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Ways to harvest blueberries: what can be made of useful berries for the winter


The mild taste of blueberries makes this berry one of the most loved children and adults. The ripe berry contains sugars, organic acids, carotene and ascorbic acid. Blueberries are not only tasty, but also very useful: strengthens the eyesight and immune system, heals gastrointestinal disorders.

Of course, it is best to use the berry fresh, since it is in the fresh product that all the vitamins and nutrients are stored. But to keep the berry for a long time can not, so it is processed for the winter and stored in the form of jams, jam, jam, sauce, jelly, marmalade, fruit compote. Blueberries can be dried and frozen. With minimal heat treatment in bilberry blanks, it is possible to preserve a lot of useful substances.

Blueberry blanks - general cooking principles

Blueberries ripen by mid-summer, collect it until August. Fully ripe berries are used for winter harvesting. It must be sorted out, freed from debris, washed with cold water. After a simple preparation, you can proceed to the processing of blueberries according to recipes blanks.

Glass jars in which the harvested product will be stored must be sterilized over steam for 15–20 minutes (depending on the volume of the container). Metal lids need to boil. The sealed banks are cooled in the same way as other blanks: upside down under a warm old blanket or rug.

Blueberry jam

Blueberry contains pectin, so it makes a great thick jam. You can prepare it very quickly, and you will need a minimum of ingredients. The taste of jam is natural, the texture is pleasant and quite dense.


• two kilograms of ripe blueberries,

• kilogram of white sugar.

Cooking method:

Prepared clean blueberries put in a pan for cooking. Well, if she will have a non-stick coating.

Add sugar to the berry, mix gently.

Immediately put on the fire, without waiting for the moment when the berry will put the juice.

You do not need to add water, otherwise the jam will turn out to be watery, liquid.

Heat the berries on medium heat. As soon as the bottom of the pot warms up, blueberry juice will stand out.

Minimize the fire and boil the blueberries for two hours. The consistency of the jam should be very thick.

When foam appears on the surface, it must be removed.

As soon as the mass thickened, the jam is ready.

If desired, it can be pursed using an immersion blender to obtain a more uniform and thick mass.

Spread hot jam into clean sterilized jars, cork and cool.

Pureed blueberries with sugar

Huge benefit are bilberry blanks that do not involve heat treatment. The simplest option is to simply grind the berry along with the sugar. From the specified number of ingredients you get 3.5 liters of finished mass. Tasty and healthy!


• three kilograms of ripe blueberries,

• two kilograms of white sugar.

Cooking method:

Put the washed berries in the bowl.

Pureen blueberries in any way: grind in a blender, meat grinder or just crush with a rolling pin.

Add sugar to sugar and mix.

Put the container with crushed sugar blueberries for 6-8 hours (you can overnight). Sugar should dissolve.

In a clean, sterilized jars, lay out the blueberries with sugar, cover with boiled lids and cork.

Keep in the cold.

Blueberry jelly for the winter "Lemon-Cinnamon"

Homemade recipes for blueberry blanks must include jelly - tasty, fragrant, beautiful and extremely easy to prepare. It is not necessary to add spices to it, if the flavor of cinnamon or nutmeg is not pleasant. But with them the finished product gets a very nice warm touch.


• six glasses of ripe blueberries,

• four glasses of sugar,

• half a spoon of nutmeg,

• teaspoon cinnamon.

Cooking method:

Washed clean blueberries put in a pan for cooking. Well, if the bottom of the dishes will be thick.

Mash berries with a mortar or the end of a rolling pin.

Pour blueberries in sugar, mix.

Turn on medium heat, send the pan to heat.

Bring the mass to a boil.

Squeeze juice from lemon.

Peel the peel using a fine grater.

Pour the juice and put the zest into the boiled syrup.

Simmer for about 20 minutes, waiting for the moment when the mass begins to thicken.

During the cooking process, be sure to stir the future of the jelly, otherwise it will burn.

As soon as the mass thickens, pour it over the prepared banks, cork it and send it under a blanket - cool it.

Dried blueberries

There are several ways in which dried blueberries are prepared for the winter. Each of them allows you to save the most important substances, and even the pleasant color of the berries. Consider how this can be achieved and how to dry blueberries. In any way, the berries must first be prepared. To do this, take fresh blueberries, sort out the damaged ones, remove the leaves and twigs, put them in a sieve and rinse.

Ways berry processing for beautiful fruits with a glossy look:

  1. Pectin. It is dissolved in water in accordance with the instructions on the package. Then the resulting solution is poured berries and put them in a sieve to remove excess liquid.
  2. Lemon. From citrus extract the right amount of juice and sprinkle them with fruit.
  3. Blanching Prepare a large container of boiling water and a bowl of ice. Berries are dipped in boiling water for a couple of minutes, and then immediately on the ice. After cooling, put on a sieve to remove water.

You can dry the berries in a special device - electric dryer or oven. In the first, they are laid out in special trays and dehydrated for 6-10 hours, depending on the desired result. After complete cooling, blueberries can be put in a storage tank. Oven Drying occurs in the following way: it is heated to a temperature of 70 degrees. Put a special paper on a baking sheet and put blueberries in one layer. Depending on the size of the berries, the drying process will take from four to twelve hours, as in the previous method, after cooling it can be removed for storage.

Living in a dry hot climate has its advantages, as in this case, blueberries can be dried on the street. Prepare screens of wooden frames and gauze and spread the fruit on them. At night, it is recommended to clean them in a warm and dry place. It takes such drying on average a few days.

Frozen blueberries

Before freezing, the berries are prepared as in the previous methods: spoiled are harvested and washed thoroughly. Before freezing, the fruit is dried, so that the frost does not turn the berries into lumps. After the blueberries are laid out on a pallet in a single layer, and only after freezing, portions are packaged in bags or containers. So that the berries are not fed by extraneous odors from other products in the refrigerator, you can freeze them immediately in the package. Lovers of sweet berries can sprinkle them with sugar before freezing.

Blueberry grated with sugar

This type of workpiece do in a hurry. At the same time, as a result of the absence of heat treatment, a large amount of substances is retained. To prepare you do not need to have any culinary skills. Pre-washed and peeled berries are crushed in a blender, mixed with sugar in a 1: 2 ratio. Put the blueberries, mashed with sugar, in pre-prepared jars and send in the refrigerator or freezer.

Blueberry syrup

The following ingredients will be used for the preparation: a kilogram of blueberries, 220 g of sugar, 700 ml of water and you can take a lemon. Citrus is cut in half and squeezed a large amount of juice.

Blueberries are washed, placed in a deep bowl, pour 330 ml of water and knead with a fork. Put the container on the fire and bring to a boil. Cook for 13 minutes and then cool. The resulting composition is passed through a sieve twice.

The remaining water and lemon are mixed with sugar and boiled for 10 minutes. After the beginning of thickening add blueberries and leave on the fire for another 3 minutes. After the time the lemon is removed and the syrup is cooled. The finished delicacy is poured into cans and stored in the refrigerator.

Blueberry juice

Due to the fact that the skin of blueberries is very soft, it is easy enough to extract juice from it. To do this, simply fold the fruit into a bag of cotton cloth and squeeze the liquid. This method is ideal for lovers of fresh juice.

Consider how to save blueberries, namely its juice for the winter. To do this, it is recommended to use a berry press, juicer or meat grinder. Harvesting is carried out different waysbut the benefits remain unchanged. Consider them in more detail:

  1. After squeezing the juice through the selected machine, it is drawn and filtered. Then the resulting fresh poured into an enamel pan and heated to 80 degrees. Boil the liquid for 20 minutes, then cool and pour into sterile jars.
  2. The second method is used in the processing of residues. They are poured with water in the same proportion and add a small amount of sugar. Put the container on the fire and boil for 10 minutes, then cool and filter. To add flavor, you can add pre-cooked juice. Store this drink only in the refrigerator.
  3. The latter method is suitable for the preparation of bases for jelly and fruit drink. Berries are washed and poured with sugar in the same proportion. Leave in a cool place for 15 hours. This time is enough to make plenty of juice. It is poured, and the hot sugar syrup in the ratio 1: 2 is added to the remaining mass. Insist 6 hours, and then filter. Juice and syrup are mixed and boiled. At the end, they pour it over the cans and roll it up.

Blueberry wine

Consider how to make a real homemade dry blueberry wine. Collect 3 kg of fresh berries, they are washed and completely crushed.

The resulting mixture is spread in a glass container of large volume and add 2 kg of sugar. All 3 liters of water are poured, and several layers of gauze are put on the neck of the bottle and left in a warm place for three days. During this time, primary fermentation should begin. After the time the composition is filtered. The bottle is thoroughly washed and refilled with strained juice. Additionally add a pre-mixed glass of honey and a liter of water. Corked with a water seal and left for 2 months in a warm place. Then filter, wash the bottle and again insist, only in a cool place.

After the last two months, the last time is filtered and poured into small bottles that can be stored for a long time if they are almost in a horizontal position. You can consume it after such storage for at least 60 days, during which time the wine will acquire an amazing shade and original taste.

Blueberry Jelly

Being interested in how to prepare blueberries for the winter, many opt for this option. Today there are several time-tested recipes that we will look at in more detail. Classic jelly. For cooking, the amount of sugar should be slightly less berries. The fruit is placed in a saucepan, covered with half the sugar and left to stand for a while.

When the berries give up the juice, put the container on a small fire and gradually bring to a boil. Put the rest of sugar and boil some more minutes. Leave the tank to cool. Repeat the heating and cooling more twice. After the last time, immediately poured into prepared jars and pre-rolled.

In the slow cooker. Fruits and sugar are taken in equal proportions by kilogram. Connect and pour into the pan multicookers. Select the mode "Quenching" for 2 hours. At the end of time, the regime is changed to the “Steaming for a couple” program by just a minute. Ready confiture is poured into jars and rolled. With gelatin. Such a composition holds the form even outside the banks. Berries and sugar take in the ratio 4: 2. For this amount, 1 bag of jelly is enough. All put into a container and boil for two minutes on low heat. The resulting liquid is poured into jars, which are twisted.

Without cooking. Ideal for novice cooks. For the preparation of one serving, it is enough to take berries and sugar in the proportion of 1: 2. All is ground to a homogeneous mass and distributed in sterilized jars, so that you can add sugar with a thickness of 1 cm. This will save the dessert from fermentation and allow you to get a dessert from the berries in its own juice while retaining a large amount of useful substances. Store it recommended in the refrigerator.

Blueberry Jam Recipe

For lovers of the classic method of harvesting berries, cooking jam is ideal. Let's take a closer look at how to make blueberry jam.

Such a recipe requires a minimum amount of costs. For cooking take a certain amount of berries, sugar is half more. Blueberries are covered with sugar and left for 5 hours. After the time set to boil for about 35 minutes. All the time, do not forget to remove the foam. The finished jam is cooled and poured into containers, rolling up the lids. This is the basic version of blueberry jam for the winter, according to your personal taste, you can add other ingredients.

Blueberry Jam Recipe

Considering preparations from bilberry not only as a delicacy, but from the side of its healing qualities, it is recommended to pay attention to such recipes for winter as jam. To prepare take 1 kg of berries and sugar, as well as 300 ml of water. Blueberries are washed and placed in a container in which they are carefully ground to obtain puree. Sugar is combined with water and cooked for two minutes. Then blueberry puree is poured into it and, while constantly stirring, it is brought to a boil. Cook 15 minutes, during this time prepare the banks. Upon completion of time, the resulting composition is immediately poured into jars and rolled them.

Bilberry Compote Recipe

Consider how to cook blueberry compote. For the recipe you need to expect that for each liter of water 0.5 kg of sugar is required. The berries are laid out in banks, at this time separately boil water and add sugar. When the sand is completely dissolved, the syrup is poured into blueberry jars and begin to sterilize them. On average, it takes 15 minutes. Then the banks spin and send to cool. Often blueberry compote is prepared for winter without sterilization. Thus it is possible in the cold time of the day to replenish the body with useful substances.

For a three-liter jar, 900 g of berries, 450 g of sugar and 3 liters of water are needed. Blueberries prepare and fill the jar with fruits to half. Then pour boiling water and leave for 10 minutes. This time is enough to warm the berries. Water is drained and covered with sand. Just before the spin, water is poured. Many are interested in what is useful compote of blueberries. So, thanks to minimal contact with hot water, almost all the beneficial substances remain.

Knowing all these classic recipes, you can always improvise and add something of your own and thus surprise your loved ones with original and, most importantly, useful treats in the cold winter.

Blueberry compote

Recipes blanks from blueberries necessarily include a very useful and extremely tasty vitamin compote. The number of ingredients indicated on the three-liter jar.


• three glasses of blueberries

• one and a half glasses of sugar.

Cooking method:

Banks wash with soda and rinse thoroughly with water.

Bilberry bust, wash and pour into the jar.

Water (three liters per jar) send to the fire before boiling. It is very convenient to boil water in a large kettle.

Pour the blueberries with boiled water, cover with a lid and leave to warm for 15 minutes.

Water is drained and sent back to fire.

Pour sugar in a jar, cover with a lid.

When the water boils a second time, pour the berry and cork a jar.

Turn and cool under the blanket.

Keep the workpiece cold.

Canned blueberries without sugar

For the winter, you can make blanks from blueberries without sugar. Here is a simple variant of canning berries, which allows you to save the natural taste of the natural product. Indicated the approximate number of berries. You can stock as much as you can.


• two kilograms of blueberries.

Cooking method:

Berries without garbage, branches and leaves, rinse in several waters.

Arrange the berries in the prepared hot jars, cover with metal lids.

Pour water into a wide saucepan, put an old kitchen towel on the bottom, bring water to a boil.

Carefully place the jars of blueberries in boiling water so as to fill the billet to the neck.

Sterilize for 20 minutes.

Banks roll up, cool and send for storage in the cold.

Cover seams can be filled with melted wax or paraffin.

Bilberry and apple marmalade

Delicious flavored marmalade will be a favorite useful delicacy for the whole family. For such a blueberry harvesting you need apples and a little citric acid.


• a pound of apples without a core and peel,

• seven hundred grams of granulated sugar

• Two grams of citric acid.

Cooking method:

Peel apples and the middle, cut into small slices.

Put apple slices in a saucepan, pour in some water and cook over low heat for 15 minutes.

Pureen apples blender or mortar.

Rinse blueberries and crush with the end of a rolling pin, mortar or mash in a blender.

Put the blueberry puree in a saucepan and cook for 15 minutes.

Combine apples and blueberries, put on a slow fire.

Когда масса закипит, проварить ее в течение пяти минут.

Всыпать четверть сахара, перемешать, варить еще пять минут.

In portions, in three doses, enter the remaining sugar.

Dissolve citric acid in a little water.

Together with the last portion of sugar, add citric acid, mix thoroughly.

Spread the mass over sterilized jars, roll up hot and cool.

Send to storage in a cold place.

Five minute jam from blueberries

The classic recipe for blueberry blanks is jam. To keep the maximum amount of vitamins, you need to cook it for just five minutes.


• one and a half kilograms of blueberries,

Cooking method:

Rinse the berries and dry them a little on a towel.

Put the blueberries in a pan if possible with a thick bottom.

Pour the sugar over the berries and leave for three to four hours to give the juice.

Put the pot on a small fire.

Wait for boiling, constantly stirring the syrup.

Appear foam to shoot.

When the jam boils, mark five minutes.

Pour hot jam into clean sterilized jars and cork.

Keep in the cold.

Blueberry blanks - tips and tricks

If the recipe requires shredded blueberries, it can be pureed with a mixer. In order not to splash the kitchen, the berry first needs to be slightly crushed with a rolling pin or spoon.

It is possible to use any metal caps, including screw caps, for the winter. Boil them necessarily, otherwise the product may sour.

A very good option for preserving the freshness and benefit of blueberries for the winter is freezing. The berry must be prepared in the same way as for a hot billet. Be sure to dry on a paper or woven towel. Put in a plastic container and send in the freezer.

Another option is to freeze clean dry blueberries on a large platter or wooden board, and then pour them into plastic bags and put them in the freezer.

You can freeze blueberries with sugar or honey. To do this, put the berries in a plastic container, cover with sugar or pour in liquid honey, cover with a lid and send to the freezer.

Another great method is drying. Blueberries can be dried in the sun or at home, using the oven. The berry must be laid out on a sheet in a thin layer and dried with the oven door open at 50 degrees. From time to time, blueberries should be shaken or stirred. For storage, send dried berries to a linen bag and store it in a cool, dry place.

From frozen or dried blueberries you can prepare compotes, tinctures, decoctions. Or just add to tea to taste.


Bilberry grows in forests of central Russia, North America and all northern European countries. To preserve all the beneficial trace elements and vitamins, it is harvested for the winter in various ways.

When heated, any product loses most of its beneficial properties. Therefore, in all countries since ancient times, trying to do without the heat treatment of berries.

Blueberries for the winter without cooking is harvested not too complicated ways. It can be stored without losing its beneficial properties until the next harvest.

On the beneficial properties of blueberries, which are preserved after such a blank, read in our article.

Blueberries for the winter without cooking with honey

In Siberia, honey is often used to preserve and preserve the harvest of berries for the whole winter. It is a lightweight preservative, and in itself has healing properties.



  1. For this recipe, it is better to use a mixture of wild berries. Take in equal proportions blueberries, strawberries, cranberries, lingonberries, forest raspberries. You can use any berries you have.
  2. Wash and dry all forest gifts.
  3. Crush them in a wooden mortar, but not to a state of mashed potatoes.
  4. Fill the mixture with honey and cover with a lid. It is better to use glass jars.
  5. Keep this useful sweetness better in the cellar.

This composition is good for colds. A treat for people who can not eat sugar.

Choose any convenient for you method of harvesting blueberries for the winter. This berry during the long winter will support your immunity and bring pleasure to the taste of all the sweet-toes. Enjoy your meal!

How to prepare blueberries for the winter - the most delicious recipes

Blueberries - one of the most useful berries, of course, well suited for harvesting for the winter.

Consider the basic useful recipes:

  • Blueberry drink for the winter

The composition of the fill: per 1 liter of water 200-400 g of sugar.

Fill the jars with the prepared and washed berries by a third and pour boiling sugar syrup along the edge of the neck.

After 5–7 minutes, drain the syrup, bring to a boil, and re-pour the jars of berries so that it spills slightly over the edges of the neck.

Immediately roll the jars with lids and turn upside down to cool completely.

  • Natural blueberry in its own juice

Prepared and washed berries put in a pan and heat under a lid on low heat. When the berries are covered with juice, put them in heated jars and pasteurized at 90 ° C.

  • Natural blueberry with sugar

1 kg of blueberries, 100–300 g of sugar.

Put a third of the berries in the pan, add sugar, warm under the lid until softened and carefully knead.

The remaining berries pour in jars or bottles and pour boiling sugar syrup. Sterilize in boiling water.

  • Compote Blueberries with Apples

800 g blueberries, 200 g apples. The composition of the fill: 1 l apple juice 300 g of sugar.

Sour apples cut into slices, cut the core. For 2-3 minutes, immerse the apples in boiling water and cool in cold water.

Blueberries mixed with prepared apples and put into jars.

Heat freshly squeezed apple juice to 60–70 ° C, dissolve sugar in it, and pour the contents of the cans with hot pouring.

Pasteurize at 85 ° C.

  • Blueberry puree with sugar

1 kg of blueberries, 100–150 g of sugar.

Enumerated and washed berries should be heated under a lid on low heat until juice appears and rubbed through a sieve.

Add sugar to the resulting juice, mix and heat, not boiling. Pour the mass into jars and sterilize in boiling water.

  • Natural blueberry syrup

1 kg of blueberries, 0.8–2 kg of sugar.

Berries to sort, wash, dry and put in jars or glass bottles, pouring sugar. Put in a dark place at a temperature of 22–25 ° C.

After 10–15 days, when the berries empty and float, separate them from the syrup using a colander.

Syrup, together with insoluble sugar, is heated in an enamel saucepan over low heat until sugar is completely dissolved.

Syrup is poured into bottles or jars and corked. Store in a dark place.

  • How to procure blueberries for the winter - video

  • Blueberry juice syrup

1 kg of blueberry juice, 1.7–2 kg of sugar, 8-10 g of citric acid.

Heat freshly squeezed blueberry juice, add sugar in small portions,

bring to a boil and boil for 5-7 minutes. Remove the foam.

Add citric acid at the end of cooking. Boil the syrup in a heated jar or bottle and cork. Store in a cool place.

  • Blueberry jam

1 kg of blueberries, 600 g of sugar.

Prepared berries crush wooden pestle or mince. Cook, stirring, over low heat until the mass decreases to 400 g.

After that, add sugar in portions and cook until ready.

  • Blueberry and apple jam

500 g blueberries, 500 g apples, 600 g sugar.

Cut the apples into slices and steam in a saucepan under a lid with 2–3 tbsp. l water, then rub through a thick sieve.

Blueberry mash with a wooden pestle, mix with applesauce and boil over low heat until 1 kg of mass decreases by 400 g.

Then add sugar and cook until ready. Packed in hot.

Leave the filled jars to cool, then tie them with parchment paper or close with plastic covers.

  • Blueberry marmalade

1 kg of blueberries, 600 g of sugar.

Warm berries on low heat under the lid until they are covered with juice, then rub them through a sieve.

Puree mix with sugar and cook until the mass begins to lag behind the bottom and walls.

After that, put the mass on a baking sheet lined with parchment, flatten and dry in a lightly heated oven. Sprinkle with powdered sugar, then cut into curly pieces.

Store in a well-closed container in a cool and dry place.

  • Blueberry marmalade with apples

500 g blueberries, 500 g peeled unripe sour apples, 800 g sugar.

Apples cut into small pieces, add a few tablespoons of water, heat under the lid until softened and rub through a colander.

Wash blueberries, put them in a saucepan, add 2 tbsp. l sugar and heat under the lid until softened.

Add pureed apples.

Mix the mixture by a third, add 200 g of sugar and cook for 5 minutes. Then add the remaining sugar in portions so that the cooking process is not interrupted. Boil until cooked and packaged hot.

  • Blueberry juice jelly

Mix freshly squeezed blueberry and apple juices, heat, add sugar, bring to a boil and reduce the mass to one third of the original volume.

Pour hot in jars and pasteurize.

  • Frozen blueberries

Select large ripe berries, wash and dry. Freeze in bulk on a cardboard tray with sides 2-2.5 cm high.

Frozen berries poured into plastic bags, sealed and put in storage in the refrigerator.

  • Blueberries, frozen with sugar

Prepared berries mixed with sugar in a ratio of 3: 1.

Stir the berries gently in order not to damage them, put them in the container, freeze them, then cork them and put them in storage in the freezer.

  • Bilberry Drying

Berries, intended for drying, are harvested in warm and sunny weather.

Immediately after picking, the berries are picked, removing the damaged and crushed, as well as various impurities - leaves, stalks, etc.

Enumerated berries rinsed in a colander under running water, and then dried on a sieve.

Prepared berries laid out for drying.

Blueberries can be dried in the sun and in various dryers.

Artificial drying is carried out first at a temperature of 40–45 ° C, and when the berries are dried up, they are dried at 60–70 ° C.

While drying, the trays with berries are periodically shaken in order to mix the berries and thereby promote uniform drying of the berries.

Dried berries stored in an airtight container.

Now you know how to prepare blueberries for the winter, use our recipes and be healthy!

Raw Blueberry Jam

If the berry is freshly harvested, no more than two days, it will be great to cook "raw" jam. Prepares quite simply, the berry should be ground, add sugar in a ratio of 1: 1. Then mix the whole mass until sugar is completely dissolved, and the direction of mixing is strictly in one direction. Ready jam poured into sterile jars, close the lids and store. Keep more than a year is not recommended. When using this recipe vitaminchiki relatively well preserved.

There is another way my grandmother used it. Blueberries are poured with sugar and placed in jars. Store is recommended in the refrigerator, and eat first.

Cooking blueberry jam for the winter

If more than two days have passed since picking the berries, it is better to cook the jam. I do this: put the berry and sugar in the pelvis in layers, the top layer is surely sugar. Proportions stand the same 1: 1. I leave the clock at 12. Then boil over low heat. I bring to a boil, boil for about 15 minutes. Then cool. I boil again and boil 15 minutes. Pouring boiled blueberry jam into sterile jars, you can roll up metal lids. Cool and tidy storage.

Five minute blueberry jam, a simple recipe

For cooking you will need:

  • blueberries - 2 kg,
  • granulated sugar - 1 kg,
  • zhelfix -20 gr.

  1. Start cooking with the processing of harvested berries. They contain a large number of leaves, twigs and various debris. It is necessary to remove all the falling leaves by handing the berries from handful to handful (they can stick to the berry, so you need to carefully examine the fruit).
  2. Then the berries must be filled with water and remove all debris that floats to the surface. After that, the berries are placed in a colander and washed well under running water.
  3. When the water is drained, pour blueberries into the indicated amount of sugar and mix thoroughly. As soon as the berry gave the juice, put the berries in an enamel pot on the stove and, stirring, wait for boiling. With stirring remove the generated noise.
  4. Let our jam boil for 5 minutes, until the berries are soft. If it is necessary to get jelly-like jam, add zhelfix, mixed with sugar, in the proportion indicated on the package and cook for another couple of minutes.
  5. While the jam is being prepared, it is necessary to prepare containers for preservation - banks. They must be thoroughly rinsed using baking soda, turned over on a paper towel and allowed to drain.
  6. When the water is glass, put the jars upside down on a special sterilizer or kettle with a suitable opening in size and hold the jars for 7 minutes over boiling water.
  7. Covers, as well as banks, are subject to sterilization. They need to be boiled in a container with water so that the water completely covers them and remove them with tweezers, put them on a paper towel, let them dry.
  8. As soon as the cooking of the jam is over, we pour it into a jar with a large spoon, cover it with a lid and seal it with a special machine for preserving food.
  9. Sealed cans should be turned over and covered with a warm blanket for the night, or until the jam has cooled completely. It is better to put paper under the covers of the cans, that you can check the tightness and prevent product damage or leakage, because jars are often chipped, the covers and the machine can be defective.
  10. When the blueberry jam is completely cold, turn over the jars and set stored in the darkest place in the house.

This jam can be stored for several years, but to be sure, you can add an additional preservative, citric acid, at the last stage of cooking. 0.5 tsp is enough. It will not only allow the jam to retain its properties longer, but also give it a unique taste.

Blueberry jam “five minutes”, prepared according to this recipe, is gentle, moderately sweet, and has a natural blueberry flavor. It can be used as a filling for pies, used with tea or added to soft cottage cheese. Not everything works out the first time, but this jam can easily be closed even for the first time.

Freeze blueberries for the winter

And the most wonderful way is freezing. Bilberries need to be washed, put into a colander, to water the glass, put berries on a clean, dry towel, dry. Then spread the berry into sacks in small portions, weighing about 0.5 kilogram. And in the freezer! Thus frozen blueberries will not clump together and can always be taken as required. From the frozen berries, you can make dumplings, different pies, decorate cakes and the most useful thing - thaw, pour sugar or without it and spoon, spoon, just like in summer!

How to prepare blueberries with sugar without cooking

It is very important to respect the proportions of sugar and blueberries, since the harvest is not processed in a hot way. That is why, in spite of the sweetness of the berry, some more sugar is taken: per kilogram of blueberries - 1.5 kg. sweets.

How much sugar per liter of blueberries:

In a liter jar usually includes about 600 grams. berries, if it is large. Shallow little more. Here you have to count a little. For every 100 grams. fruits need 150 grams. sugar sand. Multiply by 6, it turns out 900 gr. sand on the jar.

Recipe of mashed blueberries with sugar without cooking for the winter

The easiest and easiest way to save blueberries for the winter - rub with sugar. You can store the workpiece in different ways: in banks, hidden in the refrigerator. Can be sent to trays and placed in the freezer.

  1. Climb the fruits, remove debris and leaves. Rinse well, preferably under running water, if the berry is not overripe.
  2. Be sure to dry, laying out on paper or towel.
  3. Crush the blueberries in any way possible. How to wipe the berries? Work with a blender, tolkushkoy, pass through a sieve and meat grinder. I love it when the little berries are floating in the puree, so I don’t try very hard.
  4. Pour the sweetness into the blueberry sauce in the saucepan, stir and go about your business.
  5. After an hour, mix again. Divide the mass in jars or containers. Banks intended for storage on the shelf of the refrigerator, it is desirable to sterilize. You can not roll up, recently I often use screw caps - very convenient.
  6. Trays with grated blueberries are placed in the freezer and stored for the whole winter.

Blueberries in own juice with sugar

Plus the workpiece in the ability to leave the fruits intact. It is very convenient to cook dumplings in the winter, stuff bagels, pies and other pastries. Berries without cooking, so you have to store them in the freezer. There are no specific proportions in the recipe.

  1. Fill the jar on the hanger. Top up with sugar, how much will go.
  2. Leave for a few hours. Depending on the juiciness, blueberries will give juice after 2-4 hours.
  3. Spread over the trays and stack them in the freezer. Blueberries frozen in this way can be stored for up to 2 years.

Blueberries, ground with strawberries and sugar without cooking

Berries ripen at the same time, they are usually collected together. I feel sorry for losing time, going through and sharing the fruit with strawberries. Therefore, I often stock them together. According to the recipe, you can make harvesting with raspberries, forest or garden.

  • Bilberries and strawberries - 1 kg.
  • Sugar - 1 kg.

  1. Gently wash the berries, because strawberries are extremely tender berries. Разложите на лист бумаги, салфетку, чтобы стекла лишняя влага.
  2. Протрите любым способом, засыпьте пюре сахаром.
  3. Размешайте, накройте и подержите пару часов. Периодически перемешивайте содержимое.
  4. За это время простерилизуйте крышки и банки.
  5. When the sugar is completely dissolved, decompose in a container. Sprinkle with a layer of sugar on top (powdered sugar is used in the original recipe) - this is an additional preservative. Roll up and send to the pantry for the winter.

Video recipe bilberries for the winter without cooking with sugar. Successful to you preparations and winter tea drinking.