General information

Choice and independent production of the machine for sharpening chainsaw chains


The saw teeth become blunt about the wood when sawing, therefore for high-quality and efficient work they make sharpening the chain in various ways. If the owner of the saw does not work professionally for sawing wood every day, he sharpens the teeth with a file or handles with a grinding wheel. If the wear chain is strong, then use the machine for sharpening chainsaw chains.

Machine Description

The machine for sharpening chainsaw chains is a small compact device that is easily installed in the workshop even of small size. It is used in large services and logging. Will become an assistant to the owner of a private yard, engaged in the construction of a wooden house or self-procured firewood.

Its design is similar to a standard cutting machine. The installation of the chain in the mounting position is carried out in a vice with a clip. Sharpening teeth produced a moving disk, which is set in the working position manually. In relation to the grinding disc, the chain is placed at an angle, which depends on the pitch of the teeth. The edges of the cutting links are corrected by a sharpening disk using a special template.

Reasons for chain maintenance on the machine

The machine for sharpening chains of chainsaws is productive, it saves electrical energy at the expense of low power. Easy to use device, sharpen links on it over time becomes much easier than working with a file.

In each specialized shop or workshop there is a machine for sharpening chainsaw chains. The shop in the person of the service worker will do the grinding. But not always go to the workshop close, and the quality sometimes leaves much to be desired, especially if you need accurate cuts. It is much more profitable to purchase a machine for your own use and learn how to work on it.

Principle of operation and design

The start button is located on the bed, there is also a device for regulating the depth. The angle is set using a graduated scale. Sharpen teeth abrasive wheel mounted on the movable head. For convenience, provided protective covers and control knob. The machine for sharpening chainsaw chains fixes the working position of the chain with a wedge, a holder and two screws.

Saw tooth is characterized by the presence of two cutting edges, angled from one to another. When grinding, choose the angle of contact of the abrasive wheel and the cutting part of the tooth. The angle in front of the blade is set at 60-80º, the slope of the rear upper blade is 50-60º, the upper edge is set at an angle of 25-35º.

Spindle speed

This important indicator is the best characterizes the machine for sharpening chainsaw chains. Reviews say that the higher the speed, the faster the sharpening. For industrial use in the work choose a machine with a spindle speed in the range of 4500-7500 rotations per minute. For turning the edges in the household workshop, it is enough if the revolutions per minute reach the indicator 3000.

Machine power

The machine for sharpening chainsaw chains has another significant indicator - engine power. The home workshop uses units with a characteristic of electricity consumption of up to 220 W, otherwise the application becomes uneconomical. If continuous sharpening of teeth is required, then the power is increased accordingly. For work in industrial conditions, a machine with a capacity of more than 300 W is suitable, which significantly increases its resistance to high loads.

Diameter of abrasive wheel

Depending on this indicator is determined by the purpose of the machine. Sharpening the edges of the chain for saws is made around a diameter of 10.5 cm. Increasing the diameter of the circle translates the machine into the category of industrial devices and is used in the work of sharpening the cutters of lathes. Machines with a diameter of 40 cm are installed in tool shops of enterprises.

The additional function of turning the head reduces the number of chain shifts during work, this speeds up sharpening. To ensure that all cuts are the same, a depth limiter is provided for in depth.

Use of the mobile machine

The manual machine for sharpening chainsaw chains is designed for sharpening in field conditions and is put on the saw bar. Refers to portable devices, allows you to perform work with maximum accuracy, to prevent the slightest inaccuracies in the angular dimensions. The procedure is as follows:

  • the chain clamp relaxes,
  • chain expose with the rotation of the links in the direction of the blade of the machine,
  • choose the angle of sharpening,
  • Sharpen teeth alternately.

The mobile handheld machine looks like an archery saw, in which the blade is replaced by a file with a round section.

The positive point in the work is that all the edges are aligned to one standard size according to the chosen settings, an ideally sharpened chain is obtained.

Set for sharpening a saw chain manually

A small load on an electric or gasoline saw allows you to sharpen the chain teeth manually using a special set. It includes several types of files and special templates. Items can be purchased separately. Operating procedure:

  • for sharpening the saw chain is fixed in a vice with the correct position of each link,
  • set the template and file a file alternately sharpen the area of ​​the tooth and the end of the blade.

Kits are sold for chains with a specific configuration, the speed is low. Significant damage to the edges of the chain can not be fixed, it is necessary to look for other ways. Modern sharpening kits and guides for clamping holders are used as machines for sharpening chains of chains "Shtil".

Buying a machine

They buy a machine only in specialized stores; it is better not to buy them at natural selling points. On the machine must be documents, warranty, instructions. Sometimes the machine without visible flaws manifests after some time flaws, but it has to be repaired only at its own expense, if there is no manufacturer’s warranty.

The recognized leader in the market of building tools and devices is the Makita trademark. Machine models are characterized by long-term operation and reliability. The machines have a reduced noise effect, designed for sharpening a large number of tools. Convenient and easy use ensures high performance.

Not less popular are the machines of the brand Oregon. A variety of models with a set of specific characteristics allows you to choose a device for all cases. Intend for sharpening of any kinds of chains, adjustment of a step on a cut of a different level is provided.

In conclusion, it should be noted that timely sharpening the chain significantly extends the period of operation of a gasoline or electric saw. That is why, at the first signs of difficulty cutting, the teeth are sharpened using a template.

Sharpening tool

You can sharpen a chainsaw manually, using a round file, mechanically, for example, using a grinder, or automatically - on a special sharpening machine.

The third option is considered optimal, and it can be used by any person, even if he hadn’t been faced with the editing of the saw headset before. Manual sharpening takes a lot of time, and only qualified craftsmen who know the technological features of this process can restore the sharpness of the teeth with a grinder.

Choose a suitable machine for sharpening the chainsaw chain is easy: the equipment is available in a wide range and is sold in different price categories.

By the method of control, the grinding machines are divided into manual and automatic. In the first case, all operations are performed manually, but such units do not require connection to the power grid, have compact dimensions and mobility. The second option is stationary structures (electrical machines), which, depending on the power and diameter of the abrasive wheel, can be used in household and in production.

Regardless of the manufacturer, the design of grinding machines with an electric motor includes 3 main units:

  • the bed on which the start button, the sharpening angle scale and the depth stop are located,
  • grinding tool - disc with abrasive coating, rotating on the spindle,
  • adjusting wedge - a clamp for the chain, equipped with fasteners.

The principle of operation is simple: the chain is installed in the holder, the necessary angle of sharpening is set. The machine turns on, and the abrasive disk is fed to the saw teeth. Grinding is carried out with a special handle. Teeth are sharpened consistently in a standard pattern.