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Mirabilis planting and care in the open field seed reproduction


The homeland of the species of Mirabilis Yalapa is Mexico. This perennial has a tuberous swollen root, it is cultivated as an annual plant. The shrubs have a rounded elongated shape, and their height varies from 0.3 to 0.8 m. The densely branched upright shoots are pale red in color, their lower part woody over time. The opposite, entire, bare, petioled leaf plates possess an ovoid-elongated shape, and they are painted green. Fragrant apical corymbose inflorescences consist of funnel-shaped flowers, reaching a diameter of 2.5 centimeters in diameter, which can be painted in crimson, orange, purple, white, purple, yellow, and rich red color, are also two- or three-colored. The flower opens after 16 hours and they close at dawn. If the weather is cloudy, then the flowers of Mirabilis remain open throughout the day. On the same bush of such a plant can bloom flowers of different colors. For example, one shrub of Mirabilis can be decorated with flowers of various shades of pink (from crimson to salmon), and it happens that colorful stripes adorn the petals. The large, single-seeded fruit has sharp edges and a dark brown color. Seeds remain viable for three years.

Mirabilis: varieties and varieties of "Night Beauty"

Mirabilis is an infrequent visitor to garden plots in Russia. However, in the world there are about 60 species of this flowering plant. And only one species has taken root in the middle latitudes of our country - Mirabilis Jalapa.

Mirabilis Jalapa (he is Mirabilis laxative) - a plant originally from Mexico, is considered to be perennial, although it is cultivated as an annual. This is due to the fact that the roots of the plant are not ready for wintering in harsh conditions. The peculiarity of "Night Beauty" is that sometimes buds of various shades can bloom on one stalk. It grows to a height of 70–80 cm. The stems are straight, the leaves are elongated, egg-shaped. The seeds of the plant have good germination, they retain their quality for 3 years.

Among the varieties of mirabilis jalapa, “Tea Time Formula Mixture” and “Tea Time Red” are particularly distinguished. One of them has flowers of various shades, and the second, respectively, is pink-red.

Mirabilis: planting and plant care

Mirabilis is a light and heat-loving plant, therefore, when choosing a place for planting, one should give preference to the lightest and the warmest part of the garden.

Council "Night Beauty" prefers fertile loamy soil, this should be taken into account when planting.

Watering the plant should be moderate, no more than once every three days (preferably in the evening), after the soil dries out. But the drought is perennial also poorly tolerated. In the absence of watering, the flower stops growing.

In the southern latitudes of Russia, planting Mirabilis in open ground is already in April.

Features and stages of perennial sowing:

  • planting plant seeds in peat pots at home,
  • choose deep pots for sowing, since the root system of Mirabilis grows deep into,
  • preliminary soaking of seeds is not required, the main thing is to carefully shed the soil in the pot,
  • after 7–10 days, the first shoots appear, and with good watering they turn into bushes,
  • planting Mirabilis in open ground.

In the care of "Beauty Night" unpretentious. The presence of good light, fertile soil and periodic moderate watering - the main conditions for the cultivation of exotic perennial.

Draft plant is not afraid, even strong gusts of wind can not damage its thick and durable stem.

In southern America, Mirabilis grows like a wild plant, it does not require planting and self-care.

Fertilizer and perennial feeding

Before planting Mirabilis in open ground, the soil must be lime. This is done by adding wood ash and mineral fertilizer.

During the summer period, an additional perennial is fed about 3 times with mineral fertilizers about 3 times.
The result is not long in coming. The plant gives more buds, it becomes more magnificent and, as a result, more beautiful.

Compositions with other plants

Mirabilis looks great in group compositions. As a combination with this exotic plant, chamomiles, marigolds, bells and anemones are suitable. Mirabilis is also wonderfully combined with fragrant tobacco, lavender and lobularia.

Depending on a grade of a mirabilis it is used in landscaping. Tall perennials are suitable as hedges. The lower ones are seated in groups, they are decorated with borders, they draw out mixborders and lawns.
Mirabilis is also suitable for decorating terraces and balconies, and lower specimens are planted in pots. Incredibly beautiful perennial in a single landing. It grows, occupying a large space.

Mirabilis - unpretentious plant, perennial. Some of its varieties are used in food or made from them paint. It is used in cosmetology and perfumery. Widely used in landscape design, it looks great as a separate planting, as well as in combination with other plants. The simplicity of growing and caring for them attracts many gardeners. A captivating and intoxicating aroma that envelops everything in the night, will not leave anyone indifferent.

Types and varieties of Mirabilis: photos

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Thanks for the information. I live in the south of Russia. Tell me before winter can the seeds be sown and how deep should they be planted?