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Six delicious cabbage harvesting recipes for the winter


Harvesting cabbage for the winter - A great way to provide our body with essential vitamins. More about cabbage for the winter.

Sauerkraut in this recipe is always incredibly tasty! It can not be spoiled, and it always turns out the first time.

Grandmother's sauerkraut is unusually juicy and crispy. It is very long, does not become soft, does not overbite.

Try to cook cabbage salad with carrots, sweet peppers and onions - you will not regret, it is done very quickly! This vegetable platter is useful in salad and borscht.

In Russian cuisine there is such autumn fun - “boil the cabbage”. Cabbage, perhaps, the oldest of the products of Russian cuisine. Every family must have its own recipe for pickling cabbage. Usually cabbage kvass simple way: cabbage cut, mixed with carrots, covered with salt. Further, each family has its own secret of additives. These are dill seeds, cumin, and sugar. Perhaps I can not list all the recipes for salting cabbage. I will offer my recipe very tasty and crispy sauerkraut in brine for the winter.

This recipe for sauerkraut is ideal for the conditions of a city apartment: cooked one portion, and store in the refrigerator. It takes a bit of space and always has a tasty and tasty snack close at hand. The cabbage is crispy, juicy and, as a rule, eaten very quickly.

The recipe for "quick" sauerkraut cooked in a hot way.

Cabbage quick with garlic in marinade - a recipe for cooking savory vegetable snacks.

Delicious cabbage salad "Zakuson" is especially good for breakfast after a hearty feast.

Cabbage in this recipe is sour, as a rule, for 3 days. Sauerkraut in its own juice is moderately sour, crispy and very tasty. It is suitable for salad, and for cooking soup.

Cooking this delicious cabbage will take you quite a bit of time! Everything is very, very simple, but it turns out delicious! Ready pickled cabbage after 3 days, so do not wait too long. Try it!

The dish of Georgian cuisine is red cabbage, it is Pilyuska or Pelyustka.

Recipe for cabbage 3 days - instant white sauerkraut.

The recipe for sweet pickled cabbage - quick salad with carrots and sweet peppers.

Cabbage, cooked according to this recipe, is crispy, juicy, sweet-sour to the taste. For cooking sauerkraut we need 3 days.

Borscht dressing simplifies and speeds up the preparation of borscht. Cook the broth, boil the potatoes and add the dressing!

Wonderful pickled cabbage with beets, carrots, onions and garlic. Prepares quickly and very simply.

Georgian sauerkraut is very tasty, beautiful. Decorate the holiday table and brighten the table lean. Quickly done, crunches perfectly, quickly ends :)

Only 4-5 hours, and you have on the table a smart snack - sauerkraut. Recommend.

Not salted cabbage for the winter? No problem. Excellent and quick replacement - cabbage with beets in Korean. Such cabbage is not long in our country.

Fermenting cabbage with beets and carrots can be very simple, but it will take three days to wait. If you want to quickly try the sauerkraut with vegetables, you can add vinegar.

Delicious spicy little calorie snack. Prepares easily and quickly. For all lovers of salads and snacks "in Korean."

Pickled apples - very tasty and aromatic snack. Most often cooked apples with sauerkraut. Apples are imbued with the taste and aroma of sauerkraut, become more sharp and piquant. Apple slices are more quickly saturated with marinade, they become juicy and crispy.

Delicious and spicy cabbage to your table!

The beginning of autumn, it's time to spin. We make the preservation of vegetables for the winter. Recipe spin vegetable assorted with cauliflower for the winter.

To prepare a delicious salad for the winter, it is enough to have a simple set of vegetables - cabbage, carrots, cucumbers and sweet peppers. At the heart of the salad is the familiar white cabbage. Let's replenish the storeroom together and make a simple, but very healthy cabbage salad for the winter.

Marinated cabbage rolls with carrot-garlic filling will not linger long on the table.

Even if fresh vegetables all year round (as, for example, in Egypt), sometimes sour food is hunting. Pickled eggplants with cabbage are ideal for dumplings with potatoes. It turns out very tasty!

This is a canned cabbage, tomato and sweet pepper salad. Good for opening a jar in winter, and the salad in it is fresh, just as it was cut.

How to prepare marinated cauliflower for the winter? This question asked many hostesses. The process of preserving cauliflower is much easier than it might seem at first glance. I offer a recipe for pickled cauliflower with basil, without long-term heat treatment.

Today we are cooking pickled eggplants stuffed with cabbage. Pickled vegetables are very useful for our body. And if it’s also delicious, then it’s a world snack. :) The recipe is simple, so be sure to cook and evaluate! Repeat on health!

Cabbage marinated in jars is good and tasty, but sauerkraut is completely different and more healthy. Few now have the opportunity to sauer the cabbage in barrels. But you can use a large pot or a bucket. For many years now we have boiled cabbage in a large 4-pail pan.

The recipe for sauerkraut, which is already on the second day you can eat. It turns out it is appetizing, not very spicy, but it has one drawback - it is quickly eaten.

A simple recipe for frozen cauliflower for the winter.

There are a great many recipes for this wonderful snack. Marinated cabbage in Korean will decorate the festive table and diversify the Lenten menu.

Cauliflower coexists perfectly with other vegetables. We offer you to pickle cauliflower with tomatoes, sweet peppers and carrots for the winter. It turns out a great vegetable snack that can be used for a holiday table.

Picked up a lot of cabbage, but there is nowhere to store. I do not like sour cabbage. It turns out that sauerkraut can be sterilized in jars and rolled up.

I do not call for canning vegetables together in large quantities, but a few cans of vegetable platter are worth cooking. It is convenient to open such banks for holidays - there is a bit of everything in them and it looks beautiful.

Native, favorite recipes! Which not only tasty, but also remind the cool moments of our life! We will cook this sauerkraut with apples - simply, tasty and in our way! I love my family and eat tasty. :)

A simple recipe for vegetable salad-assorted cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, carrots and onions. Vitamin salad "Spring" in the middle of winter will give you spring freshness of vegetables.

Our hostesses know and use different ways of souring cabbage, each of them has its advantages. The Georgian cabbage leaven recipe described here is favorably cooked because the cabbage leaven in Georgian takes 3 days. In addition, this “fast” cabbage has a very piquant, original taste and looks very appetizing, as the beets give it a beautiful dark red color.

About the saying “A great thing is cabbage! And on the table it’s not empty, either.” I’m not going to speak, the snack version of cabbage in Korean always enjoys constant success. Although, to be absolutely objective, show me the one who refused Russian sauerkraut, but with a dusted apple, or with a lingonberry, or with cranberries, and under vodka. No such!

A very convenient and fast method of cooking cabbage according to the recipe, and the very storage of a small amount of sauerkraut in a jar in the refrigerator does not cause difficulties.

Cabbage salad turns out even tastier if you add to it not only carrots, but also an apple. A simple cabbage salad is easy to prepare and does not take much time. Prepare it now, and on cold winter evenings there will be something to crunch!

In cold winters, using such a simple piece, you can easily and quickly cook soup, hodgepodge or lazy cabbage rolls. You can use it as a salad for some side dish. You can do without a side dish, and without blanks, but then it will be cold and boring.

Cooked cabbage with mushrooms and spices will help you out more than once if you have prepared a canned mushroom soup for the winter.

Tasty, crispy sauerkraut in brine.

Today I cook a cabbage harvest for the winter. It is universal, it can be served as a side dish or used as a dressing for first courses, such as borscht or cabbage soup, and also such a preparation from cabbage and vegetables is perfect as a filling for pies. Winter is very useful!

Vegetable delicacy: cauliflower salad with tomatoes and sweet peppers. Everything is simple and affordable, but in the winter the taste of natural vegetables will seem like a true delicacy - the salad will justify its name and the time spent on its preparation.

Gorgeous homemade - mushroom hodgepodge for the winter. This mushroom solyanka with cabbage can be served as a side dish or appetizer, as well as used in the preparation of first courses.

Another recipe to replenish your pantry for the winter. Salad "Winter pleasure" is prepared from the available autumn vegetables, the components are interchangeable, which is very convenient for the hostess.

Sauerkraut is a very healthy dish! Such a cabbage is also good as an independent snack with onions and fragrant sunflower oil, and for cooking cabbage, sour cabbage soup and other dishes. Once I tried cabbage, fermented with honey, and now periodically I also cook it. The result is very like! Cabbage has a balanced salty-sweetish flavor, it is crispy, not soft. Try it and you!

Cabbage is a useful, traditionally Russian vegetable, without which it is impossible to imagine a family table at any time of the year. And how to do without borsch, cabbage soup, cabbage soup, especially when the vegetable season is over? This is where our art for the future comes to the rescue. Any cabbage: white, red, cauliflower, kohlrabi is subject to long-term preservation. Preparations for the winter of cabbage - it is tasty and healthy! That only costs the queen of winter tables - sauerkraut, rich in vitamin C. But you should not be limited to the preparation for the winter only pickled or pickled white cabbage. Quite interesting and tasty, for example, cauliflower for the winter, pickled in jars.

Every experienced housewife knows a lot of delicious cabbage recipes for the winter. These are various cabbage salads for the winter, cabbage solyanka for the winter. After all, the task of the hostess is not just to save all the benefits of the autumn harvest for the winter, but also to significantly ease the cooking process during the cold season. Tasty cabbage for the winter is always ready to help. Cabbage salads are made with the addition of various vegetables. Perfectly obtained cucumbers with cabbage for the winter, carrots and cabbage for the winter, cabbage with cucumbers and tomatoes for the winter, etc. A salad of cucumbers and cabbage for the winter is generally a classic winter dinner. With proper processing of these salads can be stored for a long time without loss of taste. Do not give up such a pleasure, engage in cabbage blanks. Moreover, there is a choice: you can make cabbage for the winter in banks, you can do marinating cabbage for the winter, you can sour it, salt it, shred it in salads, etc.

In general, as soon as they do not cook cabbage for the winter, the recipes of this dish are diverse. All of them deserve your attention, but you should look at the pictures of cabbage for the winter. Recipes with photos of such winter treats will help you choose the option you want.

We think that we have raised a hot topic - harvesting cabbage for the winter, recipes and tips from experienced chefs - at your service:

- later cabbage is more valuable for harvesting, it contains more sugar,

- Mature cabbage large, strong. Its leaves are bright and shiny, with no visible cracks and stains,

- stalk with all methods of processing and shredding should be discarded, because it is in her that all the negative is accumulated,

- Pickled cabbage should be based on apple, wine vinegar or citric acid. Our grandmothers used aspirin, try it and you

- it is impossible to use aluminum dishes for pickling cabbage, take glass, enameled or wooden containers,

- remember that when added to beet or bell pepper salads, your dish will be sweet,

- open jar of salad should be used quickly, because in a few days it will not taste good

- If you fry pickled cabbage a little, it will be an excellent filling for pies, dumplings, etc.

With carrots

The simplest and most common option is the leaven of the vegetable under discussion with carrots. This version of the product can be prepared not only at home, but also found in many stores, so you can always try it before you spend energy on cooking salad.

Ingredients Required

Let's start with the purchase of the necessary products. We will need to buy a small head of white cabbage, vinegar, carrots, vegetable oil, salt and sugar. Most of the ingredients to buy and not have to. Find out what makes sauerkraut good and bad. Ingredients:

  • 500 g cabbage,
  • 2 medium or 1 large carrot,
  • 4 tbsp. l vinegar,
  • 2 tbsp. l Sahara,
  • vegetable oil (optional),
  • salt.

Important!For cooking, it is better to use a small carrot, as a giant-sized vegetable can belong to fodder varieties, because of which the taste of the dish will be spoiled.

Step by Step Cooking Process

We proceed to the preparation of the product.

  1. Thinly chop the cabbage to make small strips of small length. After cutting, fold into a large saucepan or bowl, then vigorously wipe hands. The cabbage must make juice, otherwise the process of leaven will take several times longer.
  2. Carrots should be grated, then added to the cabbage. Do not forget to pre-peel the vegetable.
  3. Add vinegar and sugar. You can use three options of vinegar: plain, apple or rice. From the wine option is immediately abandoned.
  4. Oil is added at the final stage. Many housewives add it only at the moment when they put a portion on the plate, that is, before use. The lack of sunflower oil affects only the taste, but not the speed of the leaven.

Important!Vinegar is added to speed up the starter process, so its amount can be reduced if there are problems with the stomach or intestines. At the end, place the container with vegetables in the fridge for an hour. After this time, the dish will be ready to eat. We advise you to read about the beneficial properties and dangers of different types of cabbage: Brussels, Savoy, red, cauliflower, broccoli, kohlrabi, kale and pak choi.

Preparing a salad of:

  • winter cabbage varieties - 2 kg,
  • carrots - 8 pcs.,
  • garlic teeth –12 pcs.,
  • water - 1 cup,
  • vegetable fat - 1 cup,
  • sugar sand - 200 g,
  • salt - 2 tbsp. l.,
  • vinegar - 18 tbsp. l

The main product is shred, carrots are peeled and rubbed on a grater. Skip the garlic through a press, mix with vegetables and wrinkle well. For those who do not really like spicy snacks, the amount of garlic can be reduced.

Separately, in the tank should be boiled water for the marinade, add salt, sugar and vegetable fat. When the spices dissolve, you must turn off the heat under the pan, pour vinegar into the water and pour the vegetables in the brine. Soak they should marinade about 120 minutes. After the salad unfolds in clean sterile jars and rolled lids.

How nice it would be to open a jar of salad and potatoes for a cold winter day and recall the hot summer.

If you have your own original, interesting recipes, share them with readers in the comments, I will be very grateful to you.