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Overview incubator for eggs "Stimulus-4000"



Microel launched into mass production the latest model of automatic farmer incubator with a capacity of 4000 chicken eggs! He replaced the previous model Stimul-4000 and absorbed all the most modern and relevant developments.


The main technical parameters of the device:

  1. Dimensions (L * W * H, cm) - 122.1 * 157.7 * 207.
  2. Weight is 540 kg.
  3. The total power consumption is 3 kW, while 50% falls on the heating element, 1 kW on the fan drive motor.
  4. Power comes from the network 220/230 V.
  5. The humidity level is maintained in the range of 40-80%.
  6. The maximum amount of water consumed per cycle is 1.5 cubic meters.
  7. Automatically maintained temperature in the range of +36. +39 ° С (possible deviations in both directions by 0.2 ° С).
  8. For cooling, water is used at a temperature of +18 ° C.

Production characteristics

The incubator is suitable for nesting eggs of all domestic birds: chickens, waterfowl species, quails, turkeys and ostriches. The maximum allowable weight of eggs should not exceed 270 kg.

The parameters of the incubator trays:

  1. Trays for eggs. They measure 43.8 * 38.4 * 7.2 cm. In the complete set there are 64 trays, each contains 63 eggs. Total 4032 pieces can be placed.
  2. Trays for quail eggs. They have dimensions of 87.6 * 35 * 4 cm. There are 32 trays in the complete set, on each of which 310 eggs are placed. Total can accommodate 9920 pcs.
  3. Trays for duck, goose, turkey eggs. They have dimensions of 87.6 * 34.8 * 6.7 cm. The number of trays of this type is 26 pieces, each can accommodate 90 duck and 60 goose eggs. In total, a total of 2340 duck and 1560 goose eggs are obtained. On the same trays have ostrich products, the maximum can accommodate 320 pieces.

Incubator Functionality

The device has 2 heating elements, is also equipped with an eight-blade fan (300 rpm), cooling and heating systems, a system for maintaining humidity and air exchange. It is equipped with an electronic thermostat, an emergency shutdown system and an alarm system that is triggered at temperatures above 38.3 ° C.

There are two temperature sensors and one humidity sensor. Humidity is maintained by evaporation of water that is supplied through a spray on the roof of the housing. Air exchange occurs due to two holes with special flaps on the roof and the rear wall of the housing.

The trays are turned automatically every hour, while the trays of the trolley are inclined by 45 ° in both directions from the initial horizontal position.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of this model:

  1. Versatility - the device can be used in industries of different scale.
  2. It has a relatively small compact size. In addition, the manufacturer can supply the equipment in disassembled form (incubator and hatcher chambers separately).
  3. It consumes a small amount of electricity.
  4. The model is equipped with modern automation with the possibility of programmatic control of modes, which significantly saves time for servicing the incubator. Manual control mode is also available.
  5. The case and parts are made of high-quality materials that protect the internal space from fungus and infections, provide high tightness, resistance to disinfectants, resistance to corrosion.
  6. Perhaps backup power, which will ensure uninterrupted operation of the device during a power outage.
  7. The possibility of continuous incubation of eggs for many months.
It is difficult to isolate the shortcomings of this model, since it has an optimal price-quality ratio. Definitely, it is not suitable for private farms and small farms.

Preparing the incubator for work

If you are using the device for the first time, it is recommended to measure the temperature in different parts of the incubator, the oscillations should be less than 0.2 ° C. If everything is OK with the temperature regime, you can proceed to disinfect the device.

For this purpose, any suitable veterinary drugs are used (for example, “Ecocide”, “Brovadez-Plus”, etc.). Need to handle all work surfaces, trays, doors. You also need to remove debris and waste from previous batches of eggs.

Egg laying

Select products according to the following criteria: average size, clean, free of defects, chips, growths. The shelf life should not exceed 10 days. Until the bookmark can be stored at a temperature of +17. +18 ° C in a room with high humidity. In no case can not lay cold eggs. Pre and need to gradually (!) Warm up to prepare for the heat.

When laying, remember that the egg size is directly proportional to the duration of the incubation period. Therefore, the bookmark is carried out in the following way: first, the largest specimens, after 4-5 hours, they are of medium size, and, last of all, the smallest ones.

When choosing a bookmark method (vertical / horizontal), follow the rule: small and medium ones form only vertically with a blunt end up, large eggs (ostrich, goose, duck) are laid horizontally.

Video: Stimulus incubator-4000 laying eggs

This period lasts on average 20-21 days, of which there are four periods. In 1-11 days, it is necessary to maintain 37.9 ° C of heat, humidity - at the level of 66%, turn the trays four times a day. There is no need for airing. In the second period, 12-17 days, the temperature decreases by 0.6 ° C, the humidity drops to 53%, the number of coups is the same, ventilation is added for 5 minutes twice a day.

At the third stage, in the next two days, the temperature and the number of turns are the same, the humidity drops even more - up to 47%, the duration of ventilation is increased to 20 minutes. At 20-21 days expose 37 ° C heat, humidity increase to the original 66%, airing reduced to 5 minutes twice a day. The trays in the last stage do not turn over.

Device price

The cost of this model is within 190 thousand rubles (about 90 thousand UAH., 3.5 thousand dollars). About the possibility of discounts must be interested in the manufacturer. It is possible to get separately an incubatory case or hatcher. The equipment is transported unassembled, assembly instructions are attached.

Employees of the company can also mount and adjust the work of the incubator free of charge, train your staff in the features of work.

Productive characteristics, compact size and low energy consumption make the incubator of this model an excellent choice for both small farm and industrial use. Its quality is equivalent to foreign analogues.

However, if it is required to reproduce chicks in smaller volumes, it makes sense to study the Stimul-1000 model, which belongs to domestic varieties, and its price is 1.5 times lower.

Purpose of the incubator

The device "Stimul-Ink" is intended for breeding poultry chicks. By acquiring additionally trays of the desired shape, it will also be possible to breed quail, pheasant and guinea fowl in the incubator. Stimul-4000 incubators are used on both large and small farms. At home, they are used much less frequently, because with their help more than 4,000 chickens can be bred.

The principle of the incubator is the same as that of other similar products. The main units consist of a casing, an egg tray, a swivel device, a backup power supply, as well as heating, cooling and ventilation systems. In addition, the product is equipped with a number of additional functions:

  • The systems that create the microclimate in the device operate in the automatic temperature maintenance mode (from +36 to +39 degrees). When the temperature reaches 38.3 degrees triggered emergency shutdown. If it rises or falls too much, the alarm will sound.
  • The fan installed inside the product provides airflow with a rotation mode of at least 300 revolutions per minute.
  • Humidity is maintained in the range from 40 to 80%. To reduce or increase moisture, it is recommended to change the amount of water poured into pallets.
  • The device is fully automated. Experts recommend purchasing automatic aggregates that contribute to obtaining a healthy brood without additional worries.

For novice poultry farmers such devices are one of the best options. The use of the device allows breeding chickens, goslings, turkey poults, quails, also ostriches.

Capacity of eggs of different birds

The product is suitable for a single placement of chicken eggs, the number of 4032 units. Also in the incubator you can put quail eggs - 9920, ducks - 2340, geese - 1560, turkeys - 2600, ostriches - 80. By ensuring the right conditions during the incubation process, you can achieve good hatchability of chicks.

Price: 490000 rubles to buy

The incubator farmer CTM-4000 is intended for an incubation of eggs of an agricultural bird in personal subsidiary or farm.

Incubator CTM-4000 new domestic development. The CTM-4000 incubator is based on an industrial incubator, but with a smaller capacity for an incubation egg. It is universal, this is the second difference from the industrial model, i.e. Pre-incubation of eggs and hatching are made in the same chamber.

Electronic control allows with high precision support temperature and humidity.

Thanks to the applied technology, optimum blowing is ensured uniform distribution of temperature and humidity throughout the volume of the incubator chamber.