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A practical guide: how to choose an electric lawn mower?


Lawns and lawns, glades and sports fields look spectacular and well-groomed only with regular haircuts, and the lawn mower will help to efficiently and quickly cope with this time-consuming work. How to choose a lawnmower to give, and what features to pay attention to? Such a question arises in every person who has decided to purchase this technique for the first time.

Types and features

The industry develops and produces lawn mowers, which differ functionally and structurally, but the main types of these devices are only three - they are electric, mechanical and gasoline.

Having decided on what option will be optimally suited to the operating conditions in your estate, determine its main purpose, frequency of use and select the main parameters and characteristics.


The most common models are gasoline. They are not limited in range, do not depend on the voltage in the network. As a rule, each of the models has advanced functionality, including mulching and dumping of vegetation. This means that after the work you will need to start cleaning the site.


The main elements of mechanical devices are scissors and a rotating drum. Under pressure, the scissors begin to move, cutting off only the vegetation that falls between them. According to the principle of operation, mechanical lawn mowers are divided into:

  1. Contactless. The knives are located in the same plane at a short distance from each other, which is why the bevel cut is thinned,
  2. Contact. In them, the grass is captured by the interaction of knives located above and below.

Mechanical models work flawlessly, but they have one major drawback - a person must constantly make efforts to work. That is why such devices are recommended for work in areas with a small area.


Another type of device - a battery, which combines the principles of operation of gasoline and electric lawn mowers. Such equipment has a number of advantages - it works mobile and reliable and belongs to environmentally friendly equipment.

However, to treat the area with high and dense vegetation such a lawn mower will not work, because it has insufficient capacity. The accumulator technology is good in places with an average height of a grass and it is recommended to mow dry wood. One battery charge is enough, on average, for processing an area of ​​230m2.

In stores and in the markets you can often see small hand mowers - trimmers. The device is mounted on the shoulder with a belt and, thanks to a small working platform, treats lawns in hard-to-reach places. In public utilities and large household plots, trimmers are used as additional equipment.

After the main haircut worker "cleans" the shortcomings with a trimmer. This equipment will not cope with high grass, and a perfectly smooth surface of the lawn cannot be obtained with just one trimmer.

Recently, lawn mowers - raiders have become very popular with owners of country plots. The principle of their work is similar to the work of tractors and combines. The devices are quite functional and can perform several chores:

  • Lawn mowing large area
  • Snow removal during winter periods,
  • Spraying and fertilizing the soil,
  • Cultivation and mulching.

Enough multifunctional devices.

And finally, the last type of lawn mower - robots. This technique is quite expensive for a small suburban area, and is used to process large areas of city parks and hotels.

Criterias of choice

Having determined for yourself the basic functionality of a lawn mower for a country house or a country house, you can choose a device that satisfies you in terms of parameters, cost and characteristics. First of all, it is necessary to determine the frequency and volume of work performed and how often the lawn mower will be used in difficult-to-reach areas of the site.

Device power

Lawn mower at work

This parameter is very important when using any technique. It determines the performance and speed of the device. Electric lawn mowers today are represented by a model near the power from 900 to 1800 watts. The choice of a more or less powerful device depends on the area of ​​the cultivated area and the height and density of vegetation cover.

In addition, the speed of mowing can be significantly reduced in conditions of uneven terrain, and therefore if the lawns or lawns in your estate are on slopes or hills, and their sizes are large, it is better to take equipment with high power.

Body strength

The design of any lawn mower is designed so that the main parts and elements of the device are attached to the body, so it must be made of high-strength material that is resistant to corrosion and deformation.

Modern industry has developed and introduced shock-resistant plastics resistant to mechanical damage of any force as a material for the manufacture of cases. The latest models, due to this, were guaranteed a long service life and light weight.

Another advantage of such a housing is the fact that high-impact plastics, as compared to a conventional one, are resistant to temperature extremes, which means that such a lawn mower can be used even during off-season periods.


Garden trimmer

Mobility and maneuverability of the lawn mower is important when using it in mowing hard-to-reach lawn places. Models with a large diameter rear wheels, easier to manage and much more mobile.

Lawn mowers with small wheels are good only in conditions of firm and level soil. If the soil under the grass is wet and loose, under its own weight the lawn mower with small wheels will simply get stuck in it.

Noise indicators

Noise indicators are very important for residents of country and dacha settlements, because by spending lengthy work, you can break the silence and prevent rest not only for your loved ones, but also your neighbors.

When choosing silent device options, pay attention to electric lawn mowers. Compared with gasoline, these devices are quieter, not exceeding the noise threshold of 80 dB.

Drive device

All lawn mowing equipment is divided and two subspecies by drive device:

Self propelled. These are front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive (have increased stability) mowers, which in management do not require much effort. In order for the device to perform its tasks, it is necessary only to direct it in the right direction,

Not self-propelled. Designed to work on small flat areas. The places of mowing are determined by the person, controlling and directing the technique, applying physical force.

Features of working with electric lawn mowers

Trimmer at work

The main advantages of electric lawn mowers is their ease of management (as a rule, they are all small in size) and cost effectiveness. In other words, you will purchase a small mini-tractor with an electric motor, knives and a small container for collecting mowed grass.

Pros in the process of use:

  • Low noise levels
  • Ease of use and maintenance
  • Inexpensive service
  • The device is environmentally friendly,
  • It has a light weight.

Despite this, there are a number of factors affecting the mowing of large-plane lawns and those that are on uneven embossed surfaces.

  • Restricted area of ​​the working area,
  • Dependence on the power source,
  • The small power of the proposed devices
  • The need to comply with the norms and rules of safety when working with electric cables,

Thus, an electric lawn mower is an excellent choice only for those estates where regular lawn care and large volumes of vegetation are not required.

If your task is to mow the lawn 1-2 times a year, and the mowing area has a small area, choose an electric lawn mower with rear wheel drive. Models of this technique, as a rule, are low in price and do not require special maintenance care.

Features of work with petrol lawn mowers

The main advantages of choosing this technique is the high performance of the device, thanks to its power and advanced functionality. Gasoline devices are much more expensive than electric ones, but you simply cannot find a better assistant for processing large areas.

When choosing a gasoline mower be sure to pay attention to power. According to this parameter, the equipment is divided into: household (up to 1000W), semi professional (up to 2000W) and professional (2500W and above). The latter units are capable of cutting grass lawns, with a total area of ​​up to 20 acres, without stopping.

Another advantage of choosing a gasoline device is that they are made with high-strength plastic or metal bodies, so you will not have to fear for the safety of the body during operation.

Pros in the process of use:

  • Bulk grass catchers,
  • Multifunctionality,
  • Mobility and maneuverability,
  • High power

Among the disadvantages of this technique is to highlight the main - a high degree of noise at high speeds and emissions of pollution and waste into the environment. Some metal models of semi-industrial and industrial designs have a heavy metal casing. It also affects the demand and purchasing power of gasoline mowers.

What else to pay attention

Having defined the basic principles of operation, terrain conditions and capacities, it is necessary to pay attention to a small number of parameters:

Features of grass release. Models include rear ejection (such a majority) and side (for work on flowerbeds and verges). The best option - grass collectors, so that the mowed vegetation does not fall under your feet and does not interfere with the work. However, in this case, you should be ready for frequent cleaning of the container when mowing large areas.

Deca. A very important part of the lawnmower to ensure safety. Deca covers the working area of ​​the knives and prevents the spreading of grass. The deeper the part is installed, the greater the likelihood that all grass will fall into the collection tank. In addition, pay attention to the material of its manufacture. The deck must be made of corrosion-resistant high-strength steel.

Cutting width The average setting for most models is 50cm. Note that this value is completely dependent on the power of the unit, so do not look for a lawnmower with a wide field of mowing in low-power devices.

Mowing height This parameter is described in the instructions and device specifications. Some models have the function of adjusting the value, and therefore, working in conditions of high vegetation, choose a lawn mower with adjustment possibilities from 7 to 155mm.

Collector. Depending on the manufacturer, it is made of durable dense material or plastic. Both have a number of advantages, but using the cloth collection box you can visually determine the need for cleaning.

Mulching. High-quality mulching can be provided only with the condition that the work is carried out with dry and soft vegetation.

Properly chosen parameters can significantly facilitate and speed up the work on mowing lawns and lawns, especially if the work is carried out regularly and on large areas.

While watching the video you will learn about lawn mowers.

A few decades ago, many owners of country houses could not even dream of such technical equipment as a lawn mower. But today, this device is included in the basic group, designed to facilitate the work of a person in the garden and are successfully used in almost every country economy.

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Features of electric mower

The lawn mower is one of the basic assistants for the care of a personal plot or a dacha territory. They should be chosen, since the manual braids and sickles have long since passed away. Progressive humanity continues to take steps forward, inventing new and more advanced models of lawn mowers. Is there a wide enough selection? How do these models differ from each other? What to choose the ideal assistant for a well-groomed lawn?

The main advantage of an electric lawn mower is its value. Battery and gasoline counterparts are significantly more expensive than electric. In addition, they do not save resources while working.

What are

To choose the right electric lawn mower, you need to understand the specifics of its future workplace. If you have a large area that requires regular maintenance, then the electric lawn mower is the right assistant. If home gardening comes down to cutting the grass on pagorbs, lowlands, small open areas, around trees and in other less well-accessible places - pay attention to the hand-held electric trimmer. But it often happens that the site is partly composed of flat and even surfaces, and partly it has a complex and uneven relief. Thrifty owners often acquire both versions of lawn mowers and use them depending on the circumstances. Where wheels easily pass, an electric assistant is used, and in more difficult areas a trimmer is taken in hand.

Here we consider the choice of issues among electric lawn mowers. What is the difference between them and what is the similarity? What is guided when choosing? What to look for in the first place? Roughly speaking, a lawn mower is a small truck with an electric motor. A knife for cutting grass and a container where the cut vegetation falls into is built into the design.

Such a structure, though mobile, is weakly maneuverable. You will not be able to mow grass in small pits, ravines and in stony territories. Therefore, it is well proven for large and flat areas with low vegetation, for example, to give.

What to look for

Electric lawn mowers are divided into two types - self-propelled and non-self-propelled. The energy of the self-propelled model is mutually distributed between the wheels and the working knives. Thus, the mower will move independently on the territory of the plot, and it is enough for a person to simply give it direction. This technique has considerable weight, which makes it difficult to transport, rearrange, or mechanically drag it from site to site. However, there are undeniable advantages - good maneuverability and ease of handling.

Self-propelled lawn mower will not go on their own with all the desire. It is designed so that the owner can move the mower manually to the right place during operation. Such models have relatively low weight. That it is to choose, if the owner has a small area, because then he can easily rearrange the equipment after work in the garage or move from the cottage to the city for storage.

Cutting width

When planning to choose the right garden assistant such as an electric lawn mower, carefully consider the requirements. One of the important parameters for such a technique is the width of mowing the grass. It is logical to assume that the wider the working surface of the knife, the more grass a mower will be able to process per unit of time. That is, with a different mowing width, you can work the same area for a different amount of time and approaches. And the wider the width parameter, the less time, effort and power you will have to spend. Of course, this parameter will directly affect the weight and cost of such a personal assistant.

Low-cost models often have a cutting width of about 30 cm. More powerful lawn mowers provide more choice and can be up to 46 cm wide. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to this technical specification of the device in order to thoroughly calculate the quality of the model you require.

Grass height

Most lawnmower users prefer once to adjust the cutting height of the grass and not to change it. Nevertheless, you also need an accurate understanding of the characteristics of this parameter. The design of all models allows changing the working level of vegetation. Sometimes it’s enough to manually move the axis. Sometimes a button or a height change lever is provided in the mower. And sometimes it is necessary to independently unscrew each wheel of the car and manually rearrange it to a new place.

Thus, when choosing a lawnmower model, pay attention to the type of change in the height of the mowed grass. Either it happens by changing the wheels, or changing the axle, or using a button or a lever.

Engine power

Once you have decided on the width and height of the mowed grass, ask about the following technical parameter of the lawn mower - its power. Everything is simple here. Чем больше участок предполагаемой рабочей зоны, тем мощнее должна быть сама газонокосилка. Оптимальной считается мощность 600 Вт. А для более масштабных работ остановитесь на технике, мощностью не ниже 1000 Вт.

Декой называют ту часть газонокосилки, где располагаются ножи. Дека бывает сделана из алюминия, из стали или из пластика. От качества деки зависит продолжительность срока службы самой техники. But on the other hand, the deck is a part that is the last to wear out or is subject to breakage. There are lots of other vulnerable parts in the lawn mower, such as wheels or a motor. Therefore, everyone chooses an acceptable option for himself. Or the future owner chooses expensive and durable materials, or chooses a cheaper option with a plastic deck for a small area and small amounts of work.

Other benefits

It is worth looking at the grass collector, which, in turn, are soft and firm. Some models may have nice bonus qualities. For example, they can mulch the grass, that is, chop it and turn it into a kind of fertilizer for the soil.

An important role in the movement of lawn mowing transport is the diameter of the wheels. The larger the wheel, the more agile your machine will be, the easier it will be to overcome obstacles such as bumps or other soil irregularities. Be sure to pay attention to the width of the wheels. Is it suitable for the conditions in which your future lawn mower will work? Of great importance is the manufacturer of electric lawn mowers. Be sure to read the reviews before buying, consult, ask questions, visit the appropriate forums. And make the right choice!

Electrics or gasoline: the pros and cons

By the type of energy consumed lawn mowers are electric and gasoline.

Each has its advantages and disadvantages. To see which lawn mower is better gasoline or electric, consider the main pros and cons of each of them.

  • Maneuverability. The only significant drawback of electric models is limited freedom of movement during work: this is due to the presence of a wire. First of allThe length of the wire does not always allow you to reach all parts of the site, but this can be solved with an extension cord. Secondly, there is always the likelihood of the wire falling under the knives, you constantly need to monitor this, correcting it during operation.

  • Storage. Naturally, before buying any equipment you need to think about where it will be stored. As for garden tools, for the winter he usually hides in a barn, garage or even transported to an apartment. And if your premises do not have enough space, it is better to give preference to electric lawn mowers: it will fit even on the balcony. In terms of size and weight, it wins over gasoline. Moreover, the latter is generally not recommended to be stored in an apartment due to the presence of a strong smell from the fuel.
  • Thrift. Electric lawn mowers are several times cheaper than petrol. This is due to the complexity of the design of the gasoline engine. In addition, oil and gasoline are also more expensive than electricity.
  • Service. The best lawnmower in this regard - electric. Such models are elementary to maintain - they only need to be plugged in before they work. While in gasoline, you first need to fill in gasoline and oil, monitor the level of these fluids, from time to time to maintain the engine (change or clean the filter and spark plugs).
  • Noise The electric motor is quiet and practically no noise. Therefore, unlike noisy gasoline, such units can work at any time of the day without disturbing the neighbors.
  • Body material. Gasoline models are mainly made with steel cases. They are much stronger than electrical, the shells of which are plastic. However, this figure can be a minus, since steel is heavy and amenable to corrosion.
  • Environmental friendliness. Exhaust gases, as byproducts of the gasoline engine, pollute the environment. Thus, supporters of eco-technologies will prefer electric mowers.

Self-propelled, non-propelled

Not self-propelled mowers, which have to be rolled by hand, weigh relatively little, because they are easy to carry and store. But at the same time, they require a lot of physical effort if there are any irregularities, bumps or hummocks on the site. Self propelled the cart itself moves, the person only sets the direction for it. Engine power is directed not only to the work of the knife, but also to the movement of the wheels. Such mowers have quite impressive weight and are convenient for work on large areas.

Type of lawn grass (cutting width and height)

The mowing width of grass depends on the size of the knife installed in the mower. Inexpensive standard models have a knife width of about 30 cm, with more advanced models it can reach 46 cm. This indicator affects performance. So, you can process the whole area in 15 passes, and you can even in 9. Here the choice of an electric lawn mower is determined in terms of labor costs and time spent on putting the lawn in order.

With the help of lawn mowers, different lawn grass heights can be achieved. Adjustment is carried out in three ways.:

  • permutation of each wheel
  • rearranging the wheel axle
  • using a lever or button.
This criterion is not so important, as gardeners usually use only one level.

But if you are going to equip an artistic lawn on your site, then give preference to models with push-button or lever adjustment.

Presence of grass collector

Almost all wheeled models are equipped with a grass catcher - a container for collecting mowed grass. They are soft and hard.

Soft grass collectors are usually larger in volume, but their disadvantage is that they quickly become soiled from the grass, and they have to be washed from time to time, and they are also less durable. Plastic containers are durable, but they are difficult to determine the degree of fullness. The collection box can always be dismantled and the mower can be used without it.

Deck requirements

In the deck are working parts lawn mowers - knives. It can be made from (incremental):

  • plastic
  • become,
  • aluminum.
Models with an aluminum deck are not susceptible to corrosion - therefore, they are more durable. Cheap lawn mowers are equipped with a plastic deck, but sometimes it is advisable to give them preference because the electric motor often fails before the plastic part is damaged.

Additional features and functions

In addition to the basic characteristics when choosing an electric lawn mower should pay attention to a number of additional functions and features.

For example, some models are equipped with a mulching function, i.e., chopping the mowed grass. The resulting mulch is used for feeding the lawn.

There is also a feature such as side grass release. It will be useful when cutting grass on the sidelines. Lawn mowers differ in width and wheel diameter. If you are the owner of the relief area with irregularities, give preference to models with large wheels.

Popular models of electric lawn mowers for gardening

According to the owners, a peculiar rating of the most popular models was made.

The best lawnmower was recognized electric model STIGA Combi 48 ES. This is a 1.8 kW self-propelled mower. It has a steel deck, folding handle, adjustable handle, high maneuverability. Benefits also include:

  • 5 levels of mowing,
  • mulching function
  • steel casing
  • collector for 60 liters.
The disadvantage is a long time of promotion of the knife (about 30-50 s).

Another popular model is Makita ELM3711. It weighs only 14 kg thanks to the plastic case. Equipped with a soft 35 l grass collector, folding adjustable handle, suitable for processing large areas.

  • low noise
  • high maneuverability
  • smooth start,
  • bearing wheels,
  • affordable cost.

  • the wheels are loose,
  • low quality plastic
  • difficult to mow grass near obstacles.
The last model I would like to dwell on is Bosch Rotak 43. This is a non-self-propelled grass mower with a 1.8 kW electric motor, weighs only 12.4 kg, has a hard collector of 50 liters.

  • ease of management,
  • opportunity to mow the grass in hard to reach places and in the relief area.

  • no mulch function
  • expensive repair.
We hope our article will help you decide and choose the ideal mower for your lawn.

The best low-priced electric wheel mower

The equipment of electric lawn mowers is made with wheels in order to increase mobility and ease of operation, which is also a major advantage. The disadvantages include the fragility of some variants of this design, which often leads to breakage of the chassis and the need to replace the wheels or shafts.

The main difference between low-cost models of wheeled electric lawn mowers and expensive analogs lies in the technical characteristics: budget options handle relatively small areas, have lower engine power and size, which affects the bevel parameters. However, in terms of reliability and durability of use, they are in no way inferior to "elite" competitors.

4 Huter ELM-1100

A small and inexpensive “wrestler” with an overgrown lawn, impressed consumers with the quietness of work, maneuverability and productivity of work. The corded parts of the wire mower are made of plastic, which significantly reduced the weight of the unit, but at the same time had a negative impact on reliability. Fortunately, the Huter ELM-1100 was equipped with a 1100-watt engine, which led to increased performance, coupled with a high degree of mobility. The width of the cutting edge of the blades was 34 centimeters, and the height of adjustment was limited to three modes within 28-60 millimeters.

A 28-liter hard collection box is provided for collecting grass in the Huter ELM-1100, but with a strong desire, you can adjust the discharge of grass. According to the results of the review, we can say that the model has managed to avoid serious individual shortcomings, having inherited only an inconvenient power cord from the network.

3 AL-KO 112856 Classic 3.82 SE

As part of the budget series AL-KO 112856 Classic 3.82 SE stands out for a good set of key qualities. Wire mower is equipped with a 1400-watt engine, the rotor of which provides a rotational speed of 3200 revolutions per minute. A good result even by the standards of the "price / quality" segment, however, the noise from rotating parts reaches the level of 84 dB, which is in no way combined with the concept of comfortable work. The width of the mowed strip is 38 centimeters, and the blade height is adjustable in three levels from 20 to 60 millimeters. Ejection of mowed grass is made either backwards or into a solid collection box with a capacity of 37 liters.

The main disadvantage of the lawn mower is the design. Engine ventilation shutters are located in the bottom of the car, which is why manufacturers imposed a strict limit on the one-time bevel (no more than 500 sq. M.). This measure helps prevent overheating of the power unit and significantly prolong the service life of the mower.

2 GARDENA PowerMax 32E

In the second place is the four-wheeled lawn mower GARDENA PowerMax 32E, which impressed users with its appearance. Indeed, the design of the model is not bad, but it is much more important to evaluate the internal characteristics and functionality that awaits potential buyers under the outwardly catchy plastic case.

And even here, the Garden lawn mower has complete order. The cutting width is 32 centimeters, and the height is adjusted manually, in the range from 20 to 60 millimeters, using a five-level handle. The mowed grass falls into a hard collection box, the volume of which is 29 liters, or is thrown back. Power is supplied from a 1200 W engine, and the speed of rotation of the knife reaches 3400 revolutions per minute. The total weight of the model does not exceed 8.5 kilograms.

1 Makita ELM331

The “best” title in this category is won by the Makita ELM3311 electric lawn mower, combining excellent features, an attractive price, and laudatory reviews from many users. Externally compact, it is made of plastic and is equipped with a soft collection box of 27 liters. The width of the bevel strip of this model is greater than that of the nominees, and is 33 centimeters. The height of the blade rise, on the contrary, is less, but by a minor five millimeters, and is regulated by a handle in three levels. Uninterrupted operation of the lawn mower "Makita" provides the electric motor, the speed of which is equal to 2900.

The mowing area recommended by the manufacturer is no more than 400 square meters. Such a measure will extend the life of the lawn mower for several years and avoid unplanned expenses for the purchase of new equipment.

The best wheel mowers on an electric motor: price - quality

Often the ratio of price and quality becomes a determining factor in the choice of technology. The same goes for lawn mowers. Not always high price is a guarantee of quality, as well as quality does not always correspond to the stated price. It is noteworthy that the more expensive models of electric lawn mowers are often equipped with a central cutting height adjuster. This height can be changed manually, using a lever, without stopping the electric motor, that is, inseparably from the work process.

4 Greenworks 2500407 G-MAX DigiPro

An advanced model of electric lawn mower, more than anyone else that meets the indicators of balance of price and quality. Made in traditional colors of Greenworks, this model is equipped with a strong engine powered by a 40-volt battery. It is not known for sure what the rotational speed of the blades, but their geometrical parameters more than win back the efficiency. The cutting width is 45 centimeters, and the height is adjustable in seven levels, from 28 to 76 millimeters.

Among other things, the Greenworks 2500407 G-MAX DigiPro is equipped with a soft collection box of 50 liters. However, the discharge of grass can be carried out and past him: either sideways or backwards. The fact of the presence in the kit of a special mulch nozzle, which allows to ennoble the soil, is not pleasantly detached from the inevitable process of grass mowing.

3 Makita ELM3711

The third place in the rating of electric lawn mowers is occupied by the model Makita ELM3711, the cost of which is the most attractive for a potential buyer. Otherwise, it is characterized by rather average characteristics, which, nevertheless, will be enough for comfortable and effective work.

The width of the mowing grass is 37 centimeters. The height of the lifting of the blades and, accordingly, the bevel, is manually set using a special three-level lever. The mowed grass falls into a soft 35-liter grass catcher, or is thrown back. Manufacturers of this model do not recommend treating lawns with an area of ​​more than 500 square meters at a time, since this has a bad effect on engine resources and may lead to a shortened service life. The total weight of the electric mower is 14 kilograms.

2 AL-KO 112858 Silver 40 E Comfort Bio Combi

The AL-KO 112858 Silver 40 E Comfort Bio Combi is a compact but productive electric lawn mower in second place in the rating, not quite reaching the “best” ranking, mainly due to high ratings and brilliant characteristics of a competitive model.

The recommended mowing area of ​​the AL-KO lawn mower is limited to 600 square meters, which is guaranteed to be enough to clean up small and medium-sized areas. The mowing width of grass is an impressive 43 centimeters, and the height has an exact six-level central adjustment, and ranges from 28 to 68 millimeters. The advantage of the model is a spacious 43 liter grass collector, as well as the supplied mulching nozzle. Due to the size and bulkiness of the structure, its weight is 19 kilograms, which can be attributed to minor drawbacks.

1 Bosch ARM 37

The Bosch ARM 37 electric lawn mower becomes the undisputed leader, as well as the preferred choice of buyers. Looking at the general price and technical specifications, it is simply impossible to disagree with hundreds and thousands of satisfied users.

The height of the bevel of this model varies by a five-level central regulator in the range from 20 to 70 millimeters, and the width of the passage band is 37 centimeters. Mowed grass can be thrown back and also accumulate in a 40-liter hard collection box. When operating, the lawn mower produces up to 91 dB of noise, which is quite loud and can cause some discomfort. Responsible for the operation of an electric motor with a capacity of 1400 watts. With such characteristics, the weight of the Bosch model is only 12 kilograms, which can also be attributed to the key advantages.

The best self-propelled lawn mowers on an electric motor

Since laziness is the engine of progress, electric self-propelled lawn mowers have become a significant step towards automating the mowing of homestead lands. In fact, their management is reduced to a banal accompaniment along straight sections and reversals for the passage of the next lane. They are as simple as possible to use, unpretentious to maintain, and in no way inferior in terms of characteristics and equipment to other types of models.

4 Husqvarna LC 347VLi

Самоходная заднеприводная газонокосилка из числа новинок сезона, вызвавшая немало ажиотажа вокруг своего появления. Новая модель привнесла модернизации как по части внешнего вида, так и по эксплуатационным кондициям. Самоходный режим имеет плавную регулировку скорости движения (в диапазоне 3-4,5 километров в час), доселе устанавливаемую лишь в премиальные модели. The cutting width is 47 centimeters, and the blade height can vary from 20 to 74 millimeters. The lawn mower is powered by a 36 V lithium-ion rechargeable battery - there are no supply wires at all. It is possible to install a mulch nozzle, which (if you really need it) will have to be purchased separately.

Among the disadvantages of the Husqvarna LC 347VLi, it is possible to distinguish a high noise level (about 94 dB) and not the most ideal dimensions. If for men the management of 26 kilograms of lawn mower weight will be under the force, then women can hardly cope with it.

3 Monferme 25177M

The third place in the rating goes to the Monferme 25177M self-propelled lawn mower. Given the functionality - this is a good model that has good competitive characteristics, and therefore worthy to get into the list of the best.

The main difference from other nominees is the ability to work on battery power. It is convenient and practical, especially if the work is carried out over large areas. In addition, the case of the model is made of plastic, which allows slightly simplify the design, but adversely affects the reliability characteristics. The width of the grass bevel working blade is 40 centimeters, and its height is set by a five-level regulator in values ​​from 20 to 70 millimeters. The collection box is soft, its volume is 50 liters. The total weight of the structure, largely due to the lightweight body and components, does not exceed 17.4 kilograms.

2 STIGA Combi 48 ES

Self-propelled electric lawn mower STIGA Combi 48 ES settled on the second line of our rating. In terms of functionality and cost, it slightly loses the leading model, but even such minor differences can affect the final formation of the top list.

The cutting width of this model is large and is 48 centimeters. But in terms of height things are a little different. Setting the location of the blade is a five-level regulator in the range of 27-80 millimeters. The built-in motor powering the mower is 1800 watts. The disadvantage is a high level of noise emitted during operation, the value of which is 96 dB. Self-propelled lawn mower is equipped with a 60-liter compartment for collecting grass, as well as a function of its direct discharge.

1 Makita ELM4613

In the first place is the best self-propelled lawn mower Makita ELM4613, which ideally combines quality, technical aspects and low cost compared to opponents.

Manufacturers took care of the operational capabilities of the model, and therefore the size recommended for a single bevel area was 1000 square meters. The cutting width, which is provided by the Makit self-propelled lawn mower, is 46 centimeters. The height of the blade is adjusted using an eight-level regulator between 20 and 75 millimeters. The produced grass accumulates in a 60-liter collection box or is thrown back onto the field. For the operation of the device meets the engine, the power of which does not exceed 1800 W, and the number of revolutions per minute is equal to 2800. The housing is made of steel, so the reliability indicators of the lawn mower are also high.

The best electric lawn mowers - robots

The robotization of the process of functioning of the equipment allows to exclude the human factor from the process, and also significantly save time. Thanks to this technology, you can easily entrust the routine business of mowing the grass to a “smart” lawn mower and dedicate your free minutes or hours to other, more important, matters. As for shortcomings, the intellectual system often fails, since it is rather “raw”, and the processes of stabilization and improvement of the parameters of automatic control continue to this day.

3 Husqvarna AutoMower 315

Husqvarna AutoMower 315 belongs to the category of serial middling, combining balanced specifications with not the highest price in the line. Suitable for mowing grass in small gardens, the area of ​​which (cumulatively) does not exceed 1500 square meters. Equipped with adjustable knives, providing a height trimming lawn in the range from 20 to 60 millimeters.

According to consumers, the robot has satisfactory performance in terms of power. The total operating time from a full battery charge is 70 minutes, and the charging process takes less than one hour. According to the laws of robotics with a low energy reserve, Husqvarna AutoMower 315 should return to the base by itself ... however, this function does not always work. Therefore, the mower's workflow requires periodic monitoring, and cannot be considered fully automated.

2 AL-KO 127406 Robolinho 4100

High-end robotic lawn mower, the main advantage of which was the 3-hour battery life. Similar results have been achieved through the use of a 4.4 Ah lithium-ion battery, compact and lightweight. As for performance, manufacturers recommend using AL-KO 127406 Robolinho 4100 for one-time mowing of plots with an area of ​​up to 2000 square meters. Such restrictions were introduced in order to prevent premature failure of the robot and increase the duration of its operation.

Of the rest of the variety of parameters, it is worth highlighting the cutting width equal to 32 centimeters, as well as the possibility of adjusting the height of the blades within 30-60 millimeters above the soil level. Unfortunately for the masses, garden robots still require considerable purchase costs, and the AL-KO 127406 Robolinho 4100 is another clear confirmation of this.

1 Bosch Indego

Often the price parameter becomes decisive in the choice of a product, and the characteristics corresponding to it are pushed into the background. However, in the Bosch Indego model, and with both, there is a relative order. That is why it takes a leading position and gets the title of the best robotic lawn mower.

The lawn mower is equipped with an intelligent system "Logicut", thanks to which the device remembers the shape of the plot, finds detours and mows the grass in parallel lines. In addition, Bosch Indego can independently go to the base to recharge the battery. So the process of caring for the site is fully automated.

The device is miniature, so it is not necessary to expect a wide bevel from it - this figure is only 26 centimeters. The height of the cutting edge and the grass mowing is also less than that of the second applicant, but not much, and is equal to 60 millimeters. The recommended cutting area is limited to 1000 square meters, but this will be enough even to maintain the lawn on a large garden plot. That is why this model “Bosch” has earned the loyalty of customers and is rightfully at the top of the rating.

Functional features of electric lawn mowers

Based on the definition itself, it becomes clear that electric lawn mowers differ from their analogs in the quality of power. If gasoline requires regular updates and quite expensive gasoline fuel, then everything is much simpler - connecting to the power supply gives an impressive impetus for productive work. However, it is worth noting that any electrical equipment should be used with strict observance of safety regulations, because situations that endanger the health and life of the user are far from uncommon, but rather a sad pattern.

So, the choice of an electric lawn mower should be justified, especially on the basis of the safety parameter, because if you do not straighten the long wire correctly and regularly, it can get into the cutting element, which will provoke a shock from the person who controls it. In view of such inconvenience, there is some caution of potential buyers and the importance of understanding how to choose an electric lawn mower.

It did not take long to solve this problem, and today, in the market of garden tools, everyone will easily find an electric lawn mower for uneven surfaces, equipped with a battery. Moreover, some models are so advanced that they can easily mow the territory, for 1 hour - is this not an achievement of developers? Now to worry about the wires, there is simply no need, and the bevel of a small territory up to 20 acres per hour is a completely objective reality.

One of the significant advantages of using battery mowers is that they do not produce noise at all, and this gives the grass mowing procedure incredible comfort, and often awe, along with the delicious smell and ease of operation of this unit. An important aspect of the work, which is often confirmed by reviews of electric lawn mowers, was the complete absence of harmful emissions, which means working with such units is much more pleasant than with gasoline counterparts.

What should be the optimal power of a lawnmower?

In order to make the process of carrying out regular household chores simple and economical, before purchasing a unit with an impressive cost, you should still understand how to choose an electric lawn mower for a garden, garden or garden area, based on a comparison of the cultivated area and device power. The fact is that the rationality of the acquisition of such equipment is that it saves the time and effort of the owner, while spending not so much money on the purchase and maintenance of equipment.

Considering that the best electric lawn mowers are of two types, it makes sense to understand which one is suitable for a particular situation. So, allocate:

  • Rotational - powerful and overall unit, mounted on a 4-wheeled base. Such equipment has an impressive weight, sometimes up to 40 kg, which significantly complicates the process of movement of such a monster. However, they can be equipped with a mass of additional functions - mulching, trimmer, and more. They have significant power, often about 1600 W, which means they spend more electric energy to carry out a productive workflow.
  • Drum - a fairly productive unit that can easily cope with the ennobling of a small area. On sites up to 500 m2 - such equipment will be incredibly productive and easy to use, since its weight rarely exceeds 15-20kg. After all, as we know the best electric lawn mowers for giving those that are easy to transport and use. It should be understood that the power of such a device would not be very high, within 300-600 W.

Based on the above characteristics, electric lawn mowers are productive. Reviews and rating of their use is often positive, because the owners get a lot of pleasure from working with such a unit, especially if it is selected correctly, taking into account the main features and filled with functional advantages.

The list of the best deals on the market

We told users about what an electric lawn mower is. The ranking of the best models, which is often presented on forums and websites, does not always reflect reality. To a greater degree, the electric mower is a device, and the rating shows only manufacturers and their success in development. There is not always truthfully reflected the productivity of a unit, and most importantly - the ability to implement a specific task.

Each potential buyer must understand that the electric lawn mower is self-propelled - a tool. Which one would better show only the absence or presence of the above parameters, operational characteristics and, of course, accessibility for the allocated budget.