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Nizin grapes


Most of us associate grapes with summer. And for any gardener and gardener is difficult to imagine a manor house without him. A special place among all varieties of grapes is Nizina. It is about him further and will be discussed.

Nisin grape variety description

Let's start with a description of the variety. The hybrid appeared thanks to the breeder N. V. Krainova and such grape varieties as Talisman and Kishmish.

If you follow all the recommendations for the care of the mouth, you can get a bunch weighing 0.7 kg. While sometimes it can reach a weight of 3 kg.

As for the maturation of the variety, the grapes belong to the middle ones. You can get a harvest in 125-145 days after the appearance of the first full-blown eyes. It all depends on the region of growing grapes.

From this it follows that under optimal conditions the first harvest can be harvested at the end of August. If we move closer to the north of the country, then in early September.

Bunches of grapes nisin on the vine

Characteristics of berries

The berries are oval-shaped, slightly tapered towards the end. They have a red-purple color, sort of gleaming in the sun. The percentage of sugar in the fruit - 17-18%, acidity - 8-9 g / l. The average weight of a berry varies in the region of 10-12 grams.

A distinctive feature of the berries is the early period of staining. Two weeks before full ripening, the clusters acquire a rich color and seem ready to harvest.

Lowlands berries closeup

Advantages and disadvantages

Any grape variety has its positive and negative sides. Consider them in more detail.

The advantages of the variety Nizin include:

  • good ripening periods, allowing to grow grapes practically everywhere in Russia,
  • fruits are not susceptible to pea
  • great taste
  • amazing presentation
  • safety of the variety during long-term transportation,
  • high frost resistance
  • good resistance to the most common diseases for example, gray rot and oidium.
Low-Ripe Grapes

The disadvantages of grapes include:

  • if you plant grapes close to each other, you get a bad harvest. Here it is necessary to provide space for food,
  • mandatory grape rationing,
  • the presence of 2-3 seeds for some drawback. Because it makes it difficult to enjoy the taste of grapes.

For planting varieties Nizina seedlings is extremely important to properly prepare the pit. It is best to do this in the fall, so that the compost filled in will have time to saturate the soil with nutrients. If you plan to plant bushes in the autumn time, then 2-3 weeks before that, it is recommended to prepare a pit so that the land with fertilizers can subside.

Digging a hole is deep and not less than 0.7 m wide. This will allow filling it with potassium salt, superphosphate, nitrogen and compost in the right quantity. Practice shows that for one bush you need about one bucket of fertilizer.

In order to compact the soil at the roots of the vine, a bucket of water flows into the middle of the pit. After the planting itself, the cutting is again watered, but in two buckets.

Grape cuttings ready for planting

Since for the Nizin hybrid you need enough space for normal development, it is worth leaving a distance of about three meters between individual saplings and 4 m between rows.

At the stage of falling asleep pit, establish and support to the seedling. This will cover and protect it in the winter without damaging the young plant. Around the cutting necessarily spread mulch from dry grass, seed husks or straw. Thus, they warm the vine, protect it from pests, keeping moisture inside the earth.

Care for a young and mature vine

  • Nisin needs a lot of moisture. That is why during droughts it is extremely important to water the bush in time,
  • for the preservation of moisture in the soil, after watering this place is immediately covered with mulch,
  • It is desirable to produce top dressing bushes. As fertilizer, you can take what was used during planting,
  • Lowland bushes are recommended to form in the fall by pruning. In this case, the best option - multi-fan fan molding,
  • as a preventive measure, it is recommended to regularly use means against plant diseases.
Young bush lowland grapes

Breeding methods

The easiest way to buy a seedling on the market or via the Internet, but you can create it yourself, taking it from a neighbor. To do this, you can go in three ways:

  • seedlings, when all the features and value of a variety are preserved,
  • graftingwhen the fruits can be seen next year. This allows you to significantly accelerate the process of ripening grapes. But it is better to plant on a plant of the same variety in order to preserve the taste and characteristics of the grafted shoot,
  • challenges reduce the risk that the escape will not take root. For withdrawal, it is recommended to prepare an escape that is closest to the ground, prikadav its middle. After some time, he will take root and take root. Then prikopanny escape is chopped off, and you can transplant it to another place.
Summer inoculation of lowland grapes

Diseases and pests

Moldia, gray rot, iodium - enemies who are not afraid of Nizin. But nevertheless in the preventive purposes to make spraying is necessary. For this purpose, you should pay attention to the specialized tool "Antrakol". It is recommended to use in spring and autumn. In winter, it is useless.

Plus, the bees do not attack this grape variety. What naturally positive quality.

Now you know about the features of planting and caring for Nizin grapes. Difficulties here should not arise. The main thing is to follow all the recommendations of our article.

The main rule - do not forget about watering! Despite the fact that the grape variety Nizina requires enough moisture, it can not be poured. Otherwise, you can ruin the Nisin variety. During the active growing season, the plant requires an especially large amount of moisture.

Also, enhanced watering is necessary in a period of particularly dry weather or by the time the berries ripen.

It is also necessary to feed more frequently to the bushes preparing for the fruitful period. At this time, the bush gives its maximum strength to the growth of grapes. You can use superphosphates or potassium salts as fertilizers.

Such substances, if they are mixed in equal proportions, will be a very good feeding for the first fertilizer. After the first time, experienced growers recommend using more advanced commercial mixes.

Remember that in the autumn time the bush must be cropped. Shoots reduce the size of about two eyes. To give a beautiful shape, you can choose a fan, this is the best option for such varieties as Nizin. The shape of the fan does not injure the bush and allows development in a natural way.

On the question of the prevention of various diseases of Nizin: prevention is carried out either until the time of flowering, or in the process of fruit ripening.

Breeding history

By crossing two varieties Mascot and "Kesha first"bearing another name Radiant Kishmish, was obtained such a beautiful and excellent grape variety.

The very first fruits of grapes saw the light in Novocherkassk. Now "Lowland" has a wide popularity among summer residents the whole country.

His hand also belong to such varieties as Blagovest, Victor, Angelica and Anyuta.

Grapes "Nizina": description of the variety

The bunches of this grape are cone-shaped. When ripe on the black soil of the berries pronounced blue - purple. By type of clusters are very large, the weight of which is sometimes reaches about 3 kg. Beautiful oval fruits also have an impressive weight and size. The parameters of one berry is 3 to 2.5 cm, with an average weight of 13 g.

The bright red tint of the clusters does not always indicate full maturity, since the saturated color appears before full ripeness. Finally ripe berries darken and turn dark purple.

Among the dark varieties are very popular early purple, witches Fingers and Ataman.

The pulp of the berries is characterized by rich taste, fleshy and dense.

The seed has almost no, only two or three in one grape.

By sweetness, the berries of this variety surpass some of these varieties. Thus, the sugar content in relation to acidity is in the ratio of two to one.

Below are photos of grapes Lowland:

Features of care and cultivation

To taste remained at the highest level, the grapes need a large area for full nutrition. Due to the large growth of the bush, it is recommended to plant cuttings of grapes at a sufficient distance from each other.

Helios, Sophia and Pink are also different in their growth.

Intensive growth and heavy gravity of ripe bunches heavily load the bush, therefore it is recommended to timely thinning of overgrown clusters. Shrub is not desirable to load more than 25 shoots and 35 eyes. Excessive brushes on the bush is bad for the yield, the berries become smaller.

Although this is a solar culture, however, it needs to mature in a small penumbra. It is advisable to take care of this in advance when landing.

Variety sensitive to the windtherefore, it should be planted so that the bush is subsequently protected from the north winds.

The place chosen for planting should not be in the soil where the groundwater is too close. In this case, dig a hole or ditch that will act as a drain.