wax moth tincture: indications and contraindications

    Extract has excellent antibacterial and antioxidant propertiesgenerally based on the substance of the drug have a tonic effect on the bodyas a result of its application immunity is enhanced, physical and mental abilities are activated the patient.

    Wax moth is widely used in the treatment of various diseases, including:

    • respiratory diseases, under the influence of a substance improves the drainage properties of the bronchi,
    • epidemics flu,
    • phlebeurysm,
    • problems with the cardiovascular system, myocardial infarction - as a result of the smoothing of scars, the resumption of the functioning of cardiomyocytes accelerates,
    • prevention of ischemic disease,
    • pathologies associated with metabolic disorders,
    • diabetes - the substance helps to stabilize blood sugar levels,
    • diseases of the reproductive system - high efficacy observed in the treatment of prostate adenoma.

    Substance also possesses psychotropic propertiesIts use improves mood and memory.

    Preparations based on wax moth extract are recommended for the treatment of children, they help reduce temperature and normalize blood characteristics, help fight cough.

    Tincture based on the larvae used in gynecology, as well as in the treatment of skin diseases, diseases of the liver, pancreas and many other diseases. Tincture inhibits the aging process, gerontologists recommend it to take to improve the skin, the tool is considered an excellent prevention of senile diseases.

    Contraindications minimized, direct contraindications to preparations based on the extract are considered ulcers of the stomach and esophagus. From treatment it is recommended to refuse during pregnancy, in late periods it is allowed to use the solution to eliminate toxemia. Contraindications can also be attributed hepatitis, allergies.

    The elements in the composition of the substance affect endurance, help accelerate the growth of muscle mass, its use activates the production of hemoglobin and the rate of calcium absorption. The preparations based on it are indispensable for the recovery of athletes after injury or surgery.

    According to the study, the medical drug is an excellent alternative to anabolic health hazardsadversely affecting the central nervous system. It can be used not only to build muscle, but also to remove the body from the state in which it comes under the influence of steroids.


    Tuberculosis is considered to be one of the common causes of death among the adult population compared with other infectious diseases. The reason for the relevance of this disease is the adaptation of the tubercle bacillus to antibiotics.

    Wax moth extract enzymes able to break Koch's waxy stick membrane, after which antibiotic therapy shows higher efficacy.

    In addition, the substance has a stimulating effect, extract promotes the growth and development of healthy cells.

    No cure for cancer has yet been found, but the use of a wax moth extract can greatly facilitate the course of diseases. Its application helps to eliminate pain, and reducing side effects from taking antibiotics.

    Components of the substance have a strong anti-inflammatory and antitumor effects. Taking the drug in lung cancer is accompanied by the restoration of lung cells, metabolic processes in the body are enhanced, and the rate of malignant growth decreases.

    With intestinal cancers, pain syndrome is reduced, immunity is strengthened, general well-being improves.

    Pharmaceutical tinctures

    Pharmacies sell a large number of tinctures based on wax moth extract, the main difference is concentration (10, 20, 25%).

    In its manufacture, a method of cold extraction of larvae of the wax mole on ethanol is used, the resulting solution is drawn in a darkened place at 20 degrees.

    The technique allows you to save the maximum amount of useful substances, low temperature contributes to the preservation of unstable biological elements.

    Wax moth tincture: instructions for use

    Treatment requires adherence to certain rules the drug is recommended to take half an hour before or one hour after meals. This method provides the best absorption of the substance. Dosage depends on weight, for every 10 kg of weight you need to take 3 drops of medicine.

    In the treatment of diseases, it is recommended to divide the dose in half, if the extract is used for prophylactic purposes, a single dose is allowed. The tincture is allowed to be diluted with a small amount (up to 30 ml) of water, juice, tea.

    Drops It is recommended not to swallow right away, but holding them for a short time in the mouth, or, even better, under the tongue. The extract has a slight tonic effect, therefore take it before bed is not recommended.

    How to take tincture? If the body is not familiar with the drug, treatment is carried out according to a certain scheme:

    • first day - 1/4 in the morning,
    • second day - 1/2 dose,
    • third day - 3/4 dose.

    If at all stages there are no discomfort, intolerance, you can proceed to receive a full dose. A few days later, the drug can be taken twice a day.

    The average duration of therapy is three months., because the body first accumulates nutrients, and only after that their potential is used.

    Some manufacturers do not give instructions for use, which is not very good, since the dosage also depends on the concentration of the solution. When buying this fact should pay special attention.

    Bee moth tincture, how to cook with your own hands?

    Officially, the tincture of the wax moth is not carried out by pharmaceutical companies, since it is believed to have a placebo effect.

    You can prepare the tincture yourself, for this large caterpillars of penultimate age will be needed. At the same time, the last factor does not play a large role; only adults, individuals ready for pupation, are not suitable for these purposes.

    When using large larvae, their number is reduced accordingly. Recipe:

    1. Selected the larvae pour alcohol / vodka in a ratio of 1:10 or 1: 4In the first case, a 10% concentration will be obtained, in the second - a 25% concentration.
    2. Hermetically sealed container with a solution necessary put in a darkened cool room for 12 daysshaking daily.
    3. Daily dosage is 1/2 tsp. 45 min. before meals in the morning and in the evening.
    4. The course involves a gradual increase to 1 tbsp. 3 times a day.
    5. With no effect between courses it is recommended to take a break of 2 weeks.

    Other forms of release

    Substance may be part of the capsuleswhich are used to treat many diseases, during such therapy it is not recommended to eat alcohol and foods with preservatives. The standard dosage is 1 capsule daily with meals 2 times a day.

    For external use, you must mix 2 tsp. extract with 33% solution of Dimexidum.

    It is recommended to apply a napkin moistened in the mixture for 2 hours on the affected area, in case of increased sensitivity a mixture diluted with water is used.

    If symptoms of irritation occur, the compress should be removed immediately, and the preparation should be washed off. The substance can also be used for external use. make an ointment from the extract.

    The effectiveness of the wax moth extract is widely known, its production is mainly engaged in beekeepers. The tool helps in the treatment of a large number of diseases, including oncology, tuberculosis, diabetes, infertility, varicose veins and many others.

    Tincture can be purchased at a pharmacy or prepared by yourself, it has practically no contraindications and side effects. The wax moth extract is used for external use, the substance is also part of the capsules, which are prescribed in the treatment of various diseases, it is also prepared from the ointment.

    So, we talked about the healing properties of the wax moth: tincture, prescription, treatment. They answered the questions: what is wax moth and how is it useful? How to make tincture with your own hands? How to take it?

    Short description

    The larvae of the wax moth are very voracious. They eat everything. Initially, the mole eats honey, but when it becomes small, the caterpillar switches to perga and wax, and may even harm the bee larvae. Moreover, when the adult caterpillars of the wax moth have absolutely nothing to eat, they can begin to feed on their relatives, but only the weaker and younger.

    The big problem is not only the absence of normal bee products, that is, honey, in the apiary, but also in the possible death of bees. The thing is that the larvae in the process of their life envelop the cell with threads. This cobweb blocks access for adult bees to their offspring. As a result, without proper care, the new generation of insects does not survive.

    The larvae of the wax moth are very voracious. They eat everything

    But, despite all the negative aspects of infecting the apiary with the wax moth, this situation still has one plus. It is the ability to manufacture medicines. Bee moth is used to prepare tinctures and extracts, for example, Melonell in tablets or capsules. In folk medicine, it is believed that this is a panacea for many diseases. Moreover, most people who have already tried out the effect of this drug on themselves, note its high effectiveness. The use of wax moths in the treatment of tuberculosis is carried out very often and has received many positive reviews.

    Features of therapy

    In order to obtain a positive effect on health, you need to use a special liquid, which is prepared from the larvae. Adults with wings to create a drug are not suitable. Beekeepers claim that making a wax moth tincture is very simple. But for this you need to have in stock certain tracks. The therapeutic effect is achieved only if the preparation of the tincture used sedentary larvae of a light yellow color, which differ in small size and excellent appetite.

    It is not known when exactly the recipe for the wax moth tincture was invented. However, such an unusual way to get at least some benefit from the opposite pest is considered by many to be an excellent solution. As for professional doctors, their opinion on the wax moth does not differ from the opinion of other drugs of traditional medicine. Most say that the tincture is only a placebo and will refuse a positive effect only against the background of self-hypnosis.

    В действительности верить в то, что препарат из восковой моли является панацеей от многих серьезных заболеваний, в том числе и от туберкулеза, будет не слишком правильно. However, the use of tincture for prevention or as one of the components of complex treatment is quite realistic.

    Some patients do notice that after taking the healing liquid, it becomes much better. A large number of scientists tried to find out the cause of the improvement and studied the larvae themselves and preparations from them. As a result, it became known that white caterpillars that feed on bee products contain a certain amount of substances that favorably affect the endocrine and cardiovascular systems. But in the scientific works it is indicated that the elements necessary for the treatment of diseases are much less than can be found in plants or natural honey. Given that the properties of the larvae are much inferior to other possible components, professional doctors consider it wrong to use them for the treatment of diseases.

    Those people who are accustomed to being treated exclusively by folk methods and herbal preparations, for example, using honey or any other means, highly appreciate the wax moth tincture. But the professionals still strongly recommend not to abandon the traditional drugs for serious diseases. Bee moth preparations can be used only in combination with other substances that must be prescribed by a doctor on the basis of a diagnosis.

    For most people who have ever heard of the wax moth, this small butterfly is familiar from the tincture used to fight tuberculosis. In fact, traditional healers believe that the tool helps to cope not only with this disease. But whatever disease a person touches, he should remember that traditional methods help only in combination with traditional medicine preparations. In this case, a positive effect can be achieved only if you apply the right tools as prescribed by your doctor.

    For most people who have ever heard of a wax moth, this small butterfly is familiar from the tincture used to fight tuberculosis.

    The healing component of the tincture

    Specialists who prepare wax moth preparations are aware that only larvae go into action. From adults there is no benefit to the body.

    It is important to be able to distinguish moth caterpillars from other species. Adults are a gray butterfly, the wingspan of which reaches 3.5 cm. That is, the large wax moth significantly exceeds in size all its other relatives, including the home wardrobe butterfly. The color of these insects is gray-brown, so they are easily masked on wood.

    In fact, the concept of "bee moth" includes several species of butterflies. But the people call it the very pests that lay off the larvae that eat honey and honeycombs. Such caterpillars and should be used for the preparation of medicinal tinctures.

    Reproduction wax moth occurs very quickly. Within a day after the emergence from the cocoon of an adult individual, she can lay eggs. As a rule, for this the female finds a hive, where there is a lot of food. Adult butterflies do not eat moths, so they live a little. In order to fulfill their main purpose, they have no more than a week.

    White larvae appear from the eggs rather quickly. They grow up to 2 cm. Honey and wax serve as food for them. If food is scarce, caterpillars can eat everything around, even their relatives. Given the rapid reproduction of the wax moth, it is considered the main pest in beekeeping.

    Specialists who prepare wax moth preparations are aware that only larvae go into action.

    Purpose and benefits of the drug

    Considering how many problems this pest brings to the apiary, beekeepers began to derive at least some benefit from the presence of caterpillars in the hives. We are talking about making tincture, which has proven itself well among connoisseurs of traditional medicine. Nowadays, preparations based on the bee moth are expensive, therefore, it is very profitable to make and sell such products.

    Tincture and elixir from the wax moth is in considerable demand. Traditional healers say that the benefits of this drug is a special component, which is called cerrazoy. It is an enzyme that is produced by moth for the digestion of wax. This element is not recognized in the scientific world, since it was never possible to find evidence of its existence, but cerrase is highly valued in alternative medicine. It is believed that this substance quickly penetrates into any tissue and destroys all pathogens, viruses and bacteria. For example, if a person has tuberculosis, the cirrhosis must penetrate the tissues of the body and destroy the Koch's wand.

    But here professional medical people have a lot of questions to the drug. For example, scientists do not understand why an enzyme that cannot be isolated from laboratory tests penetrates so easily into the lungs and other organs, and also has a selective effect only on bad bacteria. Professional doctors believe that in this way the mythical cirrhosis could kill brain cells and lung tissue, and adversely affect the work of the heart.

    But, despite the skepticism about the wax moth of scientists, the results are still there. Quite a few people talk about their cure history of dangerous diseases with the help of preparations based on bee moths.

    Experts in the field of traditional medicine recommend tincture for such diseases as atherosclerosis, varicose veins, prostatitis, impotence and oncological diseases. In addition, many people point out that medication acts well on the nervous system and relieves stress. It is believed that this tool successfully treats women's and men's diseases, and also gives a chance for the continuation of the species even to those who are diagnosed with infertility.

    The healing properties of the wax moth are numerous, which are used by dishonest sellers, who offer a tincture or elixir for huge money, assuring buyers that this is a panacea for deadly diseases, including cancer. In the meantime, a person spends time on the use of tinctures, his disease progresses.

    Therefore, the use of drugs from bee moth or any other means of traditional medicine will be appropriate only in combination with traditional medicine medicines prescribed by a doctor. Use tincture of wax moth in this case, you can. It will not be worse.

    What is wax moth

    The main food of insects - bee products - perga, honey, pollen. They feed on wax, royal jelly, and wax. Motylitsa, shashel, ogniyonka - wax moth has such names. The only harm a butterfly does is lay eggs in a hive. The greatest damage is caused by the wax moth larvae, which:

    • eat honey
    • they entangle the honeycomb with cobwebs, preventing the bees from caring for offspring,
    • cause the death of brood,
    • having accumulated useful substances, in a month they turn into pupae,
    • moths that do not require food come out of them - there are enough reserves for their existence.

    Official medicine does not recognize that the wax moth is a healing agent. No pharmaceutical company is engaged in the production of drugs containing larvae that have high biological activity. Positive results from the treatment of many ailments homemade means have folk healers, beekeepers.

    Medical science is engaged in research of the healing factor, starting with I. Mechnikov. The benefits of this insect can be read in the works of S. Mukhin. Scientists of academic institutions in Russia and Germany, consider the effect of inflammation on the body and note positive results:

    • to restore damaged tissue
    • to improve the condition of patients with tuberculosis.

    Healing properties

    For the preparation of drugs using larvae of bee sting that contain unique enzymes, trace elements, amino acids. The wax moth extract has antioxidant, antiviral, antiparasitic, antibacterial properties. Its use in traditional medicine:

    • improves sleep
    • lowers blood cholesterol and sugar
    • normalizes metabolism
    • increases hemoglobin level
    • accelerates recovery after strokes,
    • removes toxins, heavy metal salts,
    • improves performance
    • activates tissue regeneration.

    The bee moth in traditional medicine, incorporating the benefits of honey and its derivatives, helps:

    • stop the development of atherosclerosis,
    • dissolve scars, spikes,
    • improve the condition during menopause,
    • increase the body's defenses
    • cope with impotence
    • restore the state of the nervous system
    • increase endurance
    • to cope with infections, parasites,
    • increase blood circulation
    • strengthen the general condition
    • stop the deposition of fat in the liver,
    • relieve stress
    • speed recovery from illness
    • improve mental, physical abilities.

    Treatment with moth wax

    Traditional healers believe that along with the larvae, waste products of the wax caterpillars have healing properties. The excreta contains substances with increased biological activity, since they undergo an additional fermentation process. Beekeepers make special hives for the breeding of moths, where the wax materials are laid. Beehive extracts help:

    • eliminate the side effects of taking antibiotics,
    • reduce pain, accompanying diseases,
    • improve immunity.

    Alcohol tincture of bee moth contributes to:

    • relieve cancer patients
    • improvement of drainage in respiratory diseases,
    • restoration of the pancreas,
    • cure diseases of the reproductive system
    • eliminating fever, cold cough,
    • improve memory, mood,
    • normalization of metabolic processes,
    • healing of the skin,
    • fertility treatment,
    • inhibition of the aging process of the body,
    • prevention of pathologies inherent in older age.

    Cardiovascular diseases

    Tincture of the wax moth larvae is used to treat and prevent cardiosclerosis, coronary insufficiency, angina pectoris. The active ingredients in the composition help the resorption of scars, which speeds recovery from a heart attack. Using the drug in a three-month course contributes to:

    • reduce the frequency of attacks,
    • recovery of intraventricular conduction,
    • normalization of coronary microcirculation,
    • heart rate,
    • lower blood pressure
    • functional stability of the heart,
    • prevention of blood clots.


    The use of alcoholic extracts of wax moth improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs. The drug stimulates metabolic processes, increases the level of hemoglobin. Treatment should be carried out under the supervision of a physician, especially during pregnancy. In gynecology, it helps:

    • relief of menopause symptoms
    • endometrial structure restoration,
    • miscarriage prevention,
    • elimination of placental insufficiency,
    • normalization of the psyche
    • increased immune activity
    • treatment of anemia.


    Traditional healers recommend for the restoration of male health preparations based on the larvae of wax moth. The extract contains enzymes, amino acids, which help maintain the functions of the body even in old age. Tinctures, extracts contribute to:

    • curing prostate adenoma,
    • increase sperm motility,
    • achieving erection
    • increased testosterone production
    • maintaining potency
    • reduce the risk of infertility.

    Rehabilitation period

    The complex of biologically active components, which contains a wax moth, helps to restore the body after a serious illness. This happens due to the presence in the composition of substances that accelerate tissue regeneration, restoration of metabolic processes that stop scarring. Medicines help to reduce the period of rehabilitation. Tincture helps:

    • quick recovery after surgery,
    • healing of purulent wounds,
    • treatment of inflammatory processes
    • bone regeneration,
    • supply the body with energy.

    Outdoor use

    Healers recommend the use of tincture of larvae on alcohol for the treatment of skin diseases. Antiseptic, regenerating, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of the composition facilitate rapid recovery. When applied topically to the drug add Dimexidum 33%. Compresses with a mixture are used to treat:

    • furunculosis,
    • herpetic eruptions
    • thrombophlebitis,
    • wounds
    • psoriasis,
    • bedsores,
    • neuritis
    • myalgia
    • arthrosis,
    • osteochondrosis,
    • trophic ulcers.

    Wax moth preparations

    Means containing wax wax moths are difficult to find in pharmacies - they are not produced by pharmaceutical concerns. The manufacture of products involved in beekeeping, firms that produce natural phytoproducts. You can purchase in specialized departments of companies, online stores, from beekeepers:

    • moth larvae extracts,
    • alcohol tinctures,
    • medical ointments,
    • skin creams,
    • means in capsules, tablets.

    The drug contains unique enzymes, amino acids and trace elements that help to cope with diseases. The tincture produced in the industrial way is used for internal use. Healing remedy:

    • "Gallery Milonella"
    • contains glutamic, aspartic acid, lysine, serine, glycine, valine,
    • indicated for the treatment of cardiovascular problems, tuberculosis, hypertension, arrhythmias, recovery after surgery,
    • price - 360 p. per bottle of 100 ml.

    The drug belongs to the natural immunomodulators. Alcohol extract of bee moth has antiviral, antibacterial properties. The tool helps to recuperate after a heavy load, diseases. Effective composition:

    • "Bee sting"
    • contains amino acids, peptides that increase the level of energy in the body,
    • promotes recovery from asthma, respiratory diseases, allergies, reduces cholesterol, blood sugar, normalizes blood pressure,
    • price - 250 p. for 50 ml of solution.

    Tablets and granules

    The drug in this form is intended for oral administration. The drug is used to treat pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, urogenital system. Effective remedy in capsules:

    • "Melonapis",
    • It consists of bee cell, containing chitosan, drone milk, bee pollen, poison, honey,
    • treats pancreas, thyroid gland, liver, joints, impotence, eliminates inflammatory processes, impaired blood formation,
    • consumed twice a day during the meal,
    • price - 410 p. for 50 capsules.

    Ointments and creams

    Preparations for external use help treat skin diseases, burns, quickly regenerate tissue after injury. Extract from the larvae eliminates scars, helps to monitor the skin of the face. Herbal cream:

    • "The fire with propolis."
    • Ingredients - bee moth extract, propolis, wax, olive oil. Added extract of sage, St. John's wort, horse chestnut, almond.
    • It helps nutrition, quick recovery of the skin, healing of wounds, treatment of acne. It has a rejuvenating effect, relieves itching, irritation.
    • Price - for 40 grams 450 rubles.

    Instructions for use wax moth

    Not all manufacturers apply a description to the drugs. When treatment is necessary to adhere to certain rules. To determine the response to the drug:

    • you should take a quarter of the dose and watch the condition during the day,
    • in the absence of negative reactions - edema, itching, irritation of the mucous membranes to continue treatment,
    • on the second day, use half the dosage, on the third - 3/4,
    • then, in the absence of side effects, use 2 times a day.

    Taking the drug orally requires its own approach. It is necessary to calculate the dosage correctly in order not to get complications. It is advisable to consider:

    • take the tincture half an hour before meals or one hour after,
    • dosage - 3 drops per 10 kg of body weight,
    • for prophylaxis - a single dose, for treatment - twice a day,
    • tincture diluted with water, milk - 30 ml,
    • it is not recommended to drink before bedtime because of the tonic effect,
    • treatment course is 3 months.

    The method of use of drugs for local use depends on the task to be solved. Creams and ointments are used in different ways - in accordance with the disease. Funds in this form:

    • for cosmetic purposes, apply a thin layer in the morning and one hour before bedtime, removing the excess with a paper napkin,
    • for the treatment of burns, wounds, frostbite, hemorrhoids, boils, make an application for an hour,
    • with a cold, rubbed into the chest, back until absorbed,
    • for pain in the joints applied to the affected area for half an hour.

    How to make wax moth extract

    In order to make an alcohol tincture yourself, it is necessary to purchase moth caterpillars from beekeepers. It is important that the larvae do not have time to pupate. To prepare you need:

    • take a dark glass jar
    • put in her half a glass of larvae,
    • pour 50 ml of alcohol with a concentration of 70% - the caterpillars should be immersed in liquid,
    • close the lid
    • put in a dark place for 10 days,
    • strain,
    • the finished composition can be stored in the dark for up to three years.

    My husband was diagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis. An old, experienced doctor advised to look for a curative drug from the larvae of the beekeeper moth. Нашли лекарство на рынке, муж пил настойку три месяца.His condition improved markedly, coughing, insomnia disappeared, his mood improved. The results of the treatment confirmed the X-rays.

    I remember in my childhood at my grandmother in the apiary there was a bank with liquid, at the bottom of which larvae swam. As soon as I tore off my knee or get hurt, she made a compress with this medicine. Everything healed quickly, stopped hurting. Now I manage this apiary and I also make a tincture, an ointment for treating my loved ones.

    Alexandra, 32 years old

    I am engaged in tourism, were with friends on a hiking trip in Bashkiria. We walked past the apiary, met its energetic owner. They were very surprised when they learned that he was 90 years old - it looks no more than fifty. It turned out that he took an alcoholic extract of the bee moth all his life; he lubricated his joints with ointment.

    A course of treatment

    This remedy is not a medicine, however, it can cause some negative reactions from vital systems, including the respiratory and digestive systems. Therefore, first you need to make sure that the person is not allergic to the components of the wax moth preparation. It is worth remembering that this tool is related to bee products, and they are strong irritants.

    If there are no side effects after using a small dose of the drug, it may be used further. The dosage may vary, since the release form means are different. Most often, experts in the field of traditional medicine recommend 6 drops of 25% liquid three times a day. If a tincture of 10% is used for treatment, then the number of drops can be increased to 15.

    In most cases, folk healers try to schedule a three-week course. That is how it is recommended to use the medicine in the period of acute illness. For prophylactic purposes, a course is prescribed for 3 months, but with a small dosage of the drug.

    Drug preparation

    Wax moth preparations are sold in specialized stores. However, if a person has the opportunity to get the larvae, it will be possible to prepare the tincture yourself. For this you need only a certain number of caterpillars and vodka.

    It is important to choose the right tracks. They should not be too big or small. The optimal length of each individual is 1.5 cm. As a rule, upon reaching this size the larva contains the maximum of useful substances. Experts in the field of traditional medicine believe that it is during this period that cerrase begins to be actively developed.

    Contraindications and side effects

    Although this drug is not a medicament, it may have contraindications and side effects. Like any bee products, wax moth tincture can cause severe allergic reactions. Therefore, before using the tool you need to make sure that there are no side effects. As a rule, except for allergies, people who are treated with a tin moth tincture do not bother.

    But the drug has contraindications. The tool can not be used to treat children under 14 years old, and it is also contraindicated for people who suffer from acute gastritis and chronic ulcers. The use of this product during pregnancy and lactation is unacceptable.

    Where to buy tincture of moth

    This tool is sold in specialized stores that sell traditional medicine. Both tincture and extract have healing properties. Due to the shape of the product, its cost changes, but the contents of the vials remain unchanged. Both species are prepared from alcohol and larvae.

    There are several main suppliers of similar products. They try to stand out bright labels. However, it is not the wrapping that plays an important role, but the content. When buying a tincture, you must make sure that there are tracks in the tank. Otherwise, the probability of acquiring a fake is high. The price of one bottle weighing 100 g reaches 1000 rubles, so it will be a shame to buy a jar of alcohol for such money.

    If there is an opportunity, it is better to prepare the tincture on your own or to purchase products only from verified sellers who have received many good reviews from buyers.

    How to prepare your own wax moth tincture?

    Large pharmaceutical companies do not specialize in the production of such a drug. Therefore, it is permissible to purchase it from beekeepers or private beekeeping companies without a prescription. If desired, you can make the infusion at home.

    For the preparation of a medicinal product, it is required to collect the moth larvae that are at the penultimate stage of development, but before the start of pupation. Their size does not affect the quality of the final product, but determines the number of insects for the base.

    This component is filled with alcohol or vodka.

    The ratio of elements depends on the desired concentration. For the production of 10% infusion, you need to mix the components in a ratio of 1:10, for 25% the balance will be 1: 4. The prepared mixture is required to close the lid and put in a dark and cool place for 2-3 months. After, the tincture is ready to eat.

    The shelf life of the product is 1-5 years. The duration of the use of useful properties for medicinal purposes depends on compliance with the rules of storage. To do this, pour the product into a glass container with a tight-fitting lid, and place it in a dark place where the temperature does not exceed 4 degrees.

    The wax moth tincture received an ambiguous assessment among physicians and patients. In some cases, therapy has not brought a significant improvement in health. According to other reviews, the tool helped get rid of the symptoms and causes of the existing disease.

    To avoid disappointment associated with ineffective treatment, it is necessary to clearly represent the goal. And correlate the direction of action of the active components of the infusion. Prior to the initiation of therapy, it is advisable to consult with your doctor to determine the correct use of the drug in a particular case.

    Let's sum up: tincture based on the larvae of the wax moth is considered an effective medicine in the elimination of a number of pathologies. This healer is especially actively offered by folk healers, whose testimony does not always correspond to the real possibilities of the drug.

    Therefore, you should not use it without an appointment with the attending physician.