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Garden shredder for grass and branches: ranking of the best models


Modern summer residents are accustomed to using all sorts of chemical fertilizers, but why spend money and harm their health, if instead you can independently harvest such humus for plants. It is obtained from the "garbage" collected on its site. Dried flowers, leaves and branches, as well as cutting the vine and grapes after meeting with a garden shredder for grass and branches become an excellent fertilizer, you just need to allow it to be ground in a compost pit. Let's see what this “miracle machine” is and what positive functions it has.

Advantages of using garden shredders

As the name suggests, garden shredder is designed for shredding any garden and garden debris: both small weeds, and rather thick branches. We can say that this is its main advantage, as it helps gardeners get rid of unnecessary vegetation.

Today, there are several advantages of this type of special equipment: a relatively small weight and compactness, ease of transportation, ease of use and control, the presence of hardened knives.

Using garden shredders for branches and grass, you can easily reduce the amount of garbage on your site, as well as minimize the complexity of the process of cleaning the area. A significant saving of free time is another reason to get such an indispensable assistant. After a meeting with a chipper, old branches, leaves and dried grass become dust, and after a certain time they can be an excellent fertilizer for the soil. Thanks to the operational process of decay, it becomes possible to create an additional organic layer that is able to maximally protect the land during a period of severe frost.

Types of garden shredders

There are many types of garden shredders on the modern market, and in order to decide which one is better to choose, it is necessary to understand exactly what you want from it. In most cases, buyers pay attention to two main points: the type of shredder blade system and the type of motor - electric or gasoline.

Disk knife system

The knife system of disk type is presented in the form of a disk, supplemented with steel knives (there may be two or more). The disk stroke is set by the device shaft, after which the sharp knives begin to process branches, bark and other parts of plants.

Most of the crusher with disc knife system is suitable for processing grass, stalks and thin branches of trees. You can also use this type of shredder for dry branches, only in this case you will have to sharpen more often or immediately replace knives.

Milling knife system

The milling cutter system of the garden shredder is somewhat different from the previous species, and its feature is the solid cast form in the form of a gear. In terms of reliability and practicality, it is an order of magnitude higher than the disk system, so it is excellent for processing thick branches with a diameter of up to 40-45 mm.

One more indisputable advantage of a milling garden shredder is an independent mechanism for drawing in branches, which will save you from the need to constantly promote branches in a funnel. Simply load them into the garden shredder for grass and branches, and you can spend some time doing other things, giving the system the opportunity to recycle the garbage.

You can pick up a device with reverse and adjustment of the processing fraction, but do not forget that the grass and leaves are much more convenient to process in shredders with a disk knife system.

How to choose a type of engine for a garden shredder

Different garden equipment has its own design features, the main component of which are power plants of gasoline or electric types. The shredder for processing branches and other vegetation is no different in this regard, so it will be logical to pay attention to both types of powertrains, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let's look at them in more detail.

Electrical engine

Grinders of branches and other garden garbage on which the electric motor is installed are considered the most simple in operation. When working with such a device, you can not worry about the presence of fuel in the tank and not be distracted by the increased noise level that the crusher publishes. Another advantage is the ease of construction, thanks to which even women can move the device around the dacha. The electric motor will save your plants from toxic products of combustion.

Gasoline engine

In most cases, gasoline branch choppers are equipped with two-stroke power plants (four-stroke ones are much less common, although they have a significant advantage - ease of maintenance and relatively low noise level).

The main advantages of the petrol design include a large motor power (able to cope with branches up to 7 cm thick) and the absence of the need for power supply, thanks to which the device can be operated anywhere in the suburban area.

As for the minuses of gasoline shredders, it is impossible not to recall their high level of noise, which often annoys their neighbors, the great weight of the structure (compared to electric models) and the presence of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Besides, gasoline shredders are more expensive because they require material costs for fuel and engine oil.

What should be the power of the garden shredder

If you do not know how to choose a garden shredder, then first of all we recommend to pay attention to the power of the device. Based on this indicator, all choppers can be divided into three groups: amateur models, middle-class models and professional devices.

"Amateur" is called the garden shredders of small capacity (up to 1.6 kW), which operate from the electrical network and have a knife-type disc system. Before you decide to buy goods from this class, be sure to check with the seller what material the knives are made of (best of all, if it turns out to be hardened steel). Such devices weigh up to 20 kg and are suitable for grinding branches with a thickness of not more than 3 cm.

Devices of average power are an intermediate variant between amateur and professional grinders. Such models can work both from the power supply network, and on gasoline, and their maximum power reaches 2.5 kW. Garden shredders of medium power are excellent for summer and private plots, with a small and middle-aged garden. All units are equipped with milling knives, so they easily cope with branches with a diameter of more than 4 cm.

As for professional devices, they are represented by large devices with a sufficiently large weight and power up to 4 kW. Can be equipped with both gasoline and electric engines that allow them to work for a long time. Such designs are designed to cope with the branches, the thickness of which corresponds to 6-7 cm. Moreover, the resulting crushed material is pressed, with the result that you get excellent mulch.

Professional units are complemented by convenient funnels, a powerful milling type cutting mechanism, and are able to pull in branches without pushing. Given their high level of performance, such devices are perfect for farms, large area gardens, etc.

Tips for choosing what else you should pay attention

In addition to the power of the garden shredder, there are some other nuances that you should definitely take into account in the situation of choice. For example, knives should be made of hardened steel or have a double-sided sharpening (when one side is blunt, you can solve the problem simply by turning the knife over). It is more convenient to use a chopper, in which the funnel for receiving the processed residues is cone-shaped and rather wide (the inclined options will be even more convenient).

Attention should be paid to whether a pusher for garbage is supplied with the grinder, especially if the device is not equipped with a retractor. Switching operating modes will also become a function, which will help to improve performance and reduce gasoline / energy consumption, and thanks to the anti-start function, you can prevent the device from suddenly turning on after power surges in the network (meaning electric models).

Garden shredders equipped with pre-cutting knives will last longer, and the available reverse will roll the knives in the opposite direction if any branch is wound on them. Also, the benefit of the products will be attached to her goggles, which you still have to buy.

Choosing a suitable device for shredding garden garbage, you will surely notice that the combined models are more expensive, but it is impossible not to take into account that they have several holes that allow you to simultaneously grind large and small garbage. As a result, in a shorter period of time, you will process more branches and grass, and for this it is worth paying extra.

Well, the last thing that you should also pay attention to is the level of noise that the device emits during operation. If the equipment is supposed to be used at the dacha where there are exactly neighbors, then the boundary noise threshold is 84 dB.

a brief description of

First you need to figure out what a garden shredder is. The tool can be compared to a large meat grinder, which instead of meat chops branches, cones, bark, roots and other waste. The level of grinding can be adjusted and the result is sawdust or small pieces. Grinders are gasoline and electric. Knife system - disk or milling.

Disc includes several steel knives. It is optimal for the processing of green stems, thin dry branches, grass, leaves and other "soft" debris. The milling system is a monolithic gear that automatically absorbs what you want to grind. A powerful mechanism easily grinds thick branches, but the grass in it often gets stuck.

When choosing, weigh the pros and cons, think that you will recycle more often.


One of the most popular models. The compact size and frame on the wheels make it easy to move the device around the territory. This electric chopper performs work quickly and efficiently, without loading the network.

The wide funnel adds convenience in use - you can throw branched branches without breaking them.

The disc with two blades and additional preprocessing knives perfectly copes with its responsibilities. Knives are located in different directions, helping the Viking to grind debris of any caliber.

Carefully thought out security system. So, it is possible to “wake up” the machine by means of a relay - the probability of spontaneous start is excluded. With the funnel removed, the device also “sleeps”. When you turn off the brake, instantly blocking the movement of knives.


The electric grinder attracting with an optimum ratio price / quality. Strong steel knives quickly grind the branches, tree bark and sunflower trunks.

For an hour of operation, the unit is able to recycle 200 kg of garbage. The main advantages of the product of the Dutch company - versatility and high performance.

Iron Angel ES2500 shreds trash in seconds. No problem even cope with thick boughs.

I am glad that the machine works almost silently. The grinder is very compact - it does not take up much storage space. The motor is reliably protected from overheating - work as required without fear of accidental breakage.


The reliable grinder from the German brand, popular in the segment. The company AL-KO made a bet on durability and did not lose. The body is made of plastic, but it should not scare you. The device is really "not killed" - all internal elements are made of aluminum and steel.

The disk knife with two blades of laser sharpening quickly makes out with branches to 42 mm. If necessary, the funnel is removed, opening up access to the cutting parts. This model is equipped with the patented Easy crush system (pull-in rollers in the neck). The powerful engine is protected from heat and overloads. There is a large retractable container for collecting crushed material.


Working "horse", which is not afraid of difficulties. If a lot of waste is collected on your site that requires immediate processing, then this shredder will be useful to you. Without "thinking" shred dry wood, corn trunks, tree branches up to 40 mm. And all thanks to a strong cutting knot.

The skeleton of the structure is made of steel pipe - the device is not afraid of mechanical damage. The plastic collector is located under the discharge port. The electric motor is protected from increased load. If the knives are wedged, the protective mechanism is triggered and the engine stops working. Another significant plus in the piggy bank is a low level of vibration.


One of the leaders in the field of knife shredders. The German manufacturer has managed to offer the very best at an affordable price. The device has a powerful "heart", small size and good processing speed. Knives are made of high-quality steel double-sided laser sharpening. No problem cutting branches up to 40 mm in diameter.

A large plastic container (50 liters) is used to collect waste materials. For the convenience of placing the branches in the neck there is a handle-pusher. Fast movement is promoted by big wheels.


Italian grinder is characterized by a modest appearance, but behind it are unprecedented opportunities. It is strong and durable, capable of flawlessly performing work of any complexity. The wide funnel and long neck will add comfort in operation. The steel frame, resembling the form of a sled on wheels, does not cause difficulties when moving.

Knife system - combined. Consists of a disk with two blades and additional side knives, pointing in different directions. In the middle of the disk is a double blade knife.

The thoughtful arrangement of the blades makes it possible to process both soft and dry stems equally well.


This petrol grinder will process everything. As if peanuts, dry branches with a diameter of 100 mm click. Metal body, high power (9560 W), 16 knives - these are just a few of its advantages.

Immediately it is worth making a reservation that this “tank” is intended for professional use.

If you have a small area where you are from time to time, then this is a whopper to you.

The career guidance is also indicated by the impressive dimensions and the “biting” cost. There are two funnels. One - for soft waste, the second - for hard branches and logs. Good maneuverability provide large wheels.


This shredder is also gasoline, but it works much quieter than electric. Focused on the implementation of various tasks. Quickly utilizes not only thick boughs, but also “trifles” - grass, leaves, thin branches. At the heart of the unit is a four-stroke heart with a power of 8.5 horsepower. The engine is paired with a knife assembly mounted on a wide chassis with large wheels.

The blade unit consists of two threshing knives and two chopping blades. There are two capacious containers.

Front - for large debris, rear - for small things. The second bunker goes down flush with the ground - it is very convenient to rake grass.


If the main problem with which you are tired of fighting is mountains of grass and dry leaves, then there is no need to acquire a large shredder. Suitable WORX WG430E, working through fishing line (patented technology Flex-a-Line). Crushes the garbage in the fine dust in just a couple of seconds. Power - 1400 watts. Instrument weight - 9 kg.

The life of the shredder extends the cooling system, simultaneously protecting from the accumulation of dust. Line rotation speed (2.3 mm thick) - 8500 revolutions per minute. This allows you to recycle 12 m3 of grass per hour.


The compact-looking kid will surprise you with performance and high quality work. It weighs 11.5 kg. Equipped with a 2 kW engine, which involves a Bosh-Powerdrive system. The double-sided milling cutter with sharp teeth is made of hardened steel using Swiss technology. It has a high margin of safety. Perfectly copes with the grinding of dry branches.

Convenience in application adds a wide funnel and a pusher. Sophisticated security system eliminates accidental activation.

The only negative is the lack of a tank. But it is easily compensated by special devices below - you can wear any bag on them.

Before you - TOP-10 best grinders for grass and branches. Brand models have proven themselves on the positive side - they are distinguished by high power, increased degree of reliability, thoughtful design and impeccable quality of work. Выбирайте проверенные модели, и ваш участок всегда будет в идеальном состоянии!

У меня VIKING GE 250. Купил в прошлом году. Не нарадуюсь своему удачному приобретению и жалею, что не сделал этого раньше. Справляется с любым мусором. Широкая воронка сама затягивает траву и ветки. Подкупает, что работает очень тихо — никому не мешает.

And my neighbors persuaded me to order Bosch AXT Rapid 2000. Before him, Einhel GH-KS was - in principle, also not bad, but the funnel was too narrow, I had to push myself. The Boshevsky Schröder does not have this deficiency, and it has more power. So I recommend!

Long chose and compared different models and settled on the WORX WG430E. Large debris almost never happens, but the grass and leaves - the shaft. I was pleasantly surprised by the capabilities of this small-sized shredder. I was amazed at the speed of work - small, but remote!

I also had a WORX WG430E first. Led to a beautiful advertisement and bought without thinking. I did not fit. Yes, for small garbage - it is beyond competition, but what to do with the big one? In short, changed it to CHAMPION SH250. Satisfied.

Device parameters

When buying a garden shredder for grass and branches, pay attention to the following characteristics:

  1. The cutting mechanism. The most common milling grinders, where the grass and leaves are processed using steel gear. Such a device is easy to wield with both soft materials and hard wood. Less commonly, knife shredders can be found: they work only with soft wood and small branches. Combined, or universal, grinders are considered as the most effective, which include both types of cutting.
  2. Device class The class of the device affects its performance, power and price. For ordinary suburban needs suitable equipment of the middle or amateur classes. Amateur shredders perfectly cope with soft waste and have a capacity of 1.8-2.2 kW. As for the middle class, this technique reaches a power of 2.5 kW and copes with large rigid branches. Separately, you can mention professional devices with noise cancellation and gasoline engines. They, as a rule, are used to work with solid raw materials and thick boughs, and at the same time they differ from the middle class by high price and greater power. For amateur gardeners, such models are not suitable: they simply can not pay for themselves.
  3. Engine's type. As a rule, professional garden shredders for grass and branches have gasoline engines that make them more mobile and productive. Budget models work, as a rule, on electricity, so their movement depends on the length of the cord, and power - on the voltage and current in the network. Electric shredders are inconvenient to work on large areas, but are cheaper.

The best inexpensive electric branch shredders

A very inexpensive, powerful and compact model of electric garden shredder. The power of the device is 2.4 kW, the engine rotation speed is 4500 rpm. It is also useful when chopping branches (up to 40 mm in diameter) and chips for making a decorative covering for the tracks, and when getting mulch for compost. A small weight (13 kg), a stable frame, a wheel pair make the Schröder quite comfortable in working and moving around the site. The maximum permissible length of the extension is 50 m. The service life declared by the manufacturer is 6 years. The brand's homeland is the USA, the country of production is China. In good condition, it does not require additional maintenance (which, in other respects is characteristic of all electric shredders), only cleaning and sharpening of knives is necessary. Warranty 2 years.

  • With sharp knives, it successfully chops tops and small branches.
  • Convenient funnel for laying garden vegetable debris.
  • Engine model is protected from overload, from water splashes (IPx4).
  • The noise level is 107 dB.
  • The problem with spare parts.

A powerful device (2.5 kW) with cutting knives for chopping leaves and branches (according to your passport, with a diameter of up to 40 mm of non-solid species - linden, bird cherry) is suitable for a small suburban area. Collector is not in the basic configuration, but is offered as an option. Frame for sustainability. The brand’s homeland is the USA, the manufacturer is China. Weight 12 kg. Turns of the engine of 3600 rpm. The shredder is not intended for continuous professional use: the mode of operation under load is 2 minutes, the mode of rotation without load is 3 minutes. The service life declared by the manufacturer - 3 years.

  • High performance 95 kg / h.
  • Removable knives from tool steel.
  • Smooth start and overload protection
  • Protective louvers of the inlet pipe exclude the reverse emission of garden waste.
  • The plastic case is not designed for bumps and drops.
  • Short service life (2 years).

The best electric garden grinders of the middle class

Garden shredder Viking GE 250 is deservedly popular among gardeners. The 2.5 kW electric motor provides good performance without excessive load on the grid. A wide neck with a reception funnel allows you to chop heavily branched branches. The cutting unit is a disk with two blades on which two more knives of preliminary grinding are fixed. The combination of knives set at different angles allows the Viking to confidently grind both branches and softer stems and leaves.

The compact housing of the garden shredder is mounted on a frame with wheels. Ground material is thrown into any container or directly to the ground. An open discharge is convenient for a large amount of work, as it allows you to quickly free up space under the outlet nozzle. When the unit is turned off, the brake is activated, stopping the blades for a few seconds. The engine is started through the starting relay, which eliminates its spontaneous start. The unit does not turn on even when the receiving neck is removed.

The grinder of Viking GE 250 - a convenient mobile shredder. Larger in size models, he is inferior, perhaps, only "omnivorous."

Very popular small shredder from the famous German brand with a capacity of 2.0 kW. The grinder is best suited for grinding freshly cut rods of small diameter. According to the documents, the maximum diameter of the processed branches and roots is 35 mm. Productivity - 80 kg / h. Required mode of operation: 4 min. Under load, 6 min - idle. The weight of the mobile device is only 11.5 kg. To move there wheelbase. Collector - option, not included in shredder package. Country of production - Hungary. According to numerous reviews on the forums, in terms of price and quality, this garden shredder is one of the best.

  • The effective device for crushing of large volumes of thin fresh-cut branches.
  • Built-in pusher increases loading speed.
  • There is motor overload protection, protection system for safe operation.
  • The dull knife can be turned over. The manufacturer offers a set of spare knives. Available for sale.
  • The wire is completely absent. Only the plug is attached to the housing.
  • Small diameter of the crushed branches: only 35 mm.
  • Soft, sluggish waste mulch only in small portions when wet, interspersed with solid.
  • Noisy.

The 2.3 kW electric garden shredder well processes small and medium-sized branches up to 35 mm in diameter. The speed of rotation of the grinding mechanism is small - only 40 rpm. This provides a relatively low noise level - about 95 dB. The grinder is completed with a capacity of 60 l for the recycled waste. The folding mechanism allows not to take up much space during storage: the working part of the unit is lowered into a plastic container for waste. Wide undercarriage and wheels of significant diameter provide stability and ease of movement. Country brand - Austria, made on the European site.

  • Convenience of the resulting fraction for composting.
  • Mobility.
  • Compact shredder storage.
  • Quatrefoil hole for convenient bar loading.

Designed for solid waste (branches), poorly grinds fibrous and soft.

An economical 2.5 kW garden shredder with good customer reviews. Branches up to 45 mm in size are mulched by a system of two steel blades. The device is mounted on a wheeled frame for transportation. Weight 13.5 kg. Schröder has a container with a capacity of 40 liters for crushed garbage. The motor is protected from overheating and overload. Brand - Japanese, manufacturing - Chinese. Service life is 5 years.

  • Through the service center you can buy a set of spare blades with fastening.
  • Mobility.
  • Warranty 2 years, when registering purchased chopper on the manufacturer's website - 3 years.
  • Compact storage, assembly for work in 5 min.
  • Well crushes only branches, grass and wet leaves bites.
  • Knives quickly become blunt, need sharpening or replacement (according to reviews).

The relatively inexpensive Shredder from the Easy Crush family from AL-KO is designed for easy shredding of branches. Despite the fact that the body material is plastic, it is able to withstand strong shocks, and all loaded parts are made of steel or cast from aluminum with well thought-out stiffeners.

The chopper is mounted on a frame with wheels, which facilitates its movement. The bunker in which the crushed material gathers is pushed into the frame along the guides.

The high-speed disk knife with two edges surely crumbles stalks and branches up to 42 mm thick. The receiving mouth is supplied with the directing rollers and elastic blinds which exclude a departure of chips. The neck is easily removed to access the cutting unit. At the same time a special switch blocks the possibility of starting. Power consumption - 2.8 kW - provides a good supply of power and does not overload the power grid.

The best electric garden shredders for large volumes of work

A universal combined shredder weighing 53 kg is suitable for shredding garden plant debris in the territories of landscape gardening farms, as well as on a personal plot. The manufacturer regulates the operating mode: 2 minutes of work under load (mulching), then 3 minutes of work idling. The chopper has two loading nozzles: a large vertical one for large branches, a folding one for grass, shoots, foliage, etc. The two-chamber cutting system works more efficiently: different knife discs are used for hard and soft materials. Schröder power - 3.0 kW, engine rotation speed 2800 rpm. The maximum length of a valid network cable is 50 m (must be purchased separately). The noise level is 102 dB. Country brand - Austria, manufacturing - on the European site.

  • The productive device mulching branches to 50 mm in the diameter.
  • Universal shredder for all types of plant waste.
  • High degree of safe operation, engine blocking and engine stop brake.
  • Once every six months, according to the passport, the chopper can be used for professional purposes (heavy load).
  • Mobility: conveniently moves.
  • The grinder is completed with the tool for replacement of working knives.
  • Replacement parts (knife discs) are not available for sale. Only from authorized dealers.
  • Sorting soft and hard garden waste.
  • Pretty high price.

Best cheap gasoline garden shredders

One of the most budgetary shredder shredders with a gas-powered weighing only 16 kg. The universal unit is designed for small branches with a diameter of up to 28 mm, and according to the manufacturer’s assurances, also for soft garden waste: thin shoots and foliage. It has a combined knife system: a flat knife system is used for shredding branches, and a grinding V-shaped knife for foliage. The power of the four-stroke drive engine is only 2.5 hp. develops 3600 rpm It has a bag for the collection of crushed garbage. The engine starts with a manual starter.

  • Independence from the mains.
  • Combined system of cutting and grinding knives for all types of plant waste.
  • Low weight, ease of movement.
  • Economical fuel consumption: only 450 g per hour.
  • Simplicity of design.
  • A small range of sizes of chopped branches (up to 28 mm).
  • The use of combustible materials - oil, gasoline.
  • The need to sort waste before loading into different nozzles.
  • Designed only for amateur gardeners, not suitable for professional use in long-term operation.
  • Requires periodic maintenance.

Top Professional Gasoline Garden Shredders

Variable device weighing 73 kg, can grind as soft, fibrous waste - young branches, grass, foliage, etc. - and quite powerful solid branches. Drive power - four-stroke gasoline engine - 9 hp (2800 rpm). Universal shredder is equipped with two loading nozzles for different types of plant waste. Polymer-metal case is quite durable. The manufacturer positions the chopper as a high security device. Brand - Austrian. Production is European.

  • Powerful device that mulches the branches up to 75 mm in diameter.
  • Mobility: the wheelbase makes it possible to move the chopper to significant distances over the site.
  • Independence from the presence of electrical wiring.
  • Durable polymer metal housing.
  • Universal shredder for all types of plant waste.
  • The need to sort waste: for wet fibrous and for solid are different loading pipes.
  • The need for periodic maintenance of a gasoline drive.
  • High price.

With the help of a gasoline garden shredder MTD ROVER 464 Q, you can perform a whole range of garden work. It is convenient not only for grinding branches, but also for the collection and disposal of leaves and other trifles. The “heart” of the device is a 8.5 hp four-stroke gasoline engine. The motor in the block with the knife assembly is installed on the chassis with powerful wheels. Forward and backward in the direction of travel, two receiving bins are provided.

Front is used for branches up to 75 mm. Rear - for small branches, grass and leaves. Moreover, this bunker can be lowered horizontally and raking leaves into it directly from the ground.

The knife block includes two chopping blades and two threshing knives. The unit, despite the gasoline engine, has a low noise level - only 96 dB. This is lower than some electrical models.

MTD ROVER 464 Q is a good multifunctional garden shredder that can cope not only with the maintenance of a private garden, but will also be useful when harvesting large areas. The only downside is the high price.

The smart chopper Viking GB 370 is equipped with a 6.5 hp petrol four-stroke engine. Belt drive from the engine to the shaft of the knives softens possible torsional shocks during operation.

This shredder allows you to chop the grass, leaves and branches up to 35 mm thick. The wide receiving mouth and two-stage cutting system Multi-Cut 350 accepts any vegetable waste.

With such a shredder is easy to manage. The main drawback is that the delivery neck is not included in the delivery set. It can be vertical or inclined and costs about 10,000 rubles. Thus, the price becomes very tangible.

Which garden shredder is better to buy?

Before you buy a shredder immediately better to keep in mind - garden shredders are designed for recycling branches , thick tops (such as corn, sunflower). It is not possible to grind large volumes of grass with a shredder, it will be wound on knives and clog the unit. And the land from the roots of plants - knock knives. Therefore, you should not choose a chopper only for grass utilization - it is easy to chop the grass with a lawnmower and the folded one with a trimmer with a fishing line.

When choosing a shredder, examine its passport data:

  • Power shredder and the maximum diameter of the plants it processes.
  • Mode of operation (continuous or intermittent).
  • The availability of spare parts (cutting tool, it fails in the first place).

  • The larger container for shredded waste - all the better. Optimally - 50 liters or more.
  • For safety reasons, all garden shredders are equipped with pushers. They must be used.
  • In shredders apply different grinding systems: roller turbine, in the form of gears, mills, etc. Grinders with a knife system are more convenient to maintain: knives can be removed, sharpened (recommended at a service center), replaced or turned over with a sharp edge.
  • Maximum diameter of the processed branches, specified in the technical characteristics of shredders, as a rule, refers to soft wood types: linden, aspen, bird cherry. If you plan to use a shredder for the branches of all garden plantings, in order to extend the device's operability, this value should be reduced by 10-20 mm and not exceeded when loading plant waste.

Much depends on where this unit will be applied. If we are talking about a comfortable house with a small plot and the need to grind a modest amount of cut vegetation, then an electric shredder would be the best option. And if you need to free from the old branches of the site, which is just waiting for connection to electricity, you can not do without a good gasoline garden shredder. The specific model is better to choose, focusing on the brand image and functionality.

How to choose a garden shredder

Garden shredders are both electric and gasoline. Давайте сравним бензиновые садовые измельчители и электрические.

Плюсы бензиновых травы и измельчителей веток такие:

  • они по большей части замечательнее и смогут справляться с более толстыми ветками (диаметр веток до 6-7,5 см),
  • эти шредеры мобильнее, поскольку не «привязаны» в электророзетке,

Но они еще и (это уже минусы):

  • более шумные (вряд ли это весьма понравится вашим соседям),
  • тяжелее, чем электрические садовые измельчители,
  • более тяжелы в обслуживании,
  • pollute the air with harmful emissions, because they work with the use of engine oil and gasoline.

But the advantages and disadvantages of electric grass and branch shredders:

  • they are less noisy
  • they are easier to maintain
  • lighter ones, based on this, it is easier to move around the area,
  • They are careful to ecology, because they do not pollute the air with harmful emissions,

But the attachment to the electrician creates some difficulties (they can be solved, but still I will take it to the minuses):

  • their installation location depends on the location of the outlet. The cord, though long, is not endless,
  • They are sensitive to voltage drops (but this also applies to any electrical engineering).
  • not as wonderful as gasoline shredders, but with branches up to 40 mm in diameter, many electric models can cope.

Garden shredder

Little about the cutting mechanisms. Cutting mechanisms for shredders, branches and grass are:

  1. knife (the most simple),
  2. with knives of more complex design,
  3. with screw mechanism
  4. on the basis of a mill (the turbine cutting mechanism).

For a young garden where soft and narrow branches prevail, a knife shredder of branches and grass fully suits. But if your garden is already dilapidated, it is better to buy with a milling drum or with a screw mechanism.

Garden shredders with knives of a more complex design in most cases are used in excellent gasoline shredders, which allows them to cope with thicker branches (6-7.5 cm).

Most shredders easily handle both branches and grass. It is better to buy a universal chopper, so that you do not need to take additional equipment. Fully quality garden shredders are made by manufacturers such as bosch, viking, gardena.

There are other manufacturers, and each of them has its own patented mechanisms.

Pay attention to the receiving funnels. They must be wide, so that you do not need to "aim" when working with the grinding of garden garbage.

At the time when you buy this wonderful technique, I highly recommend that you read the instructions. I realize that we are masters of all trades, but nevertheless First an instruction, and after that only work in the garden!

There is a sequence of tips for working with branch and grass shredders:

  1. Do not forget about SAFETY!
    * It is fundamentally important to work in special protective glasses or a mask. Also wear a hat (a baseball cap may be suitable). This will protect your eyes, face and head from damage. No matter how carefully you worked, but the chips can fly away. This is especially true of working with more wonderful branch shredders. And do not look at the heroism of people, which demonstrate the work of technology only in goggles, but without hats. They do it only for a photo or for video, and you will need to really work with this technique.
    * Work in gloves, which do not slip from the hands.
    * Do not put your hands in the shredder. Only use a special pusher (if one is provided). Many shredders have a self-engaging mechanism, so the branches have to be pushed less often.
  2. The branches should not be larger than the allowable thickness.
  3. It is necessary to monitor, so that stones, plastic, metal, glass, clothes do not fall into the receiving funnel,
  4. If you chop the roots, then clean them of the soil,
  5. Crush the branches without waiting until they are dry. Fresh branches are better crushed than dry.

TOP 10: ranking of the best branch shredders

This is especially true of technology with the most simple knife mechanisms.

This is not all the rules, but one of the most serious. By adhering to them you will ensure the safety of yourself and the continued operation of this garden equipment.

Today I have everything.
grass and Garden shredder is a technique that really facilitates working with garden garbage. Of course, you have the opportunity to burn the branches and take the ashes or lay whole whips of grass in the compost, but your garden-garden will take an enormous advantage if you use chopped raw materials.

And lastly, this is a video about garden garbage choppers:

Easy for you to work in the garden!

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We select shredder

As we have already found out, the type of shredder is determined by how its final product will be used in the future. Other important characteristics include the performance of the Schröder and its ability to process large-diameter branches. Household models are mainly designed for grinding branches with a diameter of 35-45 mm. Of course, the more the better, but you have to pay for the excess power. The device will be more expensive, the cost of electricity (or fuel) will increase. But if your garden area is small, and the shrubs and trees are not too neglected, then the shredder is unlikely to have a lot of work. Basically, he will have to "chop up" the grass, trimming raspberry bushes and small branches. To solve such problems a powerful shredder is not needed. But if the site is large (20-40 acres or more), new (or, conversely, old and neglected) and requires energetic clearance, then you can pay attention to semi-professional equipment.

In this category, in addition to electric shredders are models equipped with a gasoline engine. In such shredders, in contrast to, say, lawn mowers or trimmers, four-stroke engines are used that run on clean gasoline and do not require the preparation of an oil-petrol mixture. Such engines are less noisy and not so “odorous” as their two-stroke “brothers”. In any case, gasoline shredders - this is a serious technique, which differs not only in performance, but also in increased weight (30-50 kg), and solid dimensions. However, professional electric shredders are hardly inferior in terms of mass and size. They are equipped with a sufficiently powerful (3-4 kW) motor and in most cases are designed to connect to the network of three-phase current. It should be noted, however, that household electric shredders consume large enough power - on average 2-2.5 kW. Such a load (especially considering that the connection is usually made through an extension cable) may turn out to be too high for a weak country power supply network. In this case, it is necessary to prefer the petrol model.

Hello, buddies eco-gardeners! I think you will agree that it is difficult to maintain order and cleanliness on the site, especially if it is somewhere at the level of 15-30 acres and more, without garden equipment on the garden plot. Garden shredder for branches and grass - this is one of the best assistants of the eco-gardener and then I will tell because of what.

In addition, determine the types of garden shredders (one of the names of the device), about what to look for when choosing them and watch entertaining videos.

For a start, about the benefits and grass shredder and functionality of branches. Garden shredder easily and quickly reduces the amount of garden garbage, saving your time and creating more free space. The branches and grass are easily converted into “elegant” material for compost and mulching.

I often mention on the site about the importance of mulching the land and also spoke in more detail about this serious reception (you can determine this here). Almost at any time, waste is generated: withered grasses and ugly flowers, as well as weeds and thorny branches of roses, tainted fruits (apples, pears), cut branches of shrubs and trees. It is all possible to grind and apply with advantage for the garden plot.

Choosing a garden shredder // FORUMHOUSE

Strangely enough, but almost all popular grinders work with the help of electricity. Petrol models exist, but they are too bulky, noisy and expensive to be recommended to the ordinary owner of the garden or backyard plot. Gasoline powered units are designed for utilities or other specialized organizations that require daily grinding of branches and logs.

When choosing a garden shredder, think about what kind of garbage you are going to handle. If you need to get rid of leaves and grass, then in no case do not buy a full-blown garden garbage chopper! Instead, take a look at the grass choppers. Such models are endowed with fishing line, and she copes with a sharp foliage much better than any metal blade. The traditional chopper should interest you only in the case of grinding branches and branches.

Before buying the device, you should ask about the system of knives used in it. Disk somehow cope with grass and leaves. But first of all this unit is designed for grinding not very thick branches.

Much better copes with its task device with a milling system of knives. Inside it are peculiar gears that grind even very thick pieces of wood - almost complete logs. But throwing leaves and small grass inside such a shredder is useless.

Another possibility of the device depends on the power of the installed engine. It is logical that the unit with a 2500 W motor will cope with its task faster than the crumbs with the motor are weaker. But such a monster will weigh much more.

What are the grinders?

To choose the right chopper should be remembered that this technique varies by engine type and power.

Electric Grinders have power in the range from 1.5 to 2.6 kW. They can chop grass, leaves and branches with a diameter of up to 5 cm. Such chippers are distinguished by a slight noise at work. In addition, you will not need to worry about the availability of fuel for refueling this technology.

It is worth considering that if you need to chop large branches and a large amount of garbage, then you should choose gasoline shredder. This type of technology, like any other types, has either a two-stroke or four-stroke engine. For a two-stroke chopper, you will have to prepare the fuel mixture in advance.

Amateur class shredders have a power of not more than 1.5 kW. This type of equipment is able to cope with thin branches, the diameter of which does not exceed 3 cm. Such chippers will easily chop tops, grass, and thin knots.

To middle class Chipers with power up to 2.5 kW, both electric and gasoline. Such models can easily be converted into mulch not only grass and tops, but branches up to 3.7 cm in diameter, thanks to a special cone-shaped nozzle for mulching. It will be an excellent solution for use on the site of medium and large size.

Professional models will be useful for the care of a large garden, as well as become excellent helpers for owners of large farms. Due to the special design and cutting mill, professional chippers can not only chop grass, branches and leaves, but also squeeze them, resulting in high-quality mulch.

Tips for choosing shredders:

  1. If the chopper has several fixtures for loading different-sized raw materials: different-sized trays for small and large branches, as well as a special small container for grass, turf and small debris.
  2. Model equipped pre-cutting knives, has a longer life because it is subject to less vibration during the grinding process.
  3. Inclined nozzle provides easier maintenance for the chipper.
  4. pay attention to complete set of shredder. For ease of use, a special pusher can be included in the kit, with the help of which it will be possible to load garbage into the chipper evenly and easily.
  5. The newest models are equipped with the ability to get not only mulch, but also chips due to the blade bladethat turns in different directions.
  6. For safe operation, the shredder must have electromechanical lock, and the ability to adjust the device height will work with him more comfortable.

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