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Money tree transplant at home: photo video

Tolstyanka is a home flower, having the name money tree in the people. It is considered undemanding plant, has many healing qualities. Very popular with gardeners. There is a sign that it brings good luck and wealth. The larger the crown of the plant, the more prosperity in the house. To achieve its healthy and beautiful appearance you need to know all the rules and nuances of transplantation.

When to transplant?

The most best time for the transfer of fatty - spring, first half of May. It is necessary to carry out the procedure of transplantation no more than 1 time in 2 years. This is due to the slow growth rate of the plant.

With the right content, the money tree is able to grow rapidly, then it can be transplanted once a year.

How to transplant a money tree?

  1. Before planting in a pot, place a drainage layer of at least 2 centimeters. According to the sign, for prosperity in the house in the pot you need to add a few coins,
  2. The earth in which the flower is currently growing should be loosened.

Then gently pull it out, trying and harm the foliage and branches. On the root system should remain part of the land, Rotten roots should be removed. Too wet roots need to be dried.

If the entire root system has been subjected to rotting, the affected areas should be removed.

When rotting the trunk, it must be cut to a healthy part,

  • In the presence of pests on the root system, it must be treated with a special tool,
  • Plant a tree in a pot, cover it with earth. In the absence of roots, the plant must be placed in water and planted in the ground when the root system appears.
  • Selection of soil and pot

    When transplanting fatty can use special land for cacti flowers. If there is a desire, the soil can be made by yourself.

    To do this, mix the turf soil, leaf soil and sand in a ratio of 1: 3: 1. To increase nutritional value, you can add a handful of ash, clay and humus to the resulting soil.

    Since the roots of the plant are near the surface, a low and wide pot is necessary for its comfortable growth. For flower stability, the size of the pot in diameter should correspond to the diameter of the flower crown. If the pot is picked up incorrectly, the tree will grow very slowly or stop altogether in growth.

    Care after transplant

    In order for a fat woman after a transplant to be pleased with her beautiful appearance, you need to arrange the right care for her:

    • Do not often move the flower from one place to anothere. He loves constancy,
    • It is necessary to periodically trim the plant until the main stem grows.. Over the summer, it grows to 20 centimeters. Then it is necessary to pinch the top, so that the lateral processes that create a dense crown begin to grow on the flower. It is very important during this period to ensure proper maintenance of the money tree so that in the future it will have a beautiful shape,
    • The fat woman should be in a room with sufficient illumination. Pulling the plant, changing the color to a paler, dropping leaves will indicate a wrong light,
    • In winter, the flower is characterized by slow growth. For proper maintenance at this time, it must be placed in a cool room with a temperature of 5 ° C. Watering can be reduced to 1 time in 20-25 days. It is not recommended to keep the plant near the heating devices. The best place for him is the windowsill, but the leaves should not touch the window,
    • Spring is the best time to shape a money tree. Long shoots pinch to give a beautiful look,
    • You need to water the bastard twice a week and rinse under the shower 1-2 times a month. It does not need fertilizer.

    Pests and diseases

    Despite the fact that the tree is considered unpretentious, it can sometimes be exposed to various diseases and the appearance of pests:

    • Change the appearance of the leaves. They may darken, lose their luster or fall off. This may be due to the use of very cold water when watering a plant or insufficient watering. Bad leaves need to be removed,
    • Pale withering leaves indicate an excess of water in the soil,
    • The appearance of dry brown spots on the foliage can talk about insufficient watering,
    • Appearance of wet brown spots indicates the presence of a fungal disease. In this case, you need to air the room more often and use special means to fight the fungus,
    • Rotting stalk. Often this is the root rot. In this case, a transplant can help.

    The attack of pests is very rare. As a rule, the first attack occurs by various bacteria. Then a tree may appear rootworms. The weakened plant can attack shchitovki and false guards. You can get rid of them by wiping infusion of garlic.

    Transplanted tree put in partial shade to strengthen it. Within 2 weeks on the bastard should not fall direct sunlight. During this period, the plant spends forces on recovery, as it has been subjected to stress, and during sunburn they will have to be sent to heal wounds. When Crassula is stronger, it can be safely rearranged on a suitable sill.

    Rooting cuttings

    Cutting is the quickest and easiest way to get a few young plants from the parent. With a few healthy shoots cut the tops of a length of 8−10 cm, cuts sprinkled with activated carbon powder. An earthen mixture consisting of equal parts of garden soil and sand is poured into a small pot, a dimple is made with a pencil and a cutting is inserted into it. In the same way planted the remaining segments.

    Top cover with a transparent plastic cup or plastic film. Water regularly. The sign that the fat man has taken root is a formed leaf. When he starts to grow, the shelter is removed.

    It is also possible to germinate cuttings in water, and this method is easier than the previous one. On the handle, leave 1 or 2 pairs of upper leaves, remove the rest. Escape vertically set in a glass of water. It is useful to add a little stimulator of root formation, so that the growth of the roots occurs more actively.

    For 15 days they put a glass in a semi-dark place, not forgetting to add water. By the end of this time or earlier, root buds appear. When the roots reach a length of 2−3 cm, Crassula can be planted in a pot.

    Growing from a leaf

    To get a full-fledged plant, one leaf is enough. With the rooting of the bastard usually there are no problems, so this method will help out when there is no opportunity to buy, ask or otherwise get a cutting. If the sheet had to be separated carelessly, you need to make an even cut. After that, the plate must be 2 days for the wound to dry.

    Place the cut sprinkled with powdered activated carbon and insert the leaf stalk into the ground. On both sides, do props of toothpicks or simple sticks, so that the sheet does not fall. Cover the pot with plastic wrap so that the air inside is moist. Under these conditions, the roots will begin to grow after 10−15 days. Once every 3-4 days, polyethylene is removed for 2-3 hours so that the plant is ventilated. If the scape begins to rot, you need to get it, cut to healthy tissue, dry and plant again. The frequency of watering should be reduced, as the planting material usually deteriorates due to over-wetting.

    Repot the young plant in a different pot for next year. Then the transshipment is repeated annually until Crassule is 3 or 4 years old.

    Seed method

    Growing out of seeds is complicated by the fact that the fathead blooms very rarely, and it is rather difficult to gather seed material from it. Florists use this method when they want to propagate a new look. Seeds germinate quickly, after about 10−15 days. First they need to be washed, dried and sown in a mixture of turf soil and sand. Before or after sowing, it is recommended to irrigate the earth with a solution of "Fitosporin" in order to avoid infection with the "black leg".

    Until the sprouts appear, the shelter is removed daily for 1–1.5 hours so that air does not stagnate. When it will be clear that most of the seeds have risen, the film or glass is removed for good. It is not necessary to thin out, it is better to initially provide enough space for each seedling. When young plants form 2−3 pairs of leaves, they are seated in separate pots.

    In addition to pots, bowls are suitable for transplanting bastard. They allow you to turn a indoor garden into a miniature copy of the usual. You can create such a masterpiece at home in 1 day. First, they select a wide, but shallow bowl. Then select several Crassula, differing in height, color and shape of the leaves. Planted them all in one capacity, but not too thick. As a result, should imitation garden with trees. A bowl as a vessel is good because it is easy to transfer from one place to another.

    Proper implementation of step-by-step recommendations and taking care of the flower is the key to success. With proper care, the fat woman delights with its unusual appearance for several years, and after that it can be rejuvenated by cutting off the crown. Such a flower really brings happiness to the house, because one glance at it improves mood.