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Broilers Ross 308 and 708 - breeding at home


Almost every year around the world new breeds of poultry are bred, which give an incredible amount of high quality meat. Ordinary chickens are no longer satisfied with the population, and therefore, as a rule, broilers of different breeds are increasingly common in households, one of which is Ross 708.

Values ​​of this breed

This type of broiler is known for its many advantages over other similar varieties. First of all, according to experts, many low-fat, practically dietary meat is obtained from this bird, and secondly, this broiler breed has excellent egg production. Young animals are usually used as a source of meat. Older individuals are designed to produce high-quality eggs and offspring.

As a rule, these birds are reared only in the household. It is not very profitable for enterprises to keep such a bird, as this variety requires proper care, which numerous poultry farms cannot provide today.

The main features of this hybrid chicken

More recently, hybrids like COBB 500 have been the most popular on the markets. Yet, a new breed is several times larger than this analogue. To confuse these types of poultry is not so difficult. In childhood, chickens are almost identical, and only a professional can distinguish them after a thorough examination. Therefore, experts recommend buying a bird only from trusted suppliers who can provide all the necessary documentation.

The main feature of Rossi curia is lightning fast ripening. Literally a month after her birth with proper feeding, the weight of the bird will vary between 2.6 kg and up to 2.9 kg. It is the speed of growing and is considered the main advantage of the breed. The only drawback is the pale skin. Until full maturity, she does not have time to get a natural yellow shade. The consumer is not confused by this minus.

This hybrid is artificially developed by experts, and therefore requires careful maintenance and special feeding. The main characteristics of the bird can be considered:

  • low cost of meat,
  • a huge amount of the resulting product
  • the bulk of the meat is concentrated in the breast and legs,
  • meat is not fat and almost dietary.

All the above characteristics suit the consumer, and this hybrid due to this has become the most popular among consumers.

Power Features

To feed broilers of this breed is necessary in a special way. During the first days of life after birth, food is almost the same as feeding ordinary chickens. Most often during this period the little chicken should be given:

  • crushed oatmeal,
  • boiled eggs,
  • millet,
  • wheat and barley, which should be detailed,
  • cottage cheese.

The basis of the daily diet of babies should be crushed grain. After the third day of life, professionals recommend starting to add green food, in particular, sprouted grains and vegetables (carrots, cabbage, beets). A week after the birth, they begin the gradual introduction of potatoes and fish waste into the diet.

For better quality of meat, it is recommended to add chalk at least in minimal quantities. On the twentieth day, the feed may be the most diverse, and on the 4th week the hybrid is gaining the greatest mass, so the food during this period must be correct and include fermented milk products. And, of course, do not forget about water. Raw water is completely contraindicated to them, it is best to use decoctions of chamomile and wild rose.

By purchasing the offspring of this hybrid chicken, in your home there will always be high-quality meat and eggs, as this bird gives a huge amount of products.

Characteristic ROSS-708

Cross-course ROSS-708 has the following exterior and constitution data:

  • The acquired constitution, from maternal dwarf breeds, has the appearance of a squat bird, creating a sense of the power of the body,
  • The legs are short, strong, the impression of strength,
  • Feather selection pure white shade,
  • Comb, beautiful, bright, red,
  • The bill is massive and strong,
  • The lobes of the ears are very bright in the tone of the comb bright red.

The skin of an early-scored broiler is white. This feature is characteristic of rapidly developing broilers.

These characteristics can also be found in other breeds of chickens. Therefore, when purchasing a cross, you must be very careful. A herd is best purchased from trusted vendors.

Photo of broilers ROSS – 708

General features

Not much time has passed since such crosses as COBB-500 or ROSS-308 were raised on the podium of honor. But the time has come ROSS – 708 and the predecessors had to make room.

The main distinguishing feature and its advantage over other crosses is precocity. Just imagine that on day 33 it reaches 2.6-2.9 kg of live weight. This prohibitive growth rate is a decisive advantage when choosing a breed by farmers - poultry farmers.

Content Features

Despite the fact that this variety is a hybrid, however, it requires some features of care.

The house should be equipped with forced or natural ventilation. The territory where the livestock is located must be cleaned, clean and dry. Mandatory disinfecting preventive measures. The perimeter of the house should be provided with litter. Humidity in the house should not exceed 60%.

Mandatory temperature control in the house:

  • so the temperature to 21 days should be about 30 degrees,
  • later slightly reduced to 24 degrees.

Mandatory availability of special lighting. So from the first days of life provided around the clock coverage. So that the chicken can eat and drink at any time he wants. Livestock should be warm and well fed at any time of the day.

At first, the chickens do not need spacious rooms, but over time the house will have to be expanded. There is no need to be very zealous in this matter, since the more the broiler moves, the more calories it burns. Accordingly, less weight gaining. In connection with this situation, more and more farmers are switching to the cellular maintenance of poultry. Since such conditions make it possible for farmers to limit excessive movements to broilers, so that birds gain weight faster.

A separate issue is the topic of pest and predator control. Since chicken meat, as well as grain, is popular not only with people, but also with mice, rats, ferrets and martens, not to mention larger predators. Farmers need to carry out appropriate activities. The solution is to provide a strong, reliable foundation.

The ventilation system must be equipped with grid, barrier barriers. The roof and windows, if any, are deafly closed.

As it grows, it becomes easier to care for the livestock.

Broiler feeding

  • From the first days, the feeding of broilers ROSS – 708 is normal and in no particular way differs from other hens. On our site there are enough articles on this topic that can be found in the "Feeding Chickens" section.
  • Since reaching the third day, you can enter in the feed in the form of greenery.
  • On the tenth day you can give carrots and potatoes. Add a little chalk, you can shell. Do not give sand on any pretext.
  • When reaching 20 days give boiled potatoes, steamed feed.

Disease prevention

This bird is no different from any other and also prone to disease. Therefore, for prophylaxis, in addition to pretreatment of the premises, airing, and temperature control, conduct antibiotic feeding (some farmers are not limited to these periods and introduce antibiotics into broiler drinking until the day of slaughter).

Description of the species

Chickens-broilers Ross-708, shown in the photo, are characterized by rapid maturation and weight gain. By the end of the first month of life, one individual weighs at least 2.5 kg. And with proper care and proper nutrition, the mass can reach 3 kg.

Poultry farmers highly appreciate this type of hen for such advantages:

Low purchase price.

Great weight dietary meat.

The presence of a delicious fillet in the brisket area.

Low feed intake.

Excellent egg laying performance.

About the content

The description of the broiler Ross-708 Holland, whose photo we see below, suggests the creation of suitable conditions for the maintenance of birds.

This means that the room in which the birds will live must meet the following requirements:

Clean and dry house.

Regular disinfection of walls and floors.

Required presence of litter.

It is important to know that newborn chicks are very sensitive to air temperature. In order for the birds not to get sick, it is necessary to keep the temperature at +32 0 С in the house. Every 7 days this indicator can be lowered by several degrees, bringing the temperature to +24 0 С. system.

Daily chickens

It is important to note that the area of ​​the Ross-708 broiler house should not be large. Moreover, recently there has been a tendency to keep chickens of this species in cages. So they quickly gain the required weight of meat.

Some secrets

Before settling birds in the house is important to prepare it. First of all, clean all surfaces from dust and dirt. To prevent the occurrence of diseases, walls and ceilings are whitened with quicklime. Then the floor is covered with straw or sawdust. In winter, the litter thickness should be at least 20 cm, in the warm season - 7-10 cm.

For the comfort of broiler chickens it is necessary to organize around the clock coverage. Lamps should not be blinding, but bright enough. As soon as the feathery reaches a body weight of more than 200 grams, daylight can be reduced to 15-18 hours per day.

Growing broiler Ross-708 necessarily includes drawing up the correct diet and following it. Immediately after hatching, the Ross-708 broiler chickens should be fed the same way as any other chicks.

As feed use:

Steamed oatmeal.

Starting from the third day greens are introduced into the diet. Since the 10's - potatoes, carrots, fish waste. All components must be fed in a ground form so that chicks can easily peck food. Drinking water should be boiled in sufficient quantity. To prevent the development of infectious diseases, it is recommended to add some potassium permanganate to the water. Some farmers advise replacing water with chamomile or rosehip decoction.

To increase the usefulness of food for crosses, chalk supplements are regularly added to feed. Remember that in the fourth week of life, Ross-708 broilers are actively gaining weight. During this period, it is very important to diversify the food of birds, to include the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals.

Summing up

Reviews of farmers say that to quickly get a large number of chicken meat, it is worth growing Ross-708 crosses. This breed is characterized by accelerated weight gain, a high percentage of survival. An important point in the organization of the cultivation of birds, is the creation of comfortable living conditions and feeding. Competently composed diet and a warm room for birds is the key to profitable broiler breeding.