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Maple syrup - and sugar will replace, and the heart will strengthen


The viscous golden maple juice syrup has become a true symbol of Canada, spreading around the world as an excellent component of many dishes. It is especially good in combination with desserts, for example, Canadians themselves like to water them with lush pancakes, which are usually cooked for breakfast. Not the worst option would be ice cream with this syrup or a variety of pastries based on it, and some will like the meat in a sweet sauce. How is this unusual delicacy made and is it good to eat?

Appearance history

Mention of how to prepare maple syrup first appeared in 1760. The production technology was invented by the indigenous people of the mainland - the Indians. There is even an old legend dedicated to this dish. The young Indian trained to throw his tomahawk from the maple. From the remaining marks on the tree began to trickle juice. Indian sister collected it and tried to use when cooking. Everyone liked the unusual sweet taste. Thus began the history of the main Canadian delicacy. Every spring, the Indians harvested stocks of syrup for the year ahead, they did not have sugar, and maple sap was the only available sweetener. With time they shared the recipe with the colonists. Since what is used to produce syrup, namely sugar maple of a special sort, is only in Canada, the delicacy has become a real national treasure.

What it is?

In order to produce natural maple syrup, it is necessary to thicken the sap of a particular breed of the corresponding tree.
Per liter of the final product requires from thirty to fifty liters of raw materials, which can not but affect the cost. The quality of what maple syrup is made of is of paramount importance. Suitable maples are black, red, silver and sugar. It is they, especially the latter, who have the right sugar concentration in the juice. Such trees grow in North America, mainly in Canada, so it is their syrup that is considered the best. It is important that all the necessary technologies are followed in the production. So, the maple to get the juice must be mature, older than forty years. From it during the season you can get about twelve liters of raw materials daily for fifty years. Immediately after collection, you need to start cooking syrup. Juice during boiling thickens naturally and without any additional components, transforming into an appetizing product, beloved by many people around the world.

Production secrets

To collect what is made of maple syrup, we need special weather conditions. It is necessary to start the procedure in late winter or in spring, when the temperature in the daytime is above zero, and at night it drops to minus marks. Such weather stimulates the maximum circulation of sap in the tree. As a rule, this is the end of February and the first weeks of March. Spring juice is considered the sweetest. At a height of thirty centimeters from the ground on the trunk make holes or notches, they are inserted into the grooves with tubes, through which the juice flows into the tank. After this, the production process begins. How to make maple syrup? For a long time, this is what greatly increases its value. Juice is completely liquid, like water, in addition, it contains a small amount of sugar - no more than two percent. During processing, it undergoes a thorough gradual cleaning and thickens when evaporated in huge but flat containers. Neither sugar nor other components are added. Thus, what maple syrup is made of and what is obtained as a result is absolutely natural products without additives. The production process is monitored by a state commission, so the Canadian dessert is guaranteed to meet the highest standards.

Features maple syrup

Despite the fact that this is a dessert, the maple sap contains considerable benefits. There is a significant amount of calcium and iron in the syrup, as well as vitamin B. It is worth considering that there are also imitations in which there is nothing useful. You should not buy a cheap product, on the packaging of which it is said that it is a maple-flavored syrup. You need to look for a bottle with a maple leaf, which is a kind of quality mark. The letter must indicate the letter A to D. This mark indicates the intensity of the syrup: AA will be very light, A will light, B will be medium, C will be amber, and finally the letter D can be found on the darkest and thickest product.

Medicinal properties

Even without knowing the usefulness of maple syrup, you can gladly add it to your food. However, given its invaluable benefit, it will be desirable to do this even more often. Still, maple sap stimulates the immune system, energizes the body, serves as an antioxidant, slows down the development of atherosclerosis, favorably affects the potency, fights cancer, reduces the likelihood of obesity and diabetes. The syrup has a small glycemic index, in addition, it does not contain fat at all. The high level of phenolic compounds and the high content of organic acids help the body fight off the formation of cancer cells. In addition, the syrup contains phytohormones that stimulate the pancreas.

Mineral composition

In terms of mineral content, maple syrup, whose beneficial properties are already quite widely known, even bypasses honey. The Canadian dessert contains magnesium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, calcium, sodium, potassium, zinc, a complex of vitamins B, and many polyphenols. Sugar in maple syrup a little, honey contains it more. In addition, the first does not contain sucrose, and dextrose, much more useful for the body. The use of maple syrup will be an excellent solution during a diet, as its caloric content is very low. It is suitable for diabetics and allergy sufferers. A portion of sixty milliliters will provide your body with the daily rate of manganese, a third of vitamin B2, and noticeable amounts of zinc, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. Multivitamin composition - exactly what is useful maple syrup. In combination with excellent taste, this feature makes the product an ideal choice.

Benefit to the liver

Scientists have found out the properties of maple syrup and concluded that, among other things, it perfectly heals the liver. A diet using this product reduces the blood levels of harmful enzymes and suppresses ammonia production. For eleven days, scientists fed on natural rat maple syrup, and by the end of the experiment, the state of the rodents had surprisingly improved. These or other abnormalities in the work of the liver are manifested in every fourth person, especially in middle-aged people who are prone to alcohol and overweight. The complex of useful components of maple syrup allows you to take preventive measures and significantly improve their health.

Other products from maple sap

Since what maple syrup is made of is an extremely useful raw material, it is not surprising that other products are made from it. For example, in Canada, special honey and sugar are made from maple sap. Such products have a high cost, so the scale of production is small, however, you can buy and try them. And sugar, and honey from maple sap is more useful than ordinary analogues. A variety of syrup-based products that are very popular in North America are more available and distributed. This includes breakfast cereal, butter, and jelly, as well as a real variety of all kinds of sweets, from caramel to toffee and chocolate. All of them will seem very tasty to those who love the rich and vivid taste of maple sap. Of course, the benefits from them are less than from pure syrup, but it is quite reasonable to buy such treats as a souvenir or just to eat them in moderation.

Baking with maple syrup

To feel the real rich Canadian taste as bright as possible, try to make muffins. Take 2 chicken eggs, 100 grams of fresh butter, 225 milliliters of maple syrup, 3 or 4 apples, 2.5 cups of flour, a tablespoon of baking powder, a teaspoon of salt, the same amount of cinnamon and nutmeg. Immediately turn on the oven and heat it to one hundred and seventy degrees. Beat the eggs by adding butter. Pour the syrup into the mass and add the finely chopped apples, mix everything thoroughly. Sift flour with baking powder and spices into the dough, mix and spread on the molds. Bake for twenty minutes, after which the fragrant cupcakes will be ready for serving. Enjoy your meal and good mood!

Composition, calorie

Of all the nutrients select only the main ones:

  • polyphenols,
  • B vitamins,
  • potassium,
  • manganese,
  • antioxidants
  • coumarin,
  • abscisic acid
  • zinc,
  • thiamine
  • sodium,
  • oligosaccharides,
  • phosphorus,
  • phenolic group of compounds
  • iron,
  • amino acids
  • organic acids
  • calcium.

Maple syrup is a healthy food. It is recommended to use in diabetes and obesity. Fructose is practically absent, while the sugar is much less than in honey.

Caloric content of 100 g of a product - 260 kcal.

The benefits of syrup and effects on the body

  1. A great alternative to sugar.
  2. Proved that maple syrup helps in the treatment of inflammatory diseases.
  3. Thanks to the record content of useful substances immunity is stimulated.
  4. The product normalizes digestive, metabolic processes, improves intestinal motility.
  5. Inhibits invasion, the growth of colorectal cancer cells, by suppressing one of the signaling pathways.
  6. Controls insulin secretion.
  7. There is a cleansing of the circulatory system, prevents the formation of cholesterol plaques.
  8. The leader in the amount of potassium and calcium, therefore, it is recommended for children during the period of active growth.
  9. Promotes rejuvenation, prevents the aging process.
  10. A positive effect on the work of the pancreas and liver.
  11. An excellent aphrodisiac for men, enhancing potency.
  12. It is a prophylactic against the development of cancer.
  13. Regular consumption normalizes cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels.
  14. Beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system.
  15. It protects the gastric mucosa from the effects of negative factors.
  16. It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, regenerating, wound-healing properties.
  17. It prevents the development of atherosclerosis.
  18. Relieves fatigue, shown with increased mental or physical stress.
  19. Does not cause allergies, unlike bee products.
  20. Strengthens hair, nails.

Useful properties of the product are incredibly diverse. It is no coincidence that on its basis, many popular weight loss diets have been developed.

Cooking Uses

Maple syrup is a great substitute for sugar. It can be used in the preparation of beverages, confectionery sweets, pastries, creams, sweetened them with coffee, tea, used as a substitute for jam, jam, jam.

The product is universal, improves the taste of meat dishes. In America, it is used in the preparation of vegetables, legumes, omelets, grilling, fish dishes. Especially popular are candy-lollipops, reminiscent of our "cockerels". This is a great addition to pancakes, pancakes, toasters, ice cream, sweet porridge.

There is a recipe for a delicious drink. In a glass of cold milk, mix two tablespoons of maple syrup. It turns out a great refreshing cocktail.

How to choose a quality product

There are many criteria for choosing maple syrup. Select the main ones.

  1. Quality product produced in Canada. It is there that produced syrup of proven quality, authentic, as clean as possible. If the label indicates the country of origin is Canada, but the syrup is packaged in another country, you have a quality fake.
  2. Pay attention to the price. If 1 liter is worth less than 70 dollars, it is worth to abandon the purchase.
  3. Fresh product has no bright pronounced taste, is transparent.
  4. The taste is caramel with a soft flavor of wood. The aroma is pronounced. Consistency - medium density.
  5. The lighter the amber shade, the more pronounced the aroma and taste.

There is a special classification system by which you can choose a product.

  • The best and most popular is Canada # 1 (used for medicinal and dietary purposes).
  • Canada # 2 found wide use in cooking, the syrup in this case is darker.
  • The thickest in consistency and having a pronounced taste is Canada # 3 maple syrup, used as a sweetener.

In stores real maple syrup, you are unlikely to find. Fakes are made of fructose and corn syrup. You can buy genuine goods only in specialized online stores.

How to store

You can store the product at room temperature and on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. An important condition is that the container should be hermetically sealed.
After the container is unpacked, the maple syrup is poured into storage in glass jars and stored at -5-8 degrees. The shelf life is three years from the date printed on the package.

Maple syrup is an incredibly healthy tasty product that will be useful for everyone. Not to mention the delicious dishes with maple syrup, which have excellent taste. Having tried it at least once, you will never forget the splendor of aroma and taste, and you will certainly find your application for the product.

Maple syrup how to do, what to replace and what is the composition of the product?

Such a product as maple syrup, appeared long ago. It was found by the inhabitants of Europe long before the discovery of America. Drinks were made from natural maple juice product. Later, over time, the Europeans improved the method of extracting and processing raw materials. Until now, the process of mining it has not changed, however, as the demand for it.

How to make maple syrup, what taste does it have?

As mentioned above, before you make a product, extract the juice. The period of extraction of juice comes in early spring. It is during this season that juice acquires useful and tasty properties. A small hole is made in the trunk of the tree, with the help of a special tube, the liquid flows into the containers fixed next to it.

The resulting liquid is evaporated. It takes several hours. In order to make one liter of syrup, you need to produce about forty liters of fresh juice. With one tree, you can collect the juice for decades, this process does not harm the plant.

In our country, maple sap is not collected. Extraction and processing of this product is developed in Canada and in North America. It is there that specially planted sugar maple.

Basically, the juice can be obtained from three types of maple: black, sugar and red. Such trees reach thirty meters in height, and their diameter can exceed one meter.

Maple syrup is a clear liquid. Like any other sap, maple is fragrant, thick and volatile. According to its consistency, it can be compared to bee honey. He has an amber color. Harvesting from this tree occurs at the end of spring. Honey, sugar and butter are produced from the juice, depending on the stage of boiling the product.

What is maple syrup made of and how?

In America and Canada, there are huge alleys with maples, which are grown specifically to extract juice. As soon as the sap from all the trees is collected, it is sent to the processing plant.

It undergoes the evaporation process. Depending on the type of plant, this stage may take a different amount of time. In addition, it is worth noting that the product is naturalequivalent to our honey. No preservatives or colorants are used in its production..

Americans grow so many sugar maple trees that there is no need to speed up the evaporation process. One crop quickly replaces the other. The demand for this product is constantly growing. In America, this is a national product, and in our country - imported, overseas.

What is included in the maple syrup: composition

As mentioned earlier, his made from natural raw materials. That is, it is already sold in the store without artificial additives and is one of the favorite delicacies of all ages.

The composition includes beneficial vitamins and trace elements.

  • Vitamins of group B.
  • Potassium and calcium,
  • Zinc and phosphorus,
  • Thiamine and iron,
  • Manganese and antioxidants.

This delicacy is not only tasty, but also healthy. Its composition is considered unique by the Americans.

The use of syrup in cooking

Maple sap syrup is widely used in cooking in the Americas. In Russia, this tradition is less developed, as it is not easy to find natural syrup on sale.

Maple syrup during heat treatment does not acquire carcinogenic qualities, as it happens with honey, so it is more useful to add it to various pastries and hot desserts.

Syrup is used instead of jam, honey, jam, served with pancakes, pancakes, waffles, ice cream. Often added to dishes from vegetables and meat, used to prepare various sauces and baked bread.

How to choose maple syrup?

To choose a real maple syrup, you need to carefully look at the label, which contains information on the composition of the product.

In the natural syrup should not be preservatives, dyes, flavors and other fillers. If the composition contains ordinary sugar, it is no longer a natural product, but ordinary sweet water, which is sold under the guise of maple juice syrup.

На вкус определить качество сиропа можно по мягкому древесному привкусу, прозрачной и тягучей консистенции, напоминающей жидкий мед.

Чем заменить при приготовлении блюд?

While preparing various culinary dishes, you can replace maple syrup with liquid, clear honey, pear or gooseberry jam syrup. This will affect the taste of dishes, and a real connoisseur of American cuisine will immediately feel the substitution.

Natural maple syrup can be bought in our time in any country. The product was valued by entrepreneurs, and imported from Canada or produced on its own from maples sap containing a large percentage of sugar.

Types of maple syrup, description and taste

The syrup has a specific, very sweet woody flavor, which is why it is so popular in cooking to sweeten dishes and prepare desserts.

The consistency of a thick and viscous, like honey. It has a wide range of shades - from light yellow to dark red. Color, taste and aroma depend on the time of collecting the juice. The later (March-April), the darker the syrup turns out, and the taste is richer.

As a result of these differences, a product classification was created.

Composition of maple syrup

Disputes about the benefits of syrup have been going on for many years. Some are convinced that this is an excellent sugar substitute, which supports the normal functioning of the human body, and others - that this product is poor in its composition.

Maple syrup contains vitamins AT, as well as 24 antioxidants and minerals (iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc). But to get 62% of the daily intake of vitamin AT 2, 9% calcium, 8% zinc and 5% potassium need to eat 100 g of the product. And each tablespoon contains about 50 kcal and 12 g sucrose!

In addition, the syrup does not contain proteins and fats, but in 100 g there are 67 g of carbohydrates.

Therefore, add it to your diet as a remedy is not worth it. But it will be an excellent substitute for refined sugar, as it has a lower glycemic index, due to which it does not so drastically affect the blood glucose level.

In addition, it is produced in a safe way and does not include harmful additives.

Calorie Maple Syrup - 260 kcal per 100 g

Glycemic index - 55-65.

Daily rate - 60 g for adults, 30 g for children.

Contraindications and harm

Harm to a person can cause syrup only in case of excessive intake. Due to the high percentage of glucose, it can lead to obesity and high blood sugar levels.

Experts also recommend abandoning it to pregnant women, as it stimulates the uterus, which is fraught with premature birth and miscarriage.

Of course, health hazards are low-quality goods. Therefore it is worth a responsible approach to its purchase.

How to choose and store maple syrup

1. First of all, pay attention to the etiquette of products. Quality goods are made in Canada and the United States, and marked with gold leaf maple. It is necessary to indicate the address of the manufacturing farm, a class is registered (type of syrup).

2. The price of goods is high. If below $ 70 for 1 l, then you have a fake.

3. Good maple syrup color transparent or translucent, without turbidity. The consistency of medium density.

After opening the container, unlike honey, a mold may form on the syrup. Therefore, it should be stored in the refrigerator on the bottom shelf. Shelf life 6-12 months. An unopened bottle can be stored in a cool place for up to 2-3 years.

How to make maple syrup at home

To make a natural sweetener yourself, you need to do the following:

  • collect broadleaf maple sap,
  • boil it on low heat, so that the moisture is completely evaporated and the mass is turned into syrup,
  • cool and pour into glass containers.

Maple syrup has excellent taste. And, despite its scanty composition, it can be safely bought for a change in its diet. It gives a sweet taste to dishes without harm to health.