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Tractor Bulat


Bulat mini tractors have Chinese roots and are manufactured by Jinma, which specializes in the production of agricultural machinery. The main advantage that can be distinguished is that the equipment is adapted to Russian consumers and the corresponding operating conditions. High-quality assembly in conjunction with high performance - this is what distinguishes Bulat mini tractors among similar units from other manufacturers. With proper maintenance and careful handling of equipment, compact tractors can be used year-round for many years.

Bulat mini tractors were developed with the ability to perform various functions and the partial or complete replacement of large tractors. With small dimensions, mini tractors can cope with the lifting and transportation of goods, perform various agricultural works, and can also be involved in public utilities.

Lineup of minatractors Bulat

In the ranking of the most popular and purchased tractors, Bulat machines occupy a leading position. Not only the quality and long life are characterized by mini tractors. Bulatov owners note the following positive qualities:

  1. The successful ratio of functionality and price. Not only low cost plays a major role for buyers when choosing a unit, but also high quality.
  2. The design of the mini-tractor Bulat is so well thought out that it makes the model maneuverable, fast and at the same time reliable.
  3. Low fuel and lubricant consumption.
  4. Easy to maintain and repair.
  5. Big term of operation.

The price of such models in the primary market depends on the configuration, for example, a suite costs about 400,000 rubles, and a budget version from 120,000 rubles.

Bulat T-120 luxury - This is a relatively new model of a minitractor created on the basis of the SunRise motor-block. The successful design exceeded the expectations of not only designers, but also farmers who tested it in their farms. The priority task was to create a car with high power indices, therefore, with a weight of 400 kg., The unit has a power of 12 hp and an engine displacement of 998 cm3. It should be noted that there is a more powerful modification of Bulat T-120 Lux, which is called Bulat T-150 and has an engine for 15 horses and, accordingly, increased weight up to 540 kg.

Overall dimensions are not much larger than the motoblock. But thanks to the 2-axis 4-wheelbase, the mini-tractor has stability and maneuverability. The ability to adjust the gauge is another advantage of the Bulat T-120 lux. Front axle varies from 780 mm. up to 1300 mm, and back from 800 to 1300 mm. At the same time, the ground clearance is 240 mm.

The minitractor has a manual gearbox with 8 steps and is capable of speeding up to 22 km / h. Provided rear wheel drive system with wheel formula 4x2. The engine is started using an electric starter that is powered by a battery. But as an alternative or in unforeseen cases, you can start manually.

BulatDF-404 It is considered the most powerful among all manufactured models. With a 4-cylinder engine power of 40 hp can handle up to 1 ha. Attractive appearance and excellent technical characteristics make the mini-tractor a real workhorse. Despite the powerful engine, the fuel consumption of the unit is quite small and amounts to 2.7 l / h. With the same volume of the tank, you can work on the tractor for a long time without interruptions. It also contributes to liquid cooling, which is provided by the design.

Transmission 2 mode has 4 speeds forward and 1 reverse. The maximum speed that the Bulat minitractor can reach is 26 km / h and the minimum is 1.7 km / h. The design feature is also a high ground clearance of 29 cm, allowing you to quickly move on an uneven surface. A lot of wheels and contribute to this, the size of 6.5-16 on the front axle and 11.2-24 on the rear.

The total weight of the minitractor is 1470 kg, and it can lift up to 660 kg of cargo.

Bulat T200, T240, 264E, 254 models are classic representatives of agricultural machinery. All of them are adapted to Russian conditions of operation, convenient to use and economical in fuel consumption. They differ in specifications.

Attachment Equipment

Despite the fact that the models presented are small in size, they become quite functional with the use of various attachments. The advantage of purchasing Bulat T-150, T-120 and improved T150 Lux models is that they come with a plow and cutters. This allows significant savings on the purchase. Other equipment will have to additionally buy. Some models are available with a cabin.

Below is a list of links, which is most common and can be used throughout the year:

  • Harrow,
  • Double row potato planter,
  • Front cultivator
  • Shovel,
  • Seed drill,
  • Seeder for vegetables,
  • Plow with two bodies
  • Trailer.

The presence of a hydraulic mechanism makes the minitractor versatile machines adapted to perform various agricultural work, as well as transportation of goods.

Video review demonstrates the work of Bulat 120 Lux and harrows

Cab feature

The model range of Bulat provides a comfortable cabin for the driver. It looks like a regular chair in which a person gets the possibility of longitudinal adjustment of the position. All necessary details (steering column, pedals and control levers) are directly close, which improves the ergonomics of the model.

Removable equipment

One of the advantages of the mini-tractor Bulat 120 is the ability to use attachments designed for different types of agricultural work. Various plows and cultivators, harrows, cutters can be connected to the machine. The tractor is used for spraying crops with liquid mineral fertilizers. And also there is the possibility of connecting equipment for planting potatoes and harvesting. The tractor can also be used in combination with shredders and other equipment.

Mini tractor model Bulat 120 is a special technique for small-scale agricultural work. The relative reliability and availability of parts for repairing the tractor on an ongoing basis are two features that are especially appreciated in the model. In addition, it is quite budget and has good technical characteristics.

Review minatractor Bulat-120

Minatractor Bulat-120 is a modern agricultural equipment that can be used all year round, regardless of the season. A large number of compatible attachments and trailers allows it to also be used in public utilities, for example, for cleaning snow in remote nooks and cranes, where conventional snow removal equipment cannot turn around.

From attachments, easily connected to it, you can use the following tools:

  • potato diggers
  • shovels,
  • seeders,
  • rake,
  • braids,
  • cultivators
  • hillers,
  • pochvofreza,
  • harrows

In addition, the design has a hitch, which is a solid foundation for the trailer, with which you can carry heavy and bulky loads.

Bulat-120 minitractor with a plow

Device minitractor Damask

Tractor Bulat-120 has a fairly simple, but modern design, which is based on the use of an engine with a capacity of 12 hp and liquid cooled. Its launch is possible in two ways, which is especially convenient in harsh winters. The first method is the use of an electric starter, the second involves the use of an inertial starter. Engine model - R195NDL. It has 1 cylinder, and its crankshaft is horizontal.

The weight of the structure is quite large, and, despite its compact dimensions, which are limited to 2140x905x1175 mm, it is 690 kg.

In contrast to the motoblock, the Bulat-120 minitractor has 4 wheels, so its weight distribution is even, which, in a positive way, affects its maneuverability and stability. The drive in the model is rear, which can make it difficult to move over rough terrain.
The manufacturer introduced a V-belt transmission in the design, which allowed it to significantly reduce the cost.

Reviews of mini-tractor Bulat-120

Excellent motorcycle tractor, for me it has become an indispensable thing in the economy. I recommend to everyone.
Pros: Excellent value for money, while everyone is happy.
Cons: Not found.

Zazkazyval recently and delivery was free, so generally pleased with the purchase. I opened the hood on the spot, started up right away, drove around the yard to check it out, so I recommend it!

Large wheels that front that behind. I liked the management, I expected that it would be hard to work during the day, but everything is great.