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Five-minute forest strawberry jam


Strawberry jam, harvested for the winter of fragrant wild berries - an indescribable treat. It turns out even richer than strawberry, brewed from garden berries. It’s great if there is a forest nearby, and you can combine business with pleasure at the weekend - get out into nature and collect a basket of red berries among green grass.

Of course, it would be best if you eat enough fresh strawberries and enrich your body with natural vitamins. But I also want it in winter, when snow pours outside the window, to pamper yourself with the scent of summer. To preserve all the benefits of berries, the ideal option would be raw jam, that is, fresh strawberries, ground with sugar. Only to store such a delicacy will have in the fridge.

But there is another way in which the heat treatment of berries is reduced to a minimum and useful vitamins are stored better than with long-term reusable cooking. Try to make jam from strawberries "Five minutes".

How to make jam from forest strawberries "Pyatiminutka" for the winter

First of all, prepare the berries. In fact, many recommend that strawberries should not be washed, because it has a very delicate structure, berries can be washed and become unsympathetic. Maybe for a dessert with reusable cooking this option is suitable. But since we are going to make quick jam, we’ll still gently wash the berries.

First, carefully pick the strawberries, remove any small litter, insects, sepals, spoiled berries. Transfer to a saucepan or basin with cool water and wash.

Then fold the berries into a colander, so that all excess liquid is drained from them. Transfer to the dish, which will prepare the jam. It is best to use a copper basin, in extreme cases, enameled. Top with evenly pour the sugar into the berries and set aside until the juice appears.

When you see that the sugar has dissolved, and the berries have made juice, send the dishes on a small fire and bring to a boil. From now on boil for 5 minutes. In this case, a foam may form, remove it with a wooden spoon.

By this time, you should already have clean dry jars and boiled lids. Spread hot jam in jars and seal them with lids.

Turn the jars upside down, wrap something warm on top and leave it like this until it cools completely. Jam from forest strawberries "Pyatiminutka" for the winter is ready, you can send for storage in the cellar or storeroom.

In winter, serve a delicious treat with any fresh pastries - pancakes, pancakes, cheesecakes, buns.

There is one caveat - wild strawberry has a light bitterness, which is felt both in fresh berries and in the finished sweet jam. Particularly bitter strawberry that grows in dense pine forests. Some do not pay attention to this bitterness, but some people, on the contrary, do not want to risk, waste time on picking berries, and sugar on making jam.

But there are several ways to get rid of bitterness. Many housewives are advised to put one large peeled carrot or silver spoon (fork) in the bowl with jam when cooking. And you can add some red or black currant berries, lingonberries or blueberries (300 grams, not more) to strawberry jam, they just ripen at the same time. This will not only relieve the bitterness of the jam, but also add new flavor notes.

Five-minute wild strawberry jam for long storage

First you need to prepare strawberries. Rinse well, remove sepals, rinse under running water and drain excess liquid.

Put berries in a saucepan, add sugar. The optimal amount of sugar is 1.5: 1, but each housewife changes the recipe at its discretion and taste. Gently mix, leave the strawberries for 1 hour, so that the berry ran juice.

The contents of the pan is put on fire. When cooking jam from strawberries, foam is formed, which we remove in time. After boiling, mark 5 minutes on the timer, reduce the fire, continue to remove the foam and stir the jam. As soon as the timer rings, remove the pan, the jam is ready.

In advance it is necessary to prepare jars and lids: sterilize and dry. We spread the jam in jars, roll up. We cover with a warm blanket and leave until the cans are completely cooled.

Some prefer to repeat the procedure of boiling jam several times, for longer storage. But this should be done very carefully. If you digest the jam, the taste will disappear completely.

Raw jam from wood strawberry "five minutes"

Treat yourself and your loved ones on a clear, frosty day with fresh strawberries. It is made very simply.

Remove the twigs and leaves. Strawberries need to be washed very carefully. In this recipe, you do not need to cook the berry, it is called “five minutes” for its cooking speed. It is necessary to soften the strawberries. Better with a blender, but you can also skip through a meat grinder. Then add sugar. On 1 kg of berries 2-2,5 kg of sugar. After stirring occasionally, until the sugar dissolves. For faster dissolution, you can slightly warm the jam over low heat, but do not bring to a boil. After roll in sterilized jars. Keep this jam must be in the refrigerator.

Strawberry assorted

Quite often, strawberry jam gives a bitter notes. You can neutralize and at the same time diversify the everyday delicacy. Strawberries go well with red currants.

400 grams are enough for 1 kg of strawberries. currants. Sugar to taste. Assorted wild strawberries cook like the first recipe. It turns out very tasty. You can experiment. Add raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, orange, scrolling through a meat grinder (with skin), you get a very unusual taste.

Kitchen appliances and utensils

Starting the preparation of sweets for the winter, many hostesses ask the question "What are they to cook?". Not so long ago, the myth was popular that the most delicious jam is obtained in copper dishes. But, recent research scientists have debunked it. It turned out that copper releases substances that lead to the destruction of vitamins and the beneficial properties of the berries.

Jam can be made from red and black currants, yoshta, strawberries, squash, tomatoes, dogwood, black chokeberry, apples, melons, gooseberries, apricots, pears, cherry plums, rhubarb, sea buckthorn.

Important!In the process of cooking, the vitamin reserve of strawberries is not lost, if you cook for a short time. Almost 100% of vitamins C, B6, B9, E, folic acid, zinc, organic acids, manganese, iron, calcium, tannins are stored and ingested during the consumption of magic jam. It is not suitable for cooking delicacies as aluminum, and enamel dishes, but it is best to choose stainless steel inventory.

To make strawberry jam for 5 minutes, you need to stock up on the following kitchen equipment:

  • colander,
  • basin, or pan,
  • wooden spoon for stirring,
  • sterilized jars and caps for twisting (2 pieces),
  • sealer key
  • gas or electric stove.

All utensils should be clean and dried.

Required Ingredients

Inventory ready, now you need to ensure the production process with the necessary ingredients. Oddly enough, but to make five-minute jam from wild strawberries, you will not need a lot of ingredients.

Main products: the berry itself and sugar, in a ratio of 3: 1, that is, it is necessary to take, for example, 3 cups of berries and 1 cup of sugar for 1 floor liter jar. Such a short list of products for the incomparable yummy.

Features of product selection

The selection and preparation of berries is perhaps the most important task in the process of making strawberry jam for the winter for a five-minute recipe. As for the berries, then, of course, wild strawberry is a real jewel, because it accumulates in itself a lot of useful vitamins and substances.

Did you know?Wild strawberry is used in the treatment of diseases of the kidneys, heart, liver, circulatory and vascular systems, esophageal pathways, stomach, hypertension, atherosclerosis. She successfully removes from the body toxins and cholesterol. In addition, it is a rich source of vitamin C, which stimulates the adrenal glands and normalizes their release of adrenaline and cortisol into the blood, which improves working capacity. Therefore, do not advise to feast on berries at night.

However, finding wild strawberries is not so easy. She lives in forests and fields. Of course, you can buy on the market, but the berry is expensive. In this regard, garden strawberries are often used to make jams and sweets.

The difference between these two varieties is the size of the berries and the smell: the garden is much larger and sweeter, but it loses with forest aroma. In addition, the concentration of nutrients in wild strawberries is three times higher than that of the garden. Natural medicine justifies its cost.

If you decide to harvest wild strawberries yourself, then it should be done in mid-June - early July. When buying it on the market, pay attention to the size of the berries (they should be small), aroma and color (bright red).

To save as many vitamins in foods as possible they can be frozen. Learn how to freeze green peas, sunberry, eggplant, blueberries, strawberries, apples, milk mushrooms, cilantro, apricot.

Berry preparation

The first step on the way to fragrant sweets for homemade gourmets is the preparation of berries. They must be cleaned of sepals, peduncles, herbs and insects that could get into the dishes during collection. It is also necessary to remove unripe, or rotten berries.

Important!Forest strawberries are not advised to wash. But, if you doubt its purity, you can put the berry in a colander and rinse it under a sharp stream of water, or you can lower it several times in a container with water. Such methods of washing will not violate the integrity of the berries.

Cooking process

Many hostesses ask: "How to make strawberry jam so that the berry does not squander its beneficial properties?" Everything is quite simple: the less cooking, the more useful the delicacy will turn out.

In our case, put the infused mixture on the fire and bring to a boil. Cooking time - 5 minutes, actually from here and the name of the recipe - “five minutes”. True and this is not the finish. In the process of cooking, it is necessary to remove the foam, which is undoubtedly formed, and the procedure itself must be repeated two more times after the winter delicacy has completely cooled.

Did you know?Citric acid will not allow any jam or jam to be sugared.

Nuances and Tricks

Even more unique taste characteristics your taste will acquire, if you add to it a pinch of citric acid, or fresh lemon juice at the end of cooking.

Experienced hostesses are advised to use the following procedure to check the readiness of the product: drip the jam on a plate and stretch the spoon in the middle. If the strips do not stick together and do not spread - it is ready.

Many are also interested in why boil the jam several times. Here the fact is that the strawberries have a bitterness, to get rid of which, additional cooking processes help. Currant can also help to remove bitterness, which is sometimes added to such a jam. Its quantity should be 6 times less than the main berry.

Another way to eliminate bitterness is to use a carrot. Peeled and well-washed vegetable is boiled in a container of jam, and removed only at the end of cooking.

Jam storage

Ready-made jam should be collected in jars, pre-sterilized, or scalded with boiling water and rolled up, or tightly closed with lids. Rolled up product is advised to keep in a dark cool place, and for a tightly closed treat, the best storage would be a refrigerator.

Did you know?Fresh strawberries can cause allergic reactions, but strawberry jam has anti-allergic properties. There are many recipes for making wild strawberry jam for the winter. But, the classic five-minute version is always at the peak of popularity. Such a method of making jam is not just a great opportunity to please relatives in the winter season, gathering them for fragrant tea drinking, but also tasty treatment in order to enhance immunity.

How to choose and prepare the berries for harvesting for the winter

Finding real forest strawberries is not an easy adventure that only those who live in a village with intact forests and fields can manage. However, small berries are very tasty, and it may be a pity to spend them on conservation, especially if you managed to collect only one small jar. Buying strawberries on the market is even more expensive. Therefore, the best variety for making jam is garden strawberries, which grow on the beds next to strawberries.

If you still want to make a delicacy according to the original recipe, keep in mind that the most suitable month for picking wild berries is the end of June or the beginning of July. It is best to go on a forest hunt with small cans, since fragile soft forest berries can easily be dented in too large dishes. For a special flavor, you can also rip a few leaves.

How to make strawberry jam

If you decide to cook a transparent jam of wild strawberries, and not jam, carefully pick the berries, leaving only the whole, with no traces of decay. In no case should they spoil! It is recommended to pre-fill them with sugar and leave for 5-6 hours so that the berries start up the juice. Further actions depend on what exact recipe of wild strawberry jam you decided to try. In any case, get ready that it will take several hours.

However, for those housewives who are not inclined to adhere to the classic complex recipes, there are several options available that allow you to reduce the boiling time or even do without cooking. The main thing is to fill the berries with sugar in advance in order to put the juice in and leave, for example, for the whole night. This does not require serious effort or time, because while the workpiece is suitable, you can go about your business.

Classic recipe

If you do not know how to cook strawberry jam, it is recommended to focus on a ratio of 2: 1. Remember that any jam has a high calorie content. You will need:

  • wild strawberry - 1 kg,
  • granulated sugar - 500 g,
  • some citric acid
  • a few sheets of basil.

To learn how to cook strawberry jam, you need to try to do it yourself several times. Stick to this algorithm:

  1. Carefully cut off the tails and stems from the berries, rinse, add sugar.
  2. Leave overnight.
  3. Place the fruit in a wide container (suitable pelvis), put on low heat and slowly stir until sugar is completely dissolved.
  4. Let it boil, remove the froth.
  5. Cool slightly, boil again in half an hour. Add lemon and basil.
  6. Spread the mixture on the banks, cool, roll.

Features cooking strawberry jam

Gathering fragrant berries, you can make jam from them, jam. Housewives who are not the first time engaged in such work, they know that you need to monitor how the boils of jam. Prepare a delicacy on low heat, insist about 2 hours. Strawberries will retain a beautiful color and will taste good.

Responsible need to approach the choice of dishes. You can not cook the berries in enamel bowls, basins made of aluminum or copper. Need to stock up:

  • a pan or other stainless steel container
  • sealer key
  • lids
  • wooden spoon.

Fragrant delicacy is placed in jars, well sterilized. For its preparation there is no need for a large number of different ingredients.

Product selection

The most tasty and healthy jam is obtained from forest strawberries. This berry has a lot of vitamins, pectin, phenolic substances, flavonoids. When it is used:

  1. From the body go to the waste.
  2. The percentage of cholesterol decreases.
  3. Improves the work of the intestines and adrenal glands.

Harvesting strawberries is difficult, because it is very small, it stands out against the grass in bright red. To start collecting in June or July. Summer residents are engaged in the cultivation of garden strawberries, which has large berries, but cannot boast of forest aromas, contains many times less useful components than the one that grows on glades and forest edges.

Beautiful bouquets are obtained from meadow strawberries. Round dense berries are collected with stalks and sepals. They are stored for a long time, differ in smell and taste from forest and garden strawberries.

To make jam is taken:

First make a syrup. They put strawberries in it and leave it for 5 hours. Three times the delicacy is brought to a boil. For the last time, keep on fire for 5 minutes. If it is welded, a drop of the product does not spread over the surface of the saucer. In the room, a treat is stored in sterilized jars, twisted lids.

Stirring with sugar

A fragrant and tasty product will turn out, if before cooking the strawberries put juice. Not everyone knows what to do. Peeled berries and leaves should be put in a bowl or pan and put sugar in layers.

Cooking method:

Forest strawberries are washed in running water and separated from the sepals. Перекладываем ее в большой эмалированный таз, засыпаем сахарным песком и хорошенечко перемешиваем. Оставляем в покое на 2-4 часа, для того, чтобы ягоды дали сок.

After the required time has elapsed, we place the pelvis on a strong fire, stirring occasionally, bring the future jam to a boil, turn down the fire to weak, remove the foam from it and cook for another five minutes, then remove from the stove.

It remains only to pour hot jam in clean sterilized jars, roll up the lids and wrap in a warm blanket until it cools completely.

What ingredients to choose for five minutes of jam from wild strawberries

Before preparing the jam, I, of course, consulted a friend, who told me everything where to start:

  • It is necessary to use the berry on the same day when it was collected.
  • All sepals must be removed.
  • After going through the fruit, wash them is not recommended.
  • It is strictly forbidden to pick berries along the roads, because they become poisonous, sucking in themselves exhaust gases, dust and other various harmful substances.
  • With a little dust, for 2 minutes should be dipped strawberries in cold water and immediately flip to a colander so that it is not saturated with water.

When choosing strawberries for your delicacy, remember that the most useful will be only those that are gathered in the forest or in the meadow away from people and transport.

For quick cooking delicious and healthy jam It will take berries, sugar and a few minutes of your time.


Will consider The main stages of cooking:

  1. Enume the berries, lightly rinse if necessary and allow to drain.
  2. Pour 20 ml of water into an empty pan and pour in the main ingredients.
  3. Make a big fire under the tank and wait for complete boiling.
  4. Remove the foam and stir constantly for 3-5 minutes.
  5. Pour the sweetness on the banks, roll up the covers and wrap in a towel or blanket. Leave in this position for at least 2 hours.

Cooking Tips

In order for jam to really succeed with this recipe, I do not advise you to experiment, because in case of failure it would be a pity not to achieve the result that could be.

That is why I propose Some practical cooking tips:

  • For jam need necessarily dry berries.
  • In the capacity for cooking, you can not add water. In this case, so that the jam is not burnt, add sugar to the berries and leave for 2-3 hours to make the juice stand out.
  • It is possible to avoid burning if you constantly stir the mass in the pan.
  • Cooking utensils should be enameled.
  • If you like very sweet jam, you can mix 1 kg of berries and 3 kg of sugar.
  • If you wish to diversify the taste and make it even more saturated, add different types of ground nuts.
  • Banks must be well washed and sterilized. It is best to take a capacity of up to 1 l.
  • If the jam is a little bitter, you can add 100 g of red currant berries.

With what it tastes best to eat

Most of all I like to eat such strawberry jam just with a spoon, washing it down with warm tea. In addition, it is very tasty to smear the fragrant sweetness on a soft white loaf or bread. It will perfectly replace sugar, therefore it is added to cereals or directly to tea. It is not only very tasty, but also useful, because in this way you can get rid of a strong cough or a mild cold.