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Pickled tomatoes with carrot tops: a simple and tasty recipe

What is it? Why add carrots to the banks with tomatoes, you ask ?! Meanwhile, this is a very interesting recipe: canned tomatoes with carrot tops turn out to be sweetish in taste, with a pleasant sourness and a magical aroma. They are tselenkie, not burst, beautifully stored and not cloudy.

Feature of the recipe is that you do not need to use a classic set of spices and spices for canning. Neither dill, nor garlic, nor bay leaf is needed. Instead, they add carrot tops - it is full of vitamins and valuable nutrients. Not without reason our ancestors prepared decoctions and tea from tops, added it to salads and snacks (but there are also contraindications, be sure to study them before use).

In today's recipe with a photo, I will tell you in detail how to close the tomatoes with carrot leaves for the winter in three-liter jars. Do not worry, the taste of the carrot will not. In the process of long pickling tomatoes take only a subtle, barely noticeable aroma from the green bunch. Here the main thing is to give the blank how to insist. You can remove the first sample no earlier than after 4 months, and it is better to wait 5-6 months. During this time, the tops will have time to convey to the fruit the very characteristic taste, which makes this preparation unusual and unique.

Cooking tomatoes with carrots

The first step is to sterilize the jars, boil the lids, wash the vegetables and tops in running water. Before canning tomatoes with carrot tops, you need to pin each fruit in a toothpick in the stalk area. There are enough 3-4 punctures, so that the tomatoes do not burst when heated and the air is free from them.

At the bottom of the cans, I lay black pepper peas and tops - the same green tails that are usually thrown out when cleaning carrots, only “fluffy” twigs are needed, without hard stems. Do not add too many tops; 2 pieces per liter are enough, that is, 6 branches per 3-liter jar. No other spices need to be added.

I fill the banks with tomatoes right up to the neck. I try to lay tightly, but without pressing, so that the fruits do not burst.

Pour pure boiling water (without additives). I cover with covers for 15 minutes. Then pour water into the pot. The most convenient way is to use a plastic cover with holes to drain the water. If you don’t have one, just hold the lid with your hand, gently pouring out the hot water.

On the basis of the liquid that is poured into the pan, I prepare the brine - add salt and sugar. As soon as it boils, I pour in vinegar and immediately remove it from the fire. Pour boiling brine tomatoes with tops. I roll up the lids, turn them upside down and leave them for a day to allow the preservation to cool under the fur coat.

Once cool, you can transfer to storage in the cellar or in a dark pantry.

Sampling is best after 5-6 months, on the eve of the New Year, when tomatoes are marinated. The total shelf life is 1 year.

Tastes and characteristics of the workpiece

Carrot tops not only give the preservation some decorativeness, it also gives it a rather interesting taste and aroma, and the marinade itself makes it really unusual. Tomatoes are sweet, and on the brine from under them, some skilled housewives even bake bread and gingerbread. It is noteworthy that some special spices are not needed here, their role is directly performed by tops.

Features of product selection

Experienced chefs advise using small or medium-sized tomatoes for spinning, as they absorb brine better and result in more tasty.

It is better to use a topper from large carrots, because it has already managed to gain strength, and this affects the taste of the pickle, and, accordingly, the tomatoes too.

Required Ingredients

The composition was taken at the rate of 2 liter jars:

  • tomatoes - about 30 pcs. (small)
  • carrot tops - a few bunches,
  • sugar - 4 tbsp. l.,
  • salt - 1 tbsp. l.,
  • Table vinegar (6%) - 70 ml (if you take 9%, then 50-60 ml will suffice)
  • boiling water.

Cooking process

To pickle tomatoes is a snap:

  • At the bottom of the cans lay out a pair of branches tops. Above - pieces of 5 tomatoes.
  • Then - again the tops, then - the tomatoes. So to the neck of the banks, on top of the tops.
  • Boil water and pour boiling water into fruit jars.
  • Cover and leave for 15-20 minutes.

Useful tips: what to do with signs of fermentation and tomato turbidity

If you see the first signs of deterioration of conservation, immediately put the entire contents of the cans into a separate container, wash it in a 2-3% solution of salt (20-30 g per 1 l of water) and again fold it into clean sterilized jars.

Strain the old pickle through the gauze folded in several layers, boil and cover them with tomatoes. If the brine is not enough, cook fresh. Sterilize the filled cans and roll up. Now you know the new tomato pickle recipe. Agree - it is absolutely simple. And you learn about the taste of such preservation in the winter, when you open the first can. And we are sure that you will not regret. The main thing is to stick to the recipe and everything will work out for you.

Video on how to cook tomatoes with carrots at home

This recipe is very popular, many people watch and cook it. And so we shot a video so that no one has any problems with the preparation of such a workpiece.

In fact, the simplest recipe. When you make tomatoes over it for the first time, understand right away.

Friends, if after viewing you still have questions, ask them in the comments. I will answer them with pleasure.

What if the jar is leaking or the lid is up

If the next day you see that the bank is leaking, then you have a loose lid. In this case, open it, and you have two options.

  • You can re-conservation of the bank. To do this, pour the brine through the lid - sieve into the pan, and boil it for 5-7 minutes. Then pour into the jar again, cover with a lid, let stand for 5 minutes, so that air bubbles come out. And tighten the covers again.
  • leave the tomatoes in the bank, put them in the fridge. To eat in two days, as salted. It is not advisable to use brine.

If you decide to redo the blanks, their taste will no longer be exactly the same as in normal banks. The view can also be lost. Tomatoes can burst and die down. But it will be possible to eat them.

If the lid of the cans rose after a week, or two, or later, then the fermentation process began in the bank. It can occur for several reasons.

  • poorly washed and sterilized jars or lids
  • poorly washed tomatoes or tops
  • if the pickle is not boiling, and you poured it into the jar
  • if there is air left in the bank
  • if the cover is poorly closed

It is categorically impossible to eat such canned products. It should be thrown out without any regret!

If, however, to observe all the stages of conservation, then nothing will happen. And tomatoes with carrot tops, as well as in their own juice, will delight you with their taste and bright appearance all winter. What I sincerely wish you.

The recipe of pickled tomatoes with carrots

Today I want to share one of my favorite preservation recipes for the winter - tomatoes, pickled with carrot tops. Roll up so for more than 10 years. Special spices are not here, the whole main role is taken by carrot tops, which gives tomatoes a unique taste and aroma. Moreover, the tomatoes themselves and the pickle are also tasty. On the brine, I bake bread and gingerbread. Tomatoes are sweet in taste. Recommend!

Cooking stages

For cooking tomatoes marinated with carrot leaves, I took these ingredients.

For this recipe, tomatoes are suitable small, or medium size. Tomatoes pour water, rinse well, remove the sepals.

Peel the garlic cloves from the husk, rinse the sprigs of carrot tops. In each clean jar, place the tomatoes, alternating with sprigs of carrot tops, and a clove of garlic. Fill the jars with tomatoes to the top. On one three-liter jar is about 5-7 sprigs of carrot tops, a clove of garlic and about 2 kilograms of medium-sized tomatoes.

Place a large pot of water on the stove. When the water boils, pour the tomatoes in the banks to the top, cover with boiled lid and leave for 15-20 minutes. During this time, tomatoes are well warmed.

Then, using a special lid with holes, drain the water from the jar into a large saucepan (you can then not use this water, but take clean water, measuring the same amount of water that was drained from the jars, and pour it into a large saucepan). Add salt and sugar to the pot with water, mix well, put on the fire. After boiling add vinegar, pour tomatoes with hot marinade. Roll up with the key. Banks turn the lid down, wrap for a couple of days. Then clean the cellar.

Very tasty tomatoes marinated with carrot leaves are well kept in the cellar and in the apartment. Verified!

How to pickle tomatoes with carrots to 1 l jar

Put small ripe and strong tomatoes in a bowl with cold water. Wash vegetables thoroughly, spread on a clean towel.

We cut the tops of carrots from carrots, also thoroughly wash, shake, lay on a clean towel.

Garlic cloves clean from the husk, gently press down with a knife. Dill umbrellas cut off the stems.

A liter jar of my warm water with soda, rinsed with hot water and boiling water. Sterilize the dishes do not need enough to wash and rinse.

In a prepared jar put the tomatoes, alternating vegetables with a sprig of tops and garlic.

Pour boiling water in a jar of vegetables, leave for a few minutes, then pour into a saucepan.

Pour the salt without additives into the skillet, sugar and a teaspoon of cumin and coriander, throw dill umbrellas.

Bring the pot to the boil, boil for 3-4 minutes.

In a jar directly on the vegetables pour 9% vinegar, followed by boiling pour. Fill the jar with marinade to cover.

Close the jar with boiled lid, then put in a large pan filled with hot water. Pasteurize 10 minutes at a temperature of 85 degrees Celsius.

Close the finished tomatoes tightly and turn the jar neck down, cover with a towel.

After cooling, remove the workpiece in a cool pantry or cellar. Storage temperature from 0 to +12 degrees Celsius.

Pickled tomatoes with carrot tops - recipe for 1 liter jar

It is always more convenient to make blanks in small containers. For them, they usually take small fruits that are much tastier than large ones. And the view is much more aesthetic. He took out a jar and ate it. There is no need to take up space in the fridge. After all, it is not known if you want to empty it tomorrow or in a week. And the place will be taken. Yes, and those who do not eat a lot of canned food, tomatoes just can spoil.


  • Tomatoes,
  • Garlic - 2 tooth.,
  • Carrot tops - 4 - 5 branches,
  • Dill umbrella - 1 pc.,
  • Black pepper peas - 3 pcs.,
  • Salt - 0.5 tbsp. l.,
  • Sugar - 2 tbsp. l.,
  • Vinegar 70% - 0.5 tsp.,
  • Water - 500 ml.


1. First of all we will prepare the container. It needs to be thoroughly washed with soda or any detergent. Who has a dishwasher, can use it. Clean upside down on a towel so that the liquid flows. A lid is better to boil in water for a couple of minutes.

2. Also wash and clean vegetables and herbs. On a tomato stem, make 2 - 3 holes with a toothpick, so that when boiling water is poured, they will not crack and in this place they will spice up better.

It is better to take small fruits. You can even cherry. Such a jar fits more and they fit much more tightly.

3. Put garlic on the bottom. It can be cut into 2 - 4 parts. And above we put dill and tops, only leave 1 sprig to close the top tomatoes. Also add black pepper peas.

If you like little pieces in blanks, then put a couple of little rings of bitter pepper.

Now we stack tomatoes. Try to make it as tight as possible. Larger ones are better placed at the bottom and smaller at the top. Also at the very end we close everything with a sprig of tops.

4. Fill the contents with boiling water under the covers. It will be better if the liquid flows over the edge. Cover with lids. Leave for 10 minutes so that everything warms up well and starts to be sterilized. Then drain the water from the tank back into the pan. Add salt and sugar. We put on the fire and boil.

5. Acetic acid is poured directly into the jar and now pour the resulting brine. We roll the lids and turn the jars upside down. So we can see the tightness of our seaming. Nothing to drip, let alone flow, should not! If this happens, open the jar and boil the solution again. Pour back into the jar and roll up.

Hermetically put in a place where they will not disturb you and cover with a fur coat or blanket. So they will continue to be sterilized. When they cool down, and it takes about a day, remove them in a dark place away from heating appliances.

Recipe tomato with tops of carrots per jar 3 liters

I made this recipe for the first time two years ago. I liked it and in the past I have already made about 10 cans. Everything flew away very quickly. Since the guests helped us eat them. They were delighted with such a snack. You can serve tomatoes on a festive table or on a regular dinner. According to this recipe, they are quite sweet, and tops give them their unique taste.


  • Tomatoes,
  • Carrot tops - 1 bunch,
  • Sugar - 8 tbsp. l.,
  • Salt - 2 tbsp. l.,
  • Vinegar 70% - 1.5 tsp.,
  • Water - 1.5 liters.


1. My can of soda or any detergent. Sterilizing them is not necessary, as we will flood the water twice. But the lid is better to boil, especially those that are reused.

2. My vegetables and greens under running water. Near the stem on the tomatoes it is better to make an incision with a knife or a toothpick puncture. So they will not burst during pouring and will salt out better and faster.

3. But the bottom of the container tightly lay the tops. It is not necessary to regret it, because it is this spice that will add its own flavor. Therefore, put it generously!

4. Now we put tomatoes on it. They should fit together as tightly as possible. There will be more small ones and they will be more interesting.

5. Boil water and pour our fruit with it to the very top of the neck. Cover with a lid and leave for 10 - 15 minutes. Then pour this liquid back into the pot. Add salt and sugar to it and boil again. When it starts bubbling, pour in the vinegar essence and immediately turn it off.

Salt must be used for conservation without additives. That is, it should be normal food and better - large.

6. Fill the brine back into the jars and roll the lids. We turn over and check for smudges. Put the banks on the neck and cover with a blanket or blanket on top. In this position, waiting for cooling. Then we clean the cellar, the basement for storage.

Very simple recipes, you do not find. Now you will not throw out the tops, but will begin to use it. After all, nothing should disappear. Try to make such and you will not regret! And today I say goodbye to you, until we meet again!