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Why do Lakenfelder chickens belong to rare breeds?

It is believed that the first representatives of the breed appeared at the beginning of the XVIII century in the Dutch town of Lakerwelt. The name of the birds is the most simple and is translated as "black on a white field." There are no reliable records regarding the origin of the birds, but it is assumed that the roots of the hens are Belgian. Belgian birds interbred with the local in search of the most successful meat-egg variant.

For almost a century, Lakenfelder was not exported outside the country, and it was not until the beginning of the 19th century that they were brought to the UK. Despite its European origin, the breed standard was adopted in 1939 in the USA by the Poultry Farmers Association.

Regarding the ancestors of Lakenfelder, there is a legend that tells about the Indian Brahmins, who had migrated to Mesopotamia before the Common Era. They brought the first representatives of poultry. Some of them settled in the Palestinian city of Armageddon and continued breeding chickens. At the beginning of our era, when Jews moved to the territory of modern Holland and Germany, chickens came to Europe.

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