General information

Sushi grape type - Super early seedless

A variation of the famous Kishmish marked “Zaporizhia” appeared in the last century. The variety has the second name “Kishmish Klochikov” in honor of its creator. Ukrainian breeder took two famous varieties of Rusbol and Victoria for grapes. As a result of crossbreeding, a seedless variety with very high taste qualities appeared.

Characteristics and description of the variety

To taste Zaporozhye Kishmish sweet, acids are not felt at all. The variety will surely enjoy the sweet tooth. Grow grapes for themselves, on an industrial scale. The variety is suitable for winemaking, canning. The berries grow too small, weighing 2-3 g. Maturation begins at the end of summer. The growing season ranges from 115 to 120 days. The berries are collected in large, weighty clusters weighing more than a kg. Often the weight of clusters reaches 1.5 kg. The skin color varies from dark purple, almost black to burgundy.

Grapes are characterized as a medium growing variety. The vine can grow up to 5 m. Surgeon formation is very active, especially in the first years after planting. Growers recommend doing an annual pruning of 6-8 holes. The load on the bush should be no more than 25-30 eyes for stable fruiting. Fruiting shoots of at least 80%, maturity is recognized as high.