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Salted crispy cucumbers - simple recipes preparations for the winter


Summer is the time for making delicious preparations for the winter. Mandatory dish that is worth trying hostesses - cucumbers, which do not require sterilization, but it turns out crispy.

The proposed options for the preparation of pickles will suit residents of apartment buildings. Store jars can not be in the basement, suitable ordinary pantry.

Canned cucumbers can be in a liter, two-liter, three-liter jar. It is better to salt in a liter, this is just enough for 1 meal.

To make the cucumbers not too soft and have a pleasant crunch, follow a number of rules:

  • For brine, use clean, filtered water.
  • Salt better young vegetables with dark pimples
  • Greenhouse, greenhouse crunchy will not
  • 3 - 4 hours before cooking, fruits are soaked in ice water.
  • Try the cucumbers before cooking, bitter spoil the taste of the dish.


  • Slightly more than a kilogram of young cucumbers
  • 20 grams of rock salt
  • 20 grams of sugar
  • Pepper Peas
  • 2-3 garlic cloves
  • 2 tablespoons 9% vinegar (for 1 jar)
  • Small hot pepper
  • Marinated greens (horseradish, currants, dill umbrellas)

It is allowed to add additional products, for example, onions or Bulgarian pepper.

Crispy Pickles for Winter

Perhaps one of the main secrets for getting crunchy canned cucumbers is salting them on the day of gathering from the bed. The second secret is the mandatory aging of fruits in water for at least two, three hours. Then the cucumbers are washed thoroughly again, cutting off the so-called butts.

Stages of cooking:

1. After all the necessary procedures with the fruits, prepare the preparation of cans, rinse them thoroughly, then sterilize.

2. For the future brine spring water is best suited, if you do not have one, use filtered water. In a deep container you need to bring the water to a boil on the stove. Add salt per liter to a couple of tablespoons of salt.

3. Transfer cucumbers to a deep container, add peeled garlic cloves, thoroughly washed dill branches with young leaves of currant. Pour the brine into the container, you need to press down the top with a yoke. In this state, clean the cucumbers in a cool place for two days.

4. Basic preparation is completed, now pour the brine into a separate dish, strain it, then boil again. Wash vegetables in cold water, lay them in cans, this should be done as tightly as possible. Add black pepper peas, hot red pepper, bay leaves and other ingredients again.

5. Pour the hot brine over the cans, then close them with metal special covers. Turn the jars upside down, leave for a day, then boldly put it in the fridge or basement.

Eat on health, enjoy your meal!

Recipe for canning cucumbers with the addition of dry mustard

My grandmother often cooks this recipe. She pours in liter jars of cucumbers. So it is very convenient in my opinion, I took out a jar at one time, everyone ate, did not interfere in the fridge, taking up space and would not spoil for sure.

A simple recipe for salting cucumbers

A very popular recipe among most housewives. It is so simple that even if you first decided to prepare the blanks for the winter, then you will definitely cope with this task. Cucumbers will be fragrant and crispy on glory.

Pickling cucumbers cold

The recipe is designed for one three-liter jar. The cold method differs from the hot one in that there is no need to boil, boil or drain something. Very fast, easy and convenient. I am sure you will appreciate the final taste of such a snack.

Recipe for video pickles for the winter

A very good recipe, pickles are obtained as barrel. The traditional Russian snack will appeal to all without exception.

Now everything should be transparent and clear. Put them stored, and after two or three weeks you can already start eating delicious crispy cucumbers.

Well, my friends, I showed you and told you about the wonderful and simple methods of salting your green vegetables for the winter. Choose your favorite, but better try everything. After all, each has its own flavor.

Good appetite!

Hot-pickled cucumbers for the winter without sterilization

This method is one of the most common. Preparation of brine produced by boiling, so the method is called hot. For the same reason, it is recommended to roll up the cans with iron lids, because nylon will “siphon” under the pressure of hot steam.

Ingredients for two 3 liter jars:

  • 3-4 kg of cucumbers (depending on size)
  • 3-5 pieces of hot pepper
  • Leaves of black currant, cherry, horseradish (or horseradish root), can be walnut leaves or oak
  • Dill sprigs with seeds

Brine (about 5 liters):

  • 1 liter of water - 1.5 tbsp. salt with a slide


1. Cucumbers are thoroughly washed with running water, then put in a deep pan and pour cold water. Leave for a few hours, and better at night. After that, once again wash the vegetables and put them in another dish.

This is one of the first secrets to make cucumbers crisp and juicy, and not withered and limp.

2. Peppers and horseradish root cut into thick slices.

3. Now take the same deep saucepan and line the bottom with leaves of cherry, currant and others that we managed to find. Top put a few pieces of horseradish and pepper.

4. Then comes a layer of cucumbers.

5. We spread in this way 3-4 layers of cucumbers and spices.

The thickness of the layers is chosen arbitrarily. The more layers you get, the better.

The last layer should be greens.

6. When all the cucumbers are in the pan, pour them with pickle. For its preparation you need 1.5 tablespoons of salt and a slide for 1 liter of water. Total need 5 liters of brine.

Put a plate on top of the pan smaller in diameter than the pan and place a press on it. For example a jar of water.

7. We leave cucumbers under the press for 3-5 days. Temperature and storage conditions are not very important. Willingness to the next step comes when a white film forms on the surface of the water.

White film is a lactic acid bacteria, the result of fermentation of vegetables.

8. Now we merge the brine into another container (we still need it), remove all the leaves and other spices, and wash the cucumbers thoroughly with running water.

9. And put them in 3 liter jars.

10. Bring the merged brine to a boil and pour it into jars all the way to the top. Cover with boiled lids and leave for 10 minutes.

11. Then again, pour the brine into the pan, bring it to a boil again, and again pour it into jars with cucumbers.

Pour the brine so that it began to overflow the banks.

Then we cover the banks with lids and roll up.

12. Now the banks need to be turned over, covered with a blanket and left to cool completely. After that they can be stored in a cool dark place.

Salted cucumbers will be ready to eat. when the brine from off-white becomes light, and a small precipitate forms at the bottom.

The most delicious recipe for cans with twisted lids

I consider this option the most delicious, because garlic is used in the cooking process. He always gives dishes a special flavor.

A nice feature of the recipe is the ability to store banks in the apartment for a couple of years.

Such cucumbers are eaten very quickly, so it is better to prepare them in one-off portions in jars of 700-800 ml and use screw caps.

Ingredients for 10 cans of 800 ml:

  • Cucumbers - 4-5 kg
  • Carrots - 4 pieces
  • Garlic - 30 cloves
  • Dill dry - 5 branches
  • Horseradish root and leaves - 5 pcs.
  • Salt - 5 tbsp. L
  • Pepper Peas - 5 tbsp.
  • Bay leaf - 10 pieces
  • Water - 5 l
  • Hot pepper (optional) - 3 pcs


1. Cut the carrot into slices, horseradish root and cubes. Wash and clean the garlic, break the dill into straws.

2. We take clean jars and put in them 3-4 bars of horseradish, 3-4 sprigs of dill, a piece of hot pepper (optional) and 3-4 cloves of garlic.

3. Then tightly shove cucumbers (vertically) and put a few circles of carrots on top.

Separately, put 1 kg of cucumbers (together with spices), which will be needed to add to the jars during cooking, in a pan or plastic container.

4. Cooking brine, dissolved in 5 liters of water 5 tbsp. salt and bring the mixture to a boil, then pour it into the banks and loosely close their lids. In the container, too, pour the brine and also cover with a lid.

Leave the cucumbers in this form for 24 hours at room temperature.

5. A day later, pour the entire brine into the pan and boil it again. The cucumbers in the banks for a day, “zummut” a little and they will need to add cucumbers from the container, then re-pour the hot pickle into the banks, cover with lids and leave for another 24 hours.

6. And again in a day, the pickle needs to be drained, boiled and then poured over the banks. After that, you can already tightly wrap the jars and, making sure that they are tight, turn the lids down, wrap them in blankets and leave them to cool down completely.

7. When the banks are cool, turn them over to a normal position and store them in an apartment at room temperature, not worrying that they will burst or the cucumbers will spoil.

Recipe for pickling cucumbers for the winter with mustard

A great way for those who want to get the taste of pickled cucumbers "like a barrel". The taste is slightly sour and sharp. And thanks to the mustard cucumbers are especially crispy.

Ingredients for one 3 liter jar:

  • Cucumber (fresh) - 1.7-1.8 kg
  • Water - 1.5 L
  • Salt (with a small slide) - 3 tbsp.
  • Currant leaf - 5-7 pieces
  • Cherry leaf - 10 pieces
  • Oak leaf (optional) - 2 pieces
  • Dill (umbrellas) - 4-5 pieces
  • Horseradish Sheet - 1-2 pcs
  • Mustard dry (Mustard powder) - 2 tbsp.
  • Black pepper (peas) - 10-12 pieces


1. We wash the cucumbers well, cut off the tips and soak them in cold water for at least 4 hours.

After that, they are washed again and tightly laid in a jar, at the bottom of which half the cooked greens and pepper are laid. The remaining greens shift cucumbers.

Fill the jar with boiling brine at the very neck.

Prepare the brine by boiling 1.5 liters of water with salt mixed in it (3 tbsp).

2. Cover the cans with nylon caps, and when the brine has cooled, remove the caps and cover the nets with gauze. We leave the jars in this form for 2 days at room temperature, periodically removing the resulting white film.

3. After two days, the brine is poured into a saucepan and boiled again. Then it will again need to be poured into cucumbers, but before that you need to add dry mustard to the jar.

So, pour the hot pickle, cover with a lid, and after cooling down, remove it and leave the cucumbers alone for 6 hours.

4. Then for the last time we pour out and boil the brine, pour it back into the jar, roll it up and leave to cool under the fur coat upside down.

At first, the brine will be cloudy, but as the mustard settles, it will lighten. This will mean that cucumbers are pickled and ready to eat.

Quick and tasty recipe with vodka and vinegar

Well, in the end, I propose an original recipe for salting cucumbers on vodka. For the sake of speeding up the process, we even add vinegar, which, as I wrote at the beginning, is not characteristic of the salting process. But for speed, this is important.

This is a recipe only for quick salting, and cucumbers will be ready for another week before they are ready.


  • Cucumbers - for 3 liter jars (depending on the size, the quantity is different)
  • Leaves of horseradish, black currant, cherry - in a pair of pieces
  • Dill umbrellas
  • Garlic - a pair of cloves
  • Pepper black and fragrant
  • Water - 1.5 L
  • Salt - 3 tbsp.
  • Vinegar 6% - 2 tbsp.
  • Vodka - 100 ml


1. Soak cucumbers in cold water for 3 hours, then pour out the water and cut off the tips.

2. At the bottom of the sterilized jars we lay out all the spices and leaves, then tightly tamp cucumbers.

3. Fill boiling water in the jar with salt and vinegar dissolved in it. Leave a place for vodka, which we pour at the end, so that the liquid was to the brim.

4. Now we cover the jar with gauze and leave for 12 hours, periodically removing the resulting foam.

5. After the specified time, close the jar with a capron lid boiled in water for a couple of minutes and remove to a dark, cool place.

A week later, pickles will be ready.

Here is such an interesting and varied selection today. I am sure you have already noticed the recipe that you liked the most.

And I have everything today, thank you for your attention.