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Moscow black chickens


Farmers and owners of small farms are interested in a productive and unpretentious breed of poultry. This includes the Moscow black chicken.

Moscow black breed of chickens

The bird of this breed grows well, has a rather high egg production.

Brief characteristics of the breed

Breed of hens Moscow black was bred in the Moscow Agricultural Academy, approved it in 1980. The type of productivity of this bird is meat-egg, which means that not only a tasty egg can be obtained from it, but also meat.

In the characteristic of the breed of chickens, the Moscow Black is said; to obtain it, such birds were crossed:

  • yurlovskaya vociferous - gave Moscow hen endurance and vitality
  • Italian Kuropatchataya (another and more familiar name - brown leggorn) - from this breed Moscow hens received high egg-laying rates
  • new Hampshire - gave good meat indicators to the Moscow breed of hens

Representatives of the breed are unpretentious, chickens are distinguished by high survival rates. Moscow hens perfectly tolerate cold, do not need additional heating of the room. The breed is not autosex, which means that it is impossible to distinguish between the chickens up to 2-3 months. Moscow black layers do not have good maternal qualities, and they rarely sit on eggs.


The difference of this breed of bird is a beautiful, dense plumage of black color:

  • On the neck of the hens there may be a mane of golden feathers, the males also have them on the shoulders and back.
  • The head of the representatives of the breed is large, on it flaunts a high leaf-shaped scallop of bright red color. The bill is black, has an average size. The ears of Moscow's black chickens are white-red, and their eyes are orange.
  • The paws of the bird are dark, and in the cockerels they are slightly lighter.
  • The legs are rather long, they are set wide.
  • Chickens have a strong, straight back, long neck and a bulging chest.
  • Chickens have a black color, in some chicks on the lower side of the neck and on the belly, the fluff may be lightened. Hocks are dark, gray or yellowish fingers. As they grow, chickens appear with golden feathers around their necks.

Productive qualities

Chickens of the Moscow Black breed per year give up to 230 eggs, the average egg-laying rate is 190-210 pcs. Weight - 60 grams, the shell is light brown. Chickens begin to rush in half a year, but only if all the recommendations for cultivation have been followed. Some summer residents buy grown-up Moscow black chickens and all summer they get a tasty egg from them.

The content of Moscow black chickens

By six months, males reach a live weight of from 2.7 to 3.3 kg. Chickens weigh 2-2.3 kg. Since the bird belongs to the meat and egg type, in 5-6 months, males can be slaughtered for meat and get a beautiful carcass, weighing 1.5-2 kg.

Conditions of detention

Moscow black chickens are completely unpretentious to the conditions of detention. They endure low temperatures, which means that the chicken coop can not be heated. But it should be remembered that in such conditions the bird stops laying eggs, and males often frost their large leafy scallops.

If you want to get an egg from chickens all year round, you should hang an infrared heater in the room or arrange a deep bedding of sawdust, shavings and straw that will “burn” and give off heat.

In the warm season, the bird of the breed Moscow black with pleasure walks in a fenced range. In the same place you need to put a deep bath in which they pour a mixture of sand and ash (in the ratio 2: 1). In such containers, chickens clean plumage from ticks, fleas, peroedov.

Feeding features

Farmers advised to feed the Moscow black bird with ready-made feeds. In the day they eat a little - up to 140 grams. But these chickens are happy to eat grain: wheat, barley, some corn.
In summer, the bird actively eats grass, apples, and fresh vegetables. Females who are at fattening can be given some boiled potatoes.

Chickens must have free access to clean drinking water.

Breeding points

Chickens breed Moscow black out in the incubators, as chickens rarely sit on the eggs. The hatchability rate is quite high - up to 95%. For incubation, an egg of medium size (60-62 grams), of regular shape, free of shell defects is selected.

Chickens of Moscow black breed

Together with the Moscow black one can breed chickens of the Moscow white breed of chickens. This bird has similar characteristics: live weight from 2.5 to 3.4 kg (depending on gender), egg production at the level of 180-200 pcs. in year. But there are some differences: the color of the shell is white, as is the color of the plumage.

About the advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of breed Moscow black include:

  • high taste characteristics of both eggs and meat
  • calm character of hens and cockerels
  • good egg production rates
  • high survival, resistance to many diseases
  • unpretentiousness to diet and conditions

But this breed has drawbacks:

  • quite late start laying eggs (at 6 months or later)
  • low instinct of hatching (although in the conditions of industrial breeding this disadvantage can be attributed to pluses)
  • when overfeeding the bird quickly grows fat and stops laying eggs

The Moscow black breed of chickens is an excellent choice for both small farms and large farms. This bird is unpretentious, has a good productivity and good appearance.

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