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Arbor Eikres Broiler Description


Cross Arbor does not exist for long, and is one of the newest achievements of breeders. It is known that American, French and English breeders worked together on its creation. This is the case when, without the use of harmful transgenic technologies, mankind managed to create a truly giant bird with stunning growth rates.

According to its characteristics, this hybrid has surpassed other popular broiler chickens, so it has every chance of becoming a leader in the coming decade.

According to recent studies, the meat of these chickens is absolutely safe, and in terms of meat productivity, they even surpassed the traditional choice of farmers - the Ros 308 and Cobb-500 crosses. They attribute this bird to the category of meat, broiler hybrids.

Arbor Eikres broiler exterior and photos

Arbor Eikres is a large bird with strong bones. The comb has a leaf shape. The breasts are wider than those of similar breeds, which means that the output of dietary meat will be larger. The legs and neck are rather short, the muscles of the hips and legs are well developed. From this bird looks somewhat squat and fleshy.

Plumage white, dense to the touch. The skin is a bit yellowish. This is not connected with the choice of certain feed, but with the physiological characteristics of Arbor. Even if you completely remove from the diet of food with a yellow color, it will not have any effect on the skin color.

Another feature of the breed is heat-loving. Therefore, when the content is necessary to create the most comfortable microclimate for the birds. So, let's talk about the Arbor Aykres breed: description, care, difficulties in growing.

Breed advantages compared to similar

Aykresy - highly productive breed. With minimal feed intake, the bird quickly gains weight. For example, a monthly chicken weighs 2 kg. After just one week, its weight increases by 1 kg. The mass of an adult bird can reach 6 kg. The advantages of the breed are also: good taste of meat, as well as chickens pickyness to the growing conditions. This is a consequence of the processing of eggs when laying a special disinfecting solution.

Arbor Aykres broiler meat is low-calorie. It is considered to be dietary and hypoallergenic. It is ideal for children, the elderly, and allergies. At the same time, the meat contains all the necessary set of nutrients. The meat yield is about 71%.

Growing Requirements

If you want to have a healthy population of crosses, then follow these rules:

  • chickens need a proper and well-thought ration (see feed for broiler chickens),
  • warm indoor
  • immaculate content cleanliness.

With proper maintenance and care, you will provide yourself with healthy, tasty and low-calorie meat. In addition, Arbor - real destroyers of stereotypes. Their meat is softer and tastier than the notorious "rubber" legs.

How to organize the feeding and maintenance

Farmers who breed chickens know that they should be given a hard-boiled egg for day-old chicks. Thus, adaptation to the environment is faster. With broilers, the situation is fundamentally different. Attempting to give a boiled egg can cause diarrhea or even death. Therefore, in the first week of life chickens are fed dry millet. For drinking use pink solution of potassium permanganate.

With the age of weeks begins the transfer of young stock to basic feed. At the same time, Baytril (disinfectant) is added to the water. Vitamin supplement is also used - Triavit. Daily rate of feed for weekly chicken is 15 g. Be sure to have access to feed.

Arbor Aykres broiler chickens must be fed with special compound feeds.

Now about what you can not feed the broilers.

Here are the absolutely forbidden products:

  • spoiled dishes
  • boiled potatoes (it can be given only mixed with cereals),
  • bread (can lead to obstruction of the stomach),
  • fine sand (provokes clogging goiter).

Broiler chickens do not need to walk (weight gain is reduced from walking). You can keep the bird in special cages or self-built chicken coops. On 1 square meter of the chicken coop can comfortably accommodate 10 or more individuals. At the same time, care must be taken to ensure that the room is well ventilated.

The weight gain and quality of poultry meat depends on how high the quality of the feed is.

Owner's reviews about the breed

Maxim, 35 years old, Nizhny Tagil. I tried this year to start a broiler. Opted for the breed Arbor Aykres. Chickens are growing rapidly, scored about 55-60 days. Cute such five-kilogram "elephants". Feeding - standard feed.

Farmers have noted the rapid growth of Arbor Eicres broilers.

Elena, 48 years old, Kursk. I've been doing broilers for a long time, I like crosses the most. There are no special problems with feed and content, but with meat provided. The taste is excellent chicken. The whole family eats with pleasure.