General information

Characteristics and description of hybrid stardust F1, cultivation and care


Onions are grown on almost all land plots, gardeners and farmers. This vegetable is used by us both in fresh form, and in the past thermal processing.

White onions recently began to gain popularity

The need for onions and their customer demand is high at any time of the year. If there are seasonal vegetables and fruits, without which we can do in the winter, then we eat onions all year round. Such a love for onions is due to its beneficial properties:

  • boosts immunity
  • contains vitamins and trace elements,
  • helps in the treatment of colds.

Despite the fact that we harvest onions in summer, its demand increases in winter and early spring, when our immunity is subject to various diseases. Regular use of onions helps us to resist the moments of the development of infectious diseases. A weakened organism is subject to the slightest spike in colds, and the preventive use of onions creates a reliable shield against infections.

Stardust is a medium ripening bow. The shape of the bulbs is large and round, the taste is with an average level of sharpness. Tastes make onions popular in salad dishes. This combination is ideal for such dishes.

The storage time of stardust is high, after harvesting the bulbs can be stored until mid-winter. Storage conditions stardust varieties:

  1. Sevok placed in a warm place.
  2. Sev stored at twenty degrees of heat.
  3. This temperature is optimal.

If you exceed the temperature or lower, the shelf life will be reduced. Also stardust can shoot arrows.

Sevok Stardust must be kept warm

Planting varieties

Description stardust characterizes its endurance and persistence. Sevok stardust is grown from seeds as an annual crop. Planting is carried out with strict observance of the distance between the beds and planting materials.

For one square meter they sow a variety of stardusts sevok two hundred fifty grams of onions. Planting and care is a little different from other varieties. Seeding is done before planting the variety. Prepare for planting and land, where planted planting sevka.

The description of care is carried out regularly and moderately. They dig up the earth to make the soil friable, and the soil fertile. Land is treated and divided into beds.

After planting, take care of the onions, providing the land plot and variety with timely watering and fertilizing.

Caring for the soil involves the timely cleaning of the site from weed, and the treatment of planting material from parasites. Preventive measures should not be neglected, so as not to heal your crop from diseases and pests.

Onion beds need to be carefully freed from weeds.

When choosing a land plot where sevok is planned to be planted, the fertility of the soil and its predecessors should be analyzed. If among them are potatoes, tomato or legumes, then the plot is suitable for planting onions. Culture loves sandy soil with a loose structure. The climatic conditions for it vary, it accepts the southern regions and the northern regions depending on the predisposition of the variety.

Stardust does not belong to capricious crops, but it is not widely distributed among summer residents and large-scale farmers. The most popular and in demand are varieties with a golden crust and a sweetish taste. Similar types are allocated with high resistance and demanded among consumers.

If you decide to plant stardust do not worry about his landing. Timely actions and consistent reactions will allow you to get a rich harvest of the selected variety.