General information

T-30 tractor (Vladimirets)


"Vladimirets T-30" is used for tillage, planting crops, planting crops, inter-row processing. It is also used in gardening organizations, on farms. It is suitable for the transport of goods, but not too heavy. It is popular with buyers.

The tractor has been manufactured at the Vladimir MTZ since the seventies of the last century. Hence the name "Vladimirets". This indicates a high build quality. The tractor is perfect for working in harsh conditions. This explains the high demand for products.

The tractor is made on the basis of the model T-25, which is also popular. Key features have been preserved and only supplemented with new ideas.

The length of the tractor T-30 is 3.18 m, width - 1.56 m, height - 2.48 m. The height of the clearance - 34.5 centimeters. Tractor weight - 2.39 t.

Tractor device

The tractor T30 is developed on the basis of the T-25th model. From his predecessor, he took not just separate parts of the structure. He also passed reliability, build quality and the ability to work in different climatic conditions. Individual components and assemblies have been modified and improved. This increased the service life of the equipment.

Equipped with a tractor new driving system to which all wheels are connected. Due to this, the tractor got the best throughput. When wheels slip on wetlands, the bridge support is connected to the rear wheels. The endurance of the tractor is increased due to the installed clutch and the gross unit for power adjustment.

The Vladimirets T-30 tractor accelerates to 24 kilometers per hour. It is equipped with a gearbox with eight forward and two rear speeds.

Worm-roller or hydrostatic steering.

Installed attachments can lift up to 600 kilograms of weight.

The cab mounted on the frame, designed for only one person. Comfortable conditions are created by ventilation and heating systems. A good view through a large glazing area is provided by the wiper system.

The T30 tractor is aggregated with various types of the hinged equipment. This expands its scope.

Power units

"Vladimirets" is equipped with a diesel engine D-120, which has a power of 30 horsepower. Its capacity is more than twice compared to gasoline counterparts. This is achieved by increasing the degree of compression.

Fuel tank capacity - 290 liters. Fuel consumption 180 g / l * hour.

Motor with two cylinders arranged vertically in a row. The crankshaft rotates at a speed of two thousand revolutions per minute. Engine cooling - air.

For the manufacture of the engine used only high quality materials. This increases the service life and postpones repairs. The tractor has increased productivity.

Advantages and disadvantages of the model

The low power of 30 horsepower, which the T-30 tractor possesses, is significantly lower than that of modern technology. But this model fully implements its entire workflow.

Clearance at the "Vladimir" good. Due to this, he can work on various types of agricultural work.

Another plus - good permeability. In addition to this, it is possible to change the width of the track between the rear wheels.

What may seem surprising for the products of the domestic auto industry is a comfortable cabin that allows the operator to work comfortably.

The disadvantage of the "Vladimir" is the low location of the propeller shaft. And this is despite the fact that the tractor clearance is quite high. During operation, there are regular failures of the gearboxes, which regulate the work of the driven and driving shafts.

Many units of "Vladimir" need regular repairs. A tractor is compared to a lottery game. One can work for many years without any malfunctions. And others are constantly under repair. All the user reviews say so.


The T30 tractor has good performance and ease of operation. Thanks to this, many supporters of this technique appeared. Therefore, the manufacturer decided to release several modifications. They were designed to expand the area of ​​use of products. This helped to introduce the product not only in agriculture, but also in other areas. For example, in utilities.

Existing modifications have no constructive differences from the base model. In them only certain technical characteristics are changed. The following modifications are distinguished:

  • T-30-69 is distinguished by the presence of a single-clutch clutch and a dependent PTO shaft. Used model for the most part to work in the fields. Or rather, during the preparatory work for the sowing company and during the harvest.
  • T-30-70 - clutch already with two discs, PTO dependent. Revised the entire transmission. Most often used this model for work in the vineyards.
  • The T-30A-80 is characterized by all-wheel drive and an improved hydraulic system. This increased the load capacity to a thousand kilograms. It is considered a transitional model.
  • T-30-KO designed specifically for utilities, or rather - for cleaning streets and sidewalks.

Many farmers are interested in the question of what the price for a T-30 tractor is. New to buy it or still used? This is difficult to judge. Choosing a technique, it is necessary to accurately determine the purpose and amount available. Two or three thousand dollars - this is for a used, but in excellent condition tractor T-30 price. New worth about ten thousand dollars and above. It also depends on dealers, and on other parameters. If we talk about the set of used tractor and additional equipment, then its cost can increase to six or seven thousand dollars.

When buying a used tractor T30 “Vladimirets”, it is necessary to carefully check its technical condition. Comparing the status of several options and their price, it is easier to make the right choice.

T-30 tractor (Vladimirets)

The T-30 tractor is called Vladimirtsev because it is assembled at the Vladimir Tractor Plant (VTZ). This machine was originally designed to automate labor on agricultural land. This model belongs to the 0.6 traction class. It has a four-wheel drive, which allows you to compete with more modern counterparts.

There are several modifications of the device, depending on the appearance: the presence of a cabin, an awning, or just a safety arc.

The T-30 tractor is distinguished by its small overall dimensions and increased maneuverability, which make it possible to successfully use Vladimirets on cattle-breeding farms, park territories, as well as to transport medium weight goods.

A large number of sales Vladimiretsa due to the excellent ratio of the technical characteristics of the motor and the weight of the device, as well as the presence of a universal hitch, which allows the use of attachments from third-party manufacturers.

Earlier, the T-25 model had already been developed at the VTZ, and the T-30 is an improved copy of it with eliminated drawbacks. Also, the wishes of customers and feedback from owners were taken into account.

The tractor T30 is designed for all-season use in all climatic zones. Among machines with similar technical characteristics, this model is distinguished by the ability to perform work with high loads.

Now, a large number of used models in good condition are on the market. Therefore, many future owners are more interested in information about how much such a model will cost? The price for a T-30 tractor in normal condition is on average $ 8,000.

Modification overview

At the moment, the classic T-30 is not made due to the fact that the technique is striding forward by leaps and bounds, and it already, in terms of technical characteristics, cannot compete with many models of a similar class. However, 30 Vladimirets fell in love with many farmers, and several modifications were made on its basis, which can be purchased today.


The overall dimensions of the tractor T-30 have the following indicators: 3180 mm in length, 1560 mm in width and 2480 mm in height. A longitudinal base with a length of 1775 mm is installed on Vladimirtsem. The weight of T30A in the basic configuration without attachments is 2020 kg.

Tractor Vladimirets T-30 is equipped with a simple and economical two-cylinder engine with a power of 30 horsepower. Fuel consumption is only 180 g / hp / h. To maintain the engine's operating temperature, improved forced air cooling is installed.

The fuel tank has a volume of 290 liters, thanks to which the T-30 can operate offline for a long period of time.


The Vladimirtsa T-30 gearbox has 8 steps for a ride ahead, thanks to which it is possible to choose the optimal speed of the car in the range from 1.52 to 23.86 km / h.

For driving in the opposite direction there are 4 positions of the gearbox.

Chassis and transmission

The T-30 minitractor has a solid steel frame, in front of which the engine is located, from which there is a direct connection to the gearbox and driving rear axle.

The advantage of this model from many analogues is the transverse arrangement of the transmission shafts. Thanks to this design solution, it was possible to locate the gearbox directly behind the clutch. It should be noted that the combined coupling is installed in the tractor T-30. Behind is a unit for controlling the rear and transverse shaft. PTO can work both independently and in synchronous mode.

Cabin and management

The cab of the tractor T30A is designed in a frame manner. It provides air conditioning and a fan that maintain a comfortable temperature inside the cabin, despite the weather conditions.

Increased visibility is achieved thanks to the full glazing of the cabin from all sides, thanks to this, the control is easier and the accuracy of the work increases.


To extend the life of the tractor T-30, it is necessary to carry out maintenance in accordance with the requirements of the operating instructions. Cleaning the tractor from the remnants of dirt and dust should occur at the end of each exit. This will help prevent corrosion on the elements of the device.

Recommended oils:

  • Replace the engine oil every 250 hours of operation. To replace the best fit Soviet M-10G2 or M-10V2.
  • Hydraulic oil must be changed after 500 hours. For a hydraulic system, you can use any universal oil type STOU.
  • Transmission oil should be replaced only 1 time at the beginning of the seasonal work. As a fresh lubricant, it is recommended to use the Soviet TEP-15B or TAD-17i.

Major faults and solutions

If the engine of the tractor T-30 is hot:

  • Intercostal space clogged up (the engine should be stopped and the space should be cleaned)
  • The protective grid of the fan is clogged (it should be cleaned),
  • Low tension or broken fan belt (it is necessary to correct its position or replace it),
  • Lack or excessive amount of lubricant (add or drain it)
  • Excessive load on the motor.

The motor does not provide the necessary power:

  • Fuel filter is clogged,
  • Nozzles may be clogged or malfunctioning.
  • Failure of the fuel pump.

Video review

Overview of soil milling with tractor Vladimirets T-30

The VTZ plant produced several variants of the machine:

  1. The tractor T-30-69, which is characterized by the installation of a dependent PTO and an additional drive for the drive in the clutch. The machine was positioned as an agricultural, to perform auxiliary work.
  2. Model T-30-70 is equipped with a reinforced clutch with 2 discs and an additional clutch to drive an independent PTO. The machine was created to work on grape plantations and transportation of goods.
  3. Option tractor T-30A-80, which is equipped with a transfer gearbox and a leading front axle. Hydraulics with increased performance.
  4. Model T-45 with a 3-cylinder diesel engine D-130 with a power of 45 hp Produced for long, thanks to a powerful motor has improved performance.
  5. The communal version of the T-30KO was supplied from the factory with street-cleaning equipment. The basis of the modifications listed above.

Price and reviews of the owners

The cost of cars with mileage starts from 100 thousand rubles. For this price, tractors are offered as standard equipment without attachments. The residual life of the machines is small, most require engine and transmission overhaul. More recent copies cost from 200 thousand rubles. Additional equipment brings the cost to 400 thousand rubles and above.

The cost of the VTZ-2032 tractor in the version with rear driving wheels is 495 thousand rubles, with all-wheel drive - from 60 thousand rubles.

Artem, Tver region.

In operation there are 3 cars of modification 30A-80 of the release of the mid-2000s. and 1 model - the end of the 90s. Late-release tractors are experiencing problems with the axle gearbox associated with breakdowns of shafts and gears. After replacing parts do not go long. On an early machine, there are no such problems. The transfer box and the propeller shaft are low, causing damage to the assembly. The probability of strikes on the crankcase when driving in a deep rut. The engine for all-wheel drive has low power, on the other hand - the chassis can not cope with more power.

Used tractor for forestry. Equipped with cab and glass protection. Protective screens of the front axle drive and oil pump are installed from the factory. It included a skidding blade on the front linkage and a forest plow. The blade was used for lifting purposes; hydraulics had enough power to move large tree trunks. Permeability of the car at the level of GAZ-66 trucks with all-wheel drive. The cooling system is reliable, overheating the engine is almost impossible.

Close in size and power is the tractor T-25, produced by the Lipetsk Tractor Plant. T-25 has no modification with all driving wheels. The Vladimir Tractor Works produces the Agromash-30TK machine, which is an upgraded version of the T-30. The tractor is equipped with a comfortable cabin with improved working conditions for the operator.