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  • When to plant cucumbers in open ground in 2018 according to the lunar calendar
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Generally, the cultivation of cucumbers is not at all laborious, but there are some nuances that every vegetable gardener who has decided to plant this vegetable in his area simply needs to know. It is possible to plant cucumbers both in the greenhouse and in the open field, both by planting seedlings and simple sowing with seeds. Since cucumbers are not very well perceive the transplant, it is preferable to seed the seed culture immediately to a permanent place. In this case, it is more likely that all the seedlings will take root, and there will be no hassle with transplanting.

When to plant cucumbers in open ground with seeds in the Moscow region, in Siberia, in the Urals

Cucumber - a culture that is very demanding of heat, so planting it in open ground too early is impossible. Seeds germinate at a soil temperature of 15-17 degrees; planting material simply rots in cooler soil. Check whether the time of sowing, it's easy, just put a conventional thermometer to a depth of 10 centimeters of the soil and wait 15 minutes. As for the specific dates of planting cucumbers, it is impossible to answer with accuracy here, because everything depends on the weather. For example, in the suburbs it is usually possible to sow seeds in the mid-late May, but as far as the north of Siberia and the Urals is concerned, planting cucumbers in the open ground is not worth it in these regions, it’s better to choose the greenhouse method and grow crops better than seedlings ( that short, cool summer, which happens in these regions, will not allow plants to form normally, and the harvest can be forgotten altogether, since cucumbers stop growing at temperatures below 15 degrees Celsius).

Most gardeners prefer to plant many crops by signs. It is believed that the time of flowering of mountain ash is the best period of sowing seeds of cucumbers in open ground.

When to sow cucumber seeds in open ground on the lunar calendar

It is worth noting that when growing cucumber seedlings, seedlings should be planted in the open ground preferably also on the days listed above. The work carried out on these days will have a favorable effect on crop growth, crop yield and its quality.

In general, many gardeners when planting plants do not use the lunar calendar and at the same time annually collect the excellent harvest of certain crops. From this we can conclude that competent care is much more important than landing in accordance with similar calendars.

When to plant cucumbers to get a good harvest

In May, these are the days:

Cucumbers grow at night, like heat and moisture.

Gardeners often equip gardeners so that the fruits are grown in a vertical way. Be sure to tie cucumber loops to the supports. If they lie on the ground, they will rot. At the preparatory stage, go to the greenhouse and make the beds longitudinal. Let them be from 70 cm and more from each other. Even better when the distance between them is 1 m. This is for your convenience. So, you will be free to walk between them and harvest.

Planting cucumbers in open ground

In this video, excellent tips on growing cucumbers, taking into account the principles of natural farming. As a bonus, learn more about growing watermelons and melons:

Cucumber cultivation is used mainly on ridges. The uniform distribution of cucumber lashes allows the plants to make the most of the sunlight.

At the beginning of the growing season (before flowering) - moderate, at the rate of 3-6 liters per 1 m². Watering is carried out every 5-7 days.

Greetings to you, dear readers! Today I will talk about growing cucumbers in the open field. And even if you have been growing cucumbers for more than a dozen years, you may still find some kind of novelty in the treasury of gardening knowledge.

After the manure has been laid out on the beds, we fall asleep with a thin layer of soil. The trench will become smaller, but you should not level it with the edges. Then we water the grooves well. It is necessary to shed very abundantly, maybe even in a few tricks, since the moisture must be in the soil for a long time - this is necessary for the seeds or seedlings if you plant the seedlings.

How to plant seedlings

Among other vegetable crops, this green vegetable is far from uncommon. It is grown and eaten in many countries around the world. All year round, he does not leave the shelves of shops and markets.

And in June it is the 13th and 14th.

In the southern regions, cucumbers can be planted as early as April and will be good days -

When to plant seedlings of cucumbers in open ground?

One of the best neighbors for cucumbers can be called corn. It is planted on the north side, preferably in 2 or even 3 rows in a checkerboard pattern. Throw also on the garden several seeds of radish, coriander and forget about them (let them grow, bloom and attract insect pollinators). Around the garden, besides the northern side, sow a cosme (this flower is also called cosmos. You could hear such a name from other gardeners and flower growers). These flowers not only lure beneficial insects, but also give a very light sparse shadow and can even serve as a support for cucumbers.

However, with this method of growing plants require very careful care: it is not recommended to disturb the stems of plants. Changing the position of the stems leads to a violation of the orientation of the leaf blades in space, the restoration of which takes time, which delays the fruiting.

How to plant cucumbers in open ground, when it is better to do

In the period of flowering and fruiting - abundant, at the rate of 6-12 liters per 1 m². Watering is carried out every 2-3 days.

Growing cucumbers is not an extra challenge, however this culture has its own requirements. For example, cucumber loves light and moisture, and in relation to heat is one of the most thermophilic cultures.

Then, the cucumber seeds should be spread in a spilled trench. Spread one seed at a sufficiently large distance from each other - 25-30 cm.

Plants are planted under film cover in late April. Spring greenhouses are also perfect for this purpose. Pot-grown seedlings are planted, without damaging the root system, in moist soil. Properly planted plants do not get sick and quickly take root. When planting cucumbers under film covers, the weather conditions will prompt. If at the end of April the temperature is above zero, but the threat of frost on the ground remains, it is necessary to wait a little with the transplanting. But also it is not necessary to be late with landing as overgrown plants badly get accustomed. Experienced growers can always accurately determine when to plant cucumbers.

It is possible to grow cucumbers continuously: during the summer period in the conditions of open ground, and in winter in heated greenhouses. Use this vegetable culture most often in fresh form. Also prepared from the cucumbers winter preparations. Pickled and pickled cucumbers have excellent taste. Green vegetable is very popular among the population. In the composition of the ingredients of many salads can be found fresh or pickled cucumbers.

Cucumbers are one of the most thermophilic plants, they fear not only cold weather, but even drafts in the warm season. Therefore, it is necessary to plant cucumbers no earlier than April. March is excluded completely. But in April, according to the lunar calendar of 2016, the favorable numbers are 12, 13, 14, 20 and in May - 10, 11, 17.

For southern areas, planting cucumbers in open ground is quite possible in May.

Carried out in a favorable period for this. For planting seeds and planting cucumbers in seedlings

By the way, I advise you to conduct a small experiment about corn. Sow ordinary corn on one cucumber bed, and sweet corn on the other (as an option, sow popcorn corn). All plants influence the taste of their neighbors and it’s possible to get sweeter cucumbers near sweet corn.

Growing cucumbers on the trellis

By the way, it is the lack of moisture that makes cucumbers bitter. Water the plants only with warm water (temperature not lower than + 25 ° С). The best time for watering cucumbers in the open field is evening, in the greenhouse it is morning.

Cucumber - a culture for the cultivation of which any soil is suitable. However, preference should still be given to fertile soils of sandy and light loamy type with an acidity close to neutral. Such soils have a light mechanical composition and are distinguished by excellent water and air permeability.

The spread seeds are covered with soil and lightly clapped with the palm of your hand on top so that the seeds are pressed tightly to the ground on all sides.

How to choose plant varieties

When planting cucumbers in open ground

Cucumber seedlings or sow cucumbers in the open ground is possible with the arrival of warm weather. The air temperature should keep during the day plus 20, and at night plus 10. If you have an early and hot summer, you can sow the cucumbers immediately in open ground, or plant seedlings in May