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How to get rid of mice in the country forever - the best ways to fight rodents

Mice in the country - a familiar thing, parasites deliver significant harm to food supplies, the house itself, the things that are in it. Noticing even one gray individual, immediately begin to fight with it.

How to get rid of a dangerous rodent in the country? This question is interesting to many gardeners. Carefully study the proposed methods, use the most effective. Follow the preventative recommendations.

Causes of gray pests

Almost every summer resident does not know for sure whether there are gray rodents in his area or not. Mice are very voracious, active at night, able to mask well. Especially, this applies to people who come to the country only on weekends. However, those who live in the country constantly, often ask themselves: where do eared rodents come from?

In most cases, the intruder is a vole. Pests come from nearby fields, forests, marshes. Field mice have a distinctive feature - a large black stripe across the back. In appearance, cute animals multiply rapidly, becoming a huge threat to the vegetation in the garden, the garden, and the food prepared for the winter.

There are several main causes of the population in the dacha mice: housing, food. The latter are almost basic, because the majority of summer residents do not particularly care about the order on the site: they leave bags with garbage, do not remove crumbs from the table, do not cork badly with bags or banks with edible supplies.

Mice are not whimsical in terms of housing, even a plywood house will become a safe haven for pests. For rodents, the main thing in the house: the absence of wind, snow. The parasite will independently dig up a mink, will put supplies for the winter. Therefore, it is necessary to wait for the invasion of mice in the country during the period after harvest, when the cold weather approaches. With the onset of the new season, the pests scatter around the neighborhood, having chosen the fields, forests, voles often settle near the marshes.

How to deal with rodents: mechanical methods

How to deal with mice in the country? Many are interested in this question. After all, a rodent at the dacha can be a huge problem. Rodent control is conducted in various ways: mechanical, chemical, folk remedies, alternatives. Each method has its drawbacks and pros, consider all means, choose the most effective, which will help to destroy pests in the country forever.

Such methods involve a physical effect on the mouse. Some offer humane methods of dealing with mice, others are aimed at the complete destruction of the pest. Everyone chooses the desired method based on their preferences.

Mousetraps and traps

They are the most sought-after constructions against rodents in the country, you can build mouse traps with your own hands from scrap materials.

Contrary to the prevailing stereotype, the worst bait for a rodent is cheese. If you want to catch all the parasites, use bread dipped in vegetable oil or peanuts.

Look at the review of the most popular means of bedbugs in the apartment and find out the features of their use.

To learn how to get a cricket out of the house and prevent the insect from reappearing in the dwelling, read this article.

Examples of mousetraps:

  • the standard design is not very effective (it gives only 50% of the results): the trap closes slowly or presses only the rodent's tail. There are more complex traps with motion sensors, they are more expensive, but they show almost 100% results,
  • You can make a trap yourself. This will require a half-liter jar or plastic bottle. In the latter case, cut the bottle into two parts, put the bait on the bottom, lubricate the inside of the trap with butter. To the side of the substitute a piece of cardboard so that the mouse can get into the trap. A rodent will not be able to get out of it due to slipping on butter,
  • You will need a glass jar, a coin and a bait. A thread with a bait is attached to the bottom of the jar, the container is turned upside down, a coin is inserted so that there is a passage for the rodent. When you try to get a tidbit, the mouse will disrupt the balance of the structure, will trap itself,
  • use special glue. On any cardboard surface, apply a special glue that attracts rodents, for example, "ALT". In the center of the trap, place the bait, glue carefully smear over the entire surface of the cardboard. Mice are carried on the bait, but can not get out of the trap, because they are firmly glued.

Place all mousetraps in the favorite places of the accumulation of parasites, also near food supplies.

Chemical methods of destruction

It is not recommended to use such means at home, because they can be dangerous for pets and humans, but almost everyone uses them at the dacha. The use of insecticides gives almost 100% guarantee, rodents leave the summer cottage for a week.

The choice of poisons against mice is very large, the most popular and effective means include:

  • Baktobordentsid. It is the most effective poison for mice, shows excellent results, does not harm other animals, man. The product is sold in grains, which include pathogenic bacteria that cause deadly diseases in rodents. The parasite infects other pests, it soon dies itself,
  • Storm. Popular tool copes with rats, mice, comes in the form of tablets made from a powerful insecticide. Spread out the strain in the habitat of the rodent, next to the food. After a few weeks of the pest will not remain a trace
  • Rat death. It is often used because of its safety for pets, humans. The drug is a powder that is laid out in the habitats of pests. It is not recommended to touch the bags with bare hands, after using them throw them in plastic bags.

Folk recipes

Effective folk remedies for rodents:

  • combine a spoonful of melted fat; take four spoons of flour, two spoons of barium carbonate. All substances mix among themselves, form small balls. Spread the poison in the holes of the mice, next to the food,
  • Combine dry putty with flour, add water until a thick mass is formed. Use poison bait shaped balls in the same way as before.
  • to scare away parasites in the country use plants: mint, wormwood, tansy. Spread dried herbs around the room, change them regularly,
  • Use wood ash as a folk remedy for mice. The smell does not like rodents, so scatter the substance under the floor, in a week the pests will leave your cottage.

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Alternative methods of extermination

Excellent results show the latest technology that will help get rid of mice in the country without harm to animals and humans.

Recently popular such devices:

  • Pest Repelling Aid. A scarer that gets rid of rodents in a small room. The device is perfect for summer cottages, it can be used in a house where there are children, animals,
  • Ground Rodent Repeller UP-1515. It is a more powerful and effective ultrasonic rodent repeller that emits sound signals (frequency 400 kHz). Fluctuations are safe for humans, but disastrous for rodents.

Prevention of appearance

It is important to know the measures that will help prevent the invasion of rodents at their summer cottage:

  • make it a rule to immediately clean up garbage, food residues,
  • cover all the cracks, holes in the walls, the floor, which can be the path of pests entering the house,
  • Get a cat or a dog. The latter even cope better with catching mice than cats.

Video - review of effective drugs that will protect the garden and the country from the invasion of rodents:

For a long time I looked after such a technique - I studied reviews and opinions. I will not argue that all devices are equally effective - I still have nothing to compare with. But Ekosniper - works, and this is a fact. They were convinced by the reviews of other gardeners, whom this scarer helped to get rid of not only the rodents, but also the ants in the house (by the way, I also experienced it first on ants). Now I confirm it myself: useful thing, effective.

A good cat is a universal remedy for small rodents in the country. It catches, destroys nests - and the animals quickly leave their homes, not wanting to risk offspring. No wonder that in the villages in every house there was a cat or a cat, and not only one. But in fairness it should be said: in this way of dealing with mice there are drawbacks.

First of all, not every "modern" cat has preserved the instincts of wild ancestors. Some of my friends, the owners of well-fed and sleek seals, themselves say: “Show our mouse - it’s not known who will be more scared. He does not know how to catch them, completely lazy. " From such an animal, of course, there will be little use.

Secondly, the remedy is seasonal: as a rule, pets are brought to the country house only in the warm season, and in winter, the site and the garden house are used for the complete and undivided use of mice.

Thirdly, even if you live in your house all year round, there are places where the cat has no free access, and rodents penetrate easily - the same cellars, for example. Of course, you can lock a four-legged hunter there for a while, but somehow it is not too humane. And free entry-exit to the storage facility can break the temperature regime, and it is simply not always convenient for the owners.

On the other hand, the number of mice, shrews and other similar pests in the country, where there is a cat, is noticeably decreasing, and this is confirmed by everyone who had the opportunity to compare. By the way, some dogs (mostly medium-sized hunting breeds) also successfully catch country rodents.

In a word, even though nature took care that the mice were never transferred to our homes and gardens, we were quite able to withstand their onslaught, I was convinced. And you? How do you fight rodents in the country? What methods, means, ways you consider the most effective and effective?

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Hee ... hee ... What barrel? Tree Than? gasoline? Hee ... hee ... Dies right there.
To do something you need everything reasonable and limited. So it is possible to make a field from a garden or a tank farm. If you are fighting rodents, moles, shrews:
It is necessary to detect all the holes in the area, the entrances, clean the entrance to them and pour in a limited amount of gasoline there. Ryumku or two. Depends on the hole. Immediately bury the hole and pin down the ground with your foot. In the hole in moles and all evil spirits there is a pair of gasoline and a strong smell. They bullet go to the neighbors. . Everything must be done with the mind and not peretravit earth. You have the same garden and near the roots of your plants. Otherwise you will be so empty that it will be empty. Everything is limited!
I apologize further for deviating from the topic ...
It's not easy with ants. I was mistaken, there are 8,800 of them.
Do not think that they are useful!
Ants fight harder! We are looking for an anthill and also pour a limited amount into an anthill.
"1. They love to eat ripe fruits, especially love garden strawberries. But the harm from this small - insects spoil only some berries.
2. Ants haul seeds of plants, including weeds, supplied with edible appendages into their nests, thereby spreading them. But you can’t call them malicious handlers. The wind and the man himself bring much more weeds to the plot.
3. Ants inflict the most significant damage to horticultural crops by breeding “herds” of aphids, using them as “milk cows”. They constantly take care of increasing the amount of aphids and their full nutrition, for which they transfer them to neighboring branches and other plants.

The spread of aphids, which greatly weakens the shoots, sucking the juice, and is also a carrier of plant diseases, causes great damage to the garden, blocking all the benefits of ants.

Aphids feed on plant sap and from time to time a drop of semi-digested juice hangs on her tip of the abdomen, which is called honeydew. This is a treat for the ants, who kind of milked the aphid - tickle the belly with the antennae and get a sweet drop. Aphid is capable of emitting a drop of dew every minute.

Ants guard their "herds", transfer to fresh, not yet damaged shoots. In the fall, they carry the aphids to their anthills, and in the spring they take them out and plant them on the leaves of plants. Some species of ants louse ants settle on the roots of plants, specially digging for them moves.

Aphids, being one of the most dangerous pests, can weaken plants so much that it will lead to virtually no crop. Ornamental plants lose their attractive appearance - the leaves curl and turn yellow, the growth of shoots stops.

It should be noted that ants "milked" and reproduce not only aphids, but also such pests as cicadas, listabloshki, chervets and some types of caterpillars. "
I have near the forest and forest ants liked the sweet foliage of fruit plants. Especially sweet cherries

Discussion in our vKontakte group:

Olga Serova: Start a cat and love him very much. Mice themselves will not climb to you.

Elena Panasenkova: get a cat

Marat Malikov: Cat

Daria Smirnova: The burdock helps very well. It is necessary in the autumn to spread burdock balls around the perimeter of the rooms, on window sills, etc. mice catch hair for spines, get nervous and leave.

Natalie Sharapova: Now they will collect cats, and in the fall they will throw them, as they are not needed!

Yulia Bocharova: Sticky bait traps. In the middle of a little grain, cereal. Mouse sticks securely. At least it will not die under the floor or behind the plinth and there will be no smell. A mousetrap is an eerie sight))) Our cat had no effect on the mouse - and how it didn’t bite its whiskers in its sleep)))

Marina Eskina (Lyapunov): The tool is called "Last Breakfast", poured, for 2 years now we live without mice and rats

Natalia Karpenko: We have a cat "serves" all the neighbors for a good attitude and sausage

Elena Sukhanova: We take a few funds, but the glue proved to be more effective, the sales of the rat come across.

Delited Delited: Moisten cotton wool with mint oil and spread out in several places.

Olga Serova: Natalie, that's why I said that you have to really love a cat.

Olga Serova: Marina, and nothing that cats can get away with?

Natalie Sharapova: Olga, everything is clear. But in the fall, wandering around abandoned skeletons! Just [email protected]

Irina-And-Anatoly Kuznetsov: Half the cat will stay to winter. For some, it is a piece of furniture.

Olga Vasilyeva: Get cats and the more, the more effective

Olga Vasilyeva: But of course to take them as family members and not to abandon to the mercy of fate in the country in the fall

Natalie Sharapova: Irina-And-Anatoly, that's for sure! Furniture!

Olga Serova: Natalie, I know, I gather everyone, we live in the country. I fly, sterilize, vaccinate, whom I can attach. The rest remain. That's how we live.

Olga Serova: Irina-And-Anatoly, yes, it is. Everything will come back to them!

Olga Vasilyeva: We have seen enough this winter for the abandoned, well, the village next to them seems to be attached, and my friend still feeds 7 of them. They wintered under the house

Natalie Sharapova: Olga, I wish you all the best for your relationship. @!

Irina-And-Anatoly Kuznetsov: Olga, God bless you and your children for this

Olga Vasilyeva: Castrate. Sterilize! Do not start on the fun of children! They are not living toys!

Olga Serova: Natalie, thank you! We have bought a house for absolutely wild, they will live there. And the food is always on the porch, all year round. And water.

Elena Potapova: Very simple: put a bottle with a narrow neck in the corners (I use from under the medicine) with acetic acid. 2 years there are no mice. We put it on every winter and even until the summer all the vinegar does not evaporate.

Olga Gennadievna: In her youth she worked at railway warehouses, taking them from her mother, who had worked there for almost 30 years. According to her “teaching,” she left the bowls with a dry mixture of flour and alabaster (gypsum plaster) in the corners. AND ANY RODENT

Olga Serova: Irina-And-Anatoly, thank you too!)

Sergey Davydov: Tried stickies, heartbreaking sight, so I prefer to catch a glass))

Irina-And-Anatoly Kuznetsov: My whole family loves and feels sorry for little animals.

Magda Maciowski: Olga, and with rats this method will take place in the cellar in the fall of the rats spoil the whole crop, I don’t know how to get rid of them.

Olga Gennadievna: Magda, and marmots, and even gophers! Another question is that in the cellar it can be so wet that the mixture will “grab” before it gets into the rodents' stomachs.

Svetlana Varlamova: You can moisten cotton wool in Creolina. I always do that both under cover and in the cellar. Yesterday they got seed potatoes, nobody ate one. # 128515

Magda Maciowski: Olga, the cellar is open all summer, it is only late in the fall that we are closing it. Even problems with snails, I tried to fight honey, but it was enough for a while.

Natalia Malinina: Kitties. теперь у меня их 6. По осени пришли к нам с дачного массива оголодавшие, замерзшие, несчастные! За то теперь у меня мыши - дефицит!

Емеля Печкин: Надо намочить полоски ткани березовым дёгтем и положить на пол или полки где мыши ходят.

Марина Эскина (Ляпунова): Ольга, а какой разговор о мышах при наличии кошки?

Ольга Серова: Marina, can poison and neighbors and wild, if the mouse is poisoned eat.

Marina Eskina (Lyapunov): Olga, you have to coexist with mice))))

Andrey Sychev: Cat! You would be my Klava for a week, everyone would pass!

Elena Kirillova: Is it possible to kill this miracle from the pictures?

Svetlana Vetkina: In fact, everything is very simple! There is such a device ELECTRON CAT. Turn on the power socket and quietly leave! I have enough of one toy on my 60M house! For 4 years already, we have forgotten about mice and rats, and before that came O HORROR. Mice nests in pillows twisted and what the rats did was just not to tell!

Elena Zakharkina: Potatoes in the basement were saved with burdock, on top of the potatoes in boxes they were lined with burrs of thorns. And in the rat holes also put a burdock. Potatoes whole. And water rats such digs digged in the ground male fist quietly climbed. Only burdock and a cat and otvadili.

Olga Serova: Marina, do not even hope! I have 14 cats))

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