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How to store, dry, freeze and recycle viburnum at home?


The bitter taste of viburnum is not liked by everyone, but you cannot refuse a plant with beauty. Indisputable are the beneficial properties of berries, which help to overcome a cold, get rid of a headache, high pressure and insomnia.

Taste deficiencies of fruits are easily corrected with sugar.

Information on how to preserve viburnum longer will help to use the healing properties of the berry for more than one month after harvesting or buying.

When harvest viburnum

Kalina - a plant unassuming and does not require special care. It is well acclimatized after planting and happy harvest next year. Therefore, if possible, it must be placed on your site.

Harvesting and preserving the harvest - these processes depend only on diligence, because they are also simple.

Full ripening viburnum occurs in late autumn. The indicator is the first frost. As soon as he passed, you can immediately start collecting. The cold contributes to the fact that the berries lose most of their bitterness and become much sweeter.

Kalina is going to whole bunches. It is best to cut them with pruners and place them in wooden or cardboard containers. One berry can not be torn off: they will be damaged and turn into a mash.

Brushes viburnum can be put in a container in several layers. The skin of the pristine berries is dense and should not burst.

When waiting for the first frost is not possible, viburnum can be collected earlier (in August or September). But in this case, the berries must be sent to the freezer. There they will reach the desired condition. Berries can be left frozen or stored in another way.

Storage of frozen viburnum berries

If the berries are not fully harvested, leave them in a tree - they calmly winter. Is that some of them peck birds. Kalina is an amazing plant: the berries are not only not afraid of a long twenty-degree frost, they become tastier from the cold.

This means that fruit can be stored frozen. For this:

  • Separate berries from the brush.
  • We remove the damaged fruits.
  • We put viburnum in bags or in containers and send it in the freezer. If to freeze dry berries, they will remain in a friable look and will not stick together among themselves.

Before freezing viburnum is not necessary to wash. This procedure must be done immediately before eating berries.

Do not freeze in a single container a large amount of viburnum. It should be enough to last for one-time use without residue. If the berries did not go all the way, you can not freeze them again: you will get a useless product. It is necessary to throw the remaining viburnum into the tea or to fill it with sugar.

Storage of viburnum with sugar

Kalina, mashed with sugar, is a "live" jam, cooked without heat treatment. It is stored for at least a year. All the beneficial properties of viburnum are stored in full.

The sequence of cooking berries, rubbed with sugar:

  • Brush viburnum rinse under a small stream of water.
  • Spread out on paper towels and dry.
  • Separate the berries from the stem.
  • Place viburnum in a large container and add sugar or honey in a 1: 1 ratio.
  • Stir. Mashed berries with sugar, turning into mashed potatoes. Pips must not be removed, as they also contain useful elements.
  • Leave the viburnum mixture for about an hour. Re-mix.
  • Pack up the wiped berries in a clean glass container, cover with plastic covers.

Store viburnum should be in a cool dim room. It is suitable and pantry and refrigerator.

If the storage space for blanks is not cool enough, you can hedge and sterilize the grated berries in hot water. Half-liter jars filled with viburnum should be held in boiling water for ten minutes, liter - twenty. When using sterilization, it is allowed to reduce the amount of sweet sand from one kg to 700 grams (per kg of viburnum).

Berries can not wipe, and alternately with sugar poured into a glass jar. At the top there should be a layer of sweet ingredient. Harvested Kalina should be stored in the refrigerator. Banks tightly closed with plastic covers.

A week later, Kalina can be consumed. It will continue well until autumn.

Dried viburnum

One of the ways to store viburnum - drying berries. This operation can be done in the oven. But first, it is desirable to slightly lower the berries.

To dry the brush viburnum in one layer should be decomposed on a baking sheet. Then send the berries into the oven, heated to 50-60 degrees. The door should remain ajar.

When the berries shrivel, it means that drying them is enough.

Kalina should cool down. Next you need to separate the berries from the stalks. If it is difficult to do, let them remain.

Dried viburnum is stored under a closed lid in a dry glass container. You can use cotton bags.

When the fall dry weather persists for at least a week, the berries can be dried in the air. They should be laid out on clean paper, covered with gauze or a thin towel. Periodically, the berries need to be mixed.

Kalina helps to maintain health, filling the body with vitamins on dark and cold winter days. This inexpensive and affordable product can replace many medications. It is only necessary to store viburnum so that all its beneficial properties remain inside the berries.

What is useful viburnum?

The tradition of its use in Russia for the treatment, prevention of diseases and just for the pleasure of feeling its refreshing taste has been around for more than one century. A unique composition containing minerals, vitamins, organic acids and many more beneficial substances contributes to its widespread use:

  • to keep your heart muscle toned,
  • for the treatment of gastrointestinal pathologies,
  • for the treatment of skin diseases (lichen, acne),
  • for the prevention of atherosclerosis, colds,
  • as an additional tool in the treatment of disorders of the nervous system.

Knowing how to preserve viburnum for the winter at home, you can use these healing fruits for a long time.

How to collect viburnum?

The best time to collect it for harvesting for the winter is late autumn, the time after the first frost. It is then that the fruits lose their inherent bitterness, they become sweeter. Berries do not collect one by one, otherwise they will lose their juice. The best way to collect - cutting brushes with a secateur. To the place of processing the brush can be transferred with a sufficiently thick layer in any container. The skin of the berries is strong enough, and you can not be afraid that they burst.

Storing fresh viburnum

At home, you can store the berries right in the hands, putting them in a tightly closed container in the refrigerator or hanging in any cool room. You can not worry about the fact that the product will deteriorate or lose its healing properties, this will not happen for several months.

When storing brushes with berries in an apartment, the life of the product is not significantly reduced. If it is not possible to store the berries in conditions of low temperature, it is desirable to process them.

Freeze viburnum

Staying on the tree, the berries calmly tolerate the frosty winter, if they do not become food for wintering birds. Even brushes of viburnum suspended on the balcony can endure long frosts and preserve their taste and beneficial properties after defrosting. In order to prolong the use of medicinal berries, you can freeze them, separating them from the brush, together with the stalks.

Wash Kalina in order to store it in the freezer, it is not necessary, it is done right before use.

The left stem will not allow the juice to flow out when the berries are laid for storage. Fruits laid out in bags or plastic containers. If the berries are dry, they will remain in a crumbly state even after freezing. Frozen viburnum can be used to make fruit drinks, compotes, jellies, medicinal extracts.

Dry Kalina

You can prepare these berries for the winter by drying them in the oven. The brushes are laid out on a baking sheet, the regulator is set at a level of 50–60 С. The oven door should be ajar to prevent viburnum juice from flowing out of the bursting berries. After drying the berries can be removed. Dried Kalina should be stored in dry glass jars, closed with lids.

Drying is considered complete when the berries become wrinkled.

To dry the berries for the winter can not be so intense way, but simply spreading them in the open air in the shade. Fruits spread on clean white paper, covering with gauze or thin cloth on top. This method of drying takes time and patience, the berries need to be mixed gently from time to time.

Wipe with sugar

To preserve the healing properties of viburnum, this method of preparation for the winter, such as wiping berries with sugar, is perfect. To do this, you need to sort out the berries, separate not very high-quality ones, rinse the fruits in cool water, and dry.

For grinding use the following methods:

  • wiping through a sieve
  • Blender grinding
  • Grinding mass using a meat grinder.

You do not need to separate the bones from the berries, so you lose a healthy juice. Crushed bones do not interfere with the use of wiped viburnum.

The ground mass should be mixed with sugar in a ratio of 2: 1, that is, the sugar should be two times more than the berries. It is laid out in sterile jars and stored in a refrigerator or in a cool basement. During long-term storage, the juice may separate and sink down into the container, but this does not affect the quality of the original product. This method of harvesting berries for the winter allows you to save all the vitamins.

You can store grated berries by sterilization in boiling water. Half-liter jars filled with chopped berries with sugar, need to be sterilized for 10 minutes, and liter - twice as long. The amount of sugar during preservation can be reduced by half compared with the previous recipe. After sterilization, the grated berries are rolled and cleaned in a cool place.

Squeeze juice

Separating the juice from the berries, you can stock up on the winter useful product. Selected fruits are washed, sorted and sent to a juicer. In the obtained after pressing the juice you need to add sugar and mix. It is mixed in a ratio of 1: 1, poured into sterilized dishes (cans, bottles). Kalinov juice should be stored only in the refrigerator.

You can substitute a part of sugar with honey or use the following recipe for storing juice for the winter:

  • viburnum berries - 1 kg
  • water - 200 ml
  • honey - to taste.

After squeezing juice from viburnum, all the ingredients need to be mixed, boiled for 10 minutes and stored in a cool place. This billet can be used for the preparation of Kalyna marshmallow or jam, marmalade, fruit drink, compote.

Do the liqueur

Healing infusion can be prepared from these healthy berries, while retaining their healing properties for the winter. It includes:

  • viburnum juice - 100 ml,
  • water - 100 ml
  • sugar - 100 g,
  • Vodka - 500 ml.

All components of this recipe need to be moved and kept at room temperature for two days, then sealed with brandy, bottling it. Storage of this drink is possible at any, even room temperature.

Cook jam, jelly, marshmallow

For the winter you can prepare a lot of sweet Kalin delicacies. For making jelly, it is enough to take a kilo of berries and sugar and two glasses of water. First, the berries are boiled with water for half an hour. Then sugar is added to this mass and the jelly is cooked for another 45 minutes. It remains to expand it on the banks and roll up.

For jam, you need to take on a kilogram of berries 300 ml of water and 1.3 kg of sugar. For uniform soaking of fruits, they need to stand in a hot syrup for 10-12 hours. Then jam prevarivat, removing the foam, and prepacked.

Tasty and healthy delicacy - viburnum pastila - is obtained from a kilogram of berries, cooked to softness in a glass of water. The mass rubbed through a sieve is mixed with sugar and boiled again to the consistency of a soft dough. This mass must be decomposed into wooden baking pans and dried in the oven.

Viburnum oil

For this product, you can use the cake remaining from juicing. It is passed through a meat grinder, filled with vegetable or olive oil in a ratio of 1: 4 (oil is four times more than the cake). For three weeks, this tool should be in a dark place, insist. After pressing the cake, it is poured into containers. The value of this undeservedly forgotten recipe is comparable to the benefits and healing properties of sea buckthorn oil.

Making vinegar

The benefits of such a natural product are comparable to the benefits of apple cider vinegar. For vinegar vinegar you need to put in a three-liter jar half a pound of berries, a glass of sugar, pour two liters of water. Aromatize vinegar can be leaves of black currant and cherry. This can should stand in a dark place at room temperature for about two months. During the first week, its contents are periodically stirred. Viburnum vinegar is ready when it becomes transparent.

The availability, ease of storage and harvesting of these healing fruits make them one of the most common products for use as a health remedy.

Frozen viburnum

We remove the viburnum brushes from the tree, remove the spoiled and immature berries, wash them, and then dry them on a towel. Then carefully, so as not to mash the fruit, put the brush in the container and put it in the freezer. Kalina is ready for winter and suitable for making drinks, toppings for baking, decorating dishes.

Kalina in sugar

Separate the berries from the brush, sort out, wash and dry on a towel. Then laid in a glass jar, pouring sugar. Above, a layer of sand should be such that the berries under it are not visible. For 1 kg of viburnum fruit will need 700 g of sugar. The prepared jar is closed with a capron lid and refrigerated. A sugared viburnum drink perfectly helps to cope with a headache with high blood pressure.

If you like sweet desserts from fruits and berries, here's how to save viburnum for the winter you can still.

Kalinovo jam

We pick berries in the fall when they are already frozen. Quickly rinse with cold water and grind directly with bones in a meat grinder or in a blender. Mix them with sugar in the ratio of one to one, place in jars and put in the refrigerator. You can make an unusual juice from jam, if you dissolve a tablespoon of snowball jam in a glass with carbonated mineral water.

Kalinovoye jelly

Enumerated and washed berries rubbed through a sieve or minced to get Kalinov juice. You can also use the juicer for this purpose. Juice mix with sugar in a ratio of 1: 1, put the mixture on the fire and heat, stirring constantly. After the sugar is completely dissolved, we pour the jelly into pasteurized jars. Banks roll up under the tin lids and leave upside down to cool.

Viburnum compote

It can be made from berries that are not stuck in the frost, but in this case, they must be extinguished in an enamel saucepan for 2-3 minutes to remove bitterness. Then put the viburnum into sterilized jars and fill them with syrup (1 kg of water - 1 kg of sugar).

Well know about how to cook viburnum for the winter, traditional healers. They simply dry the berries to brew curative teas from them. In addition, from the dry fruits of viburnum prepare jelly and even candy. How to keep viburnum for the winter in a dry form?

Kalinovaya liqueur

Frosted berries are sorted, washed and squeezed out of them juice. For 1 liter of vodka, we take a glass (250 g) of freshly squeezed juice, a glass of water and 150 g of granulated sugar. We prepare it this way: first, let's dissolve sugar in water, then pour vodka and viburnum juice into it. Mix well, pour into bottles and place in a dark place for a month.

Enjoying delicacies of viburnum, we must remember that in some cases, this berry is contraindicated for use. Do not advise her to eat pregnant, because it contains substances that provoke uterine contractions. Among the ailments for which viburnum is not recommended are low blood pressure, thrombophlebitis, kidney disease, gout, and increased acidity of the stomach.